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Anonymous 05/13/2022 (Fri) 06:16:41 No. 26008
Apparently Fireball finally got an English dub out of nowhere. Looks like the mouse is getting desperate for content on Disney+. I mean I'm not complaining its a fun series but its so bizarre how it took this long to get one. For those who don't remember, the show is basically a collab between Disney and some 3d animation studio in Japan with Hitoshi Fukuchi doing designs and some story bits. It was pretty popular on text/image boards back in the early 2010s, it actually had a new season come out last year.
>>26008 You wanna cum on the robot. Just admit it.
Could you please share a torrent or download link?
>>26012 Im pretty sure you can stream on any other pirate site no problem, unless its the dub then that's up in the air
>>26008 >it actually had a new season come out last year. I thought that Gabaude Baude was the final season and that came out in 2020.
>>26044 Holy shit! I thought it was a 3D model, who did this? >>26014 Any suggestions?
>>26044 Came out Dec 2020, so a month off but its all getting released with an English dub anyway.
>>26045 >Any suggestions? Literally first google search. https://9anime.vc/watch/fireball-4795?ep=74878 https://gogoanime.123unblock.bar/fireball-charming-episode-10 Though no luck on the dubed episodes, its probably going to be a while before someone takes the time to rip them.
>>26010 I don't think that desire was ever hidden.
>>26048 its probably going to be a while before someone takes the time to rip them. According to this youtube guy uploading that MP4 in the OP, the dub is for some reason only available on JAPANESE Disney+ so the only way the dub footage came by was by VPN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-yQ8GV7dvA Mentions Drossel is voiced by one Erika Harlacher too incidentally.
>>26014 >unless its the dub then that's up in the air I'm clearly talking about the dub. I've already found the entire series some time ago, I was working on a fansub with a friend last year.
>>26045 I found it on sankaku under the artist tag: ataruman.

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