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(30.45 KB 330x330 Clone High.jpg)

Clone High Reebot at work at MTV Anonymous 07/07/2020 (Tue) 19:57:44 No. 2649
Everything you love will be dug up and turned into shit. http://archive.is/j1NO7
(241.25 KB 905x628 123.PNG)

(37.20 KB 667x389 456.PNG)

>>2649 >Original Creators I wouldn't call it shit just yet, they've been trying to reboot this series ever since it's cancellation so I doubt the creators would compromise and essentially remake the entire series from scratch. >But also uses the term 'reimagined',"updated version', and 'like the original" I'm willing to give this the benefit of the doubt and say the articles are using these terms due to limited information and confusion on whether 'reimagining' in this context means a continuation or just a straight up remake. Until more information comes out about how it'll include modern politics or a shitty modern artstyle I'll save my anger.
>Another reboot I wish them luck, but I really have no hope that this will turn out well. A continuation/finale movie would probably be better. At the same time, clone high is great as is, and I fear it would take the entire crew of the original to get back together to make it work.
If Ghandi's not in it it's officially dead.
(5.20 MB 320x240 Dinner Blaster.mp4)

>>2655 >I wouldn't call it shit just yet Issue is that the series was made back when there were a ton of animated sitcoms trying to ape The Simpsons and South Park. It was done at a time where Grunge and Teen TV dramas were still relevant, and at the time where subcultures and highschool cliques were still a thing. Not only that there's the fact that plenty of the jokes and character designs would be considered "problematic", and even Bill Lawrence has stated that fact when talking about Scrubs of all things. I'm glad Erica is writing it and that the keeps off the shithole that is Twitter but I don't now man, I've seen this shit too many times and only a few actually manage to be decent. I'm also afraid it will be a rushed job with no funding and that they won't be able to deliver, even moreso if they go too over the top with the self referential stuff which was already extremely prominent. Creators should be doing new stuff and instead we get all these fucking reboots because companies keep shoveling out pure garbage, wonder why it fails and then dig up older stuff with fanbases to make a quick buck. Then there's >>2666 (checked) I don't know man, it was a product of it's time
>>2649 >Everything you love will be dug up and turned into shit As well as at least one thing I don't care about, evidently
>>2666 Well, Ghandi was possibly part of the reason why the show got cancelled. People today would get bent out of shape about depictions of many other historical figures as well. I suspect that they will have new main cast, and some characters from the original series will be adults and occasionally appear as teachers or parents. New cast will probably be made of as inoffensive and diverse characters as possible. Thy will parody trashy modern teen dramas like Riverdale, Skins, and Netflix turds like 13 Reasons Why.
>>2649 >Everything you love will be dug up and turned into shit. Clone High was already shit, so I don't see how it could get worse.
>>3112 >I don't see how it could get any worse Hahahhahahaha. >All non white cast. >Historical figures like the ancient Greeks and Egyptians cited as black. >The principal is the only white person in the whole cast and is extra evil. >Secondary antagonist is literally Hitler. >Inb4 at least he'll be memeable >No because he'll be characterized as an incel. >Forced year old memes. >All the characters are gay even if they realistically would have burned gays at the stake >Gandhi still not in it
>>3143 Again, the show was already terrible. This list in no way makes it worse than it already was.
>>3143 >Secondary antagonist is literally Hitler. and if they were clever they'd just make him a star art student
>>3143 Not defending or attacking anything or anyone, but >>Forced year old memes. "memes" aren't fucking joke-fads that run out, this sort of thinking is genuinely reddit-tier, because they're the ones who jerk off about "meme stocks" or whatever the fuck, i.e. short-term forced fads that quickly become irrelevant within a week. Case in point, baneposting has been around for almost a decade now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme
(491.32 KB 1318x949 Bane & CIA = meme gods.jpg)

(1.31 MB 1876x2739 bane germanwings collage.jpg)

(502.31 KB 588x720 baneposter gets hooker.png)

(1012.46 KB 1000x833 Has Bane gone too far.png)

(710.95 KB 1544x2400 The Four Stages of Baneposting.png)

>>3177 Baneposting isn't a meme, it's a way of life.
Will any of you vote early for JFK? https://archive.vn/a3Ibc
>>5543 Meh, he avoids even suggesting who to vote for. He also acknowledged the mob ties of the Kennedy family
>>3225 I miss when /bane/ was still around.
>>2649 Wait what? MTV still exists?
>>5559 It was a big board.
(399.94 KB 727x751 Untitled 1.jpg)

>>5565 I don't think you even understand what the webring is. It's not a site, it's a collection of sites, it can't be hit with anything. Unlike 8chan.moe which just got hit with week long tos violation and will be 404d within a year. At which point Cakejew will come crying to have a refuge on the webring again. It's not like people from here don't post on the webring out of some principle since literally all the boards are there and this place is dead. All that will change if you add this site to the webring is the drop down window like pic related that allows to you to see all the sites at once. But I guess that's too complex when your main priority is to have some sort of faction war that Cakejew started. >w-we have this one board! >/monarchy/ I don't remember anyone caring about it though since /k/ and /fascist/ are on the webring. >>5566 Yeah you can keep your dead pedo board.
Then Leave
>>5567 >8chan is "dead" >It routinely hits more pph an UID activity than the top ten webring boards combined If you are going to shill you shouldn't use obvious lies to do it retard.
>jannies still mad
>>3143 >>Historical figures like the ancient Greeks Except the show already had Cleopatra as a slutty shitskin
(350.53 KB 827x681 smug.png)

>>2649 >Everything you love will be dug up and turned into shit. >Galactic KND fell into the memory hole >a lot of my favorite cartoons are also in the memory hole, like Foster's Home, Flapjack, and Chowder >I'll never have to see a pozzed Frankie Foster or see K'nuckles take sensitivity classes
It wasn't that good in the first place. It has its charm (kinda) but overall is a quite weak [AS] show.
>>6596 >Danny Antonucci owns the rights to the Eds so CN can never puppet their corpses for something retarded like they did with the Powerpuff Girls. >Even if CN tried approaching him with a reboot offer, he's such a crank he'd probably tell them to get fucked. God bless that bitter old Quebecois and his hatred of anything to the south of Mapleland
>>6596 >>6674 Good on Antonucci for being a stubborn fuck. I also respect that he at least had the idea to end Ed Edd n Eddy when it started going downhill. The school season wasn't great, but ending with the movie still let it go out on a high note. How did he negotiate to keep the rights to EEnE when show pitching anyway? Usually media companies want full control before agreeing to produce anything.
>>8252 >How did he negotiate to keep the rights to EEnE when show pitching anyway? If I had to guess, abusing the fact that he has his own studio based in Canada and thus using Canadian law while negotiating.

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