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Strange Academy Anonymous 07/08/2020 (Wed) 23:15:11 No. 2676
It's 2020 and companies are still trying to get that Harry Potter money. Gonna dump issues 1 and 2.
Also I downloaded the Director's Cut of issue 1, but I'm not going to post all of it. I assume nobody wants to read the original script, or see uncolored pages. I'll post the variants though.
Feels more like they've realized My Hero Academia is trouncing them in sales, so they're trying to copy that. But the biggest problem is the most immediate one: the protagonist. In MHA, the protagonist has to suffer, and work hard for his amazing powers and shot at greatness. In this, the protagonist is immediately amazing already, even capable of defying death. There's already nowhere to go, no struggle, no tension. GG Marvel, you fucked up, yet again, at the starting line.
>>2721 SJWs are literally schizophrenic and can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, so they think making a fictional character struggle is actual abuse of that fictional character, and also anyone of the same race and / or sex of that fictional character, because they think all people of a race and / or sex are a hivemind, because they're the most bigoted people to have ever existed. They're like Chris Chan turned up to 11.
>>2721 This, they completely throw out the idea of the students having to work or learn, to develop in order to use magic. Stephen Strange had to work and study and sacrifice his ego in order to wield magic at all, but all these students are shooting laser beams, fighting demons in hell, and in the case of the protagonist, defying death before they ever reach the school, which they state the only purpose of it is to help them control their powers. It's all a power fantasy, since they'll all super powerful from the start but just lack discipline because they're kids. This is basically Mrs. Peregrine's school for peculiar children, since they all had powers from the start as well. And just how did Dormammu have a kid in the first place? Dessy a cute though.
(155.10 KB 600x936 4499643.jpg)

>>2721 >Feels more like they've realized My Hero Academia is trouncing them in sales, so they're trying to copy that. If they were trying to knock off MHA then they would have revived Avengers Academy. The magic school is obviously meant to ape Hogwarts.
>>2729 If they were trying to copy MHA they would just stop ruining the X-Men, since that's what MHA is a ripoff of in the first place.
>>2730 Why? Because it's a school setting about kids learning to control their powers? Inspired by for sure since Horikoshi got all his ideas from Marvel comics. But rip off is a pretty strong term. The kids in MHA actually learn shit.
>>2735 No reason to be defensive of it. I didn't mean it as an insult to MHA. But instead of going for Avengers Academy or whatever, just point out that it's X-Men, since it's very obviously X-Men. They're all X-Men.
>>2736 That's stupid though. Just because they're born with powers doesn't equate to X-men. They don't live in a society that persecutes those with powers either. The connection isn't there.
>>2730 >stop ruining the X-Men You can't ruin something that was never good.
>>2739 Going to a school for people with superpowers is very much X-Men. X-Men isn't all about bigotry metaphors, either. Modern versions focus on that, but like half the issues are about fighting aliens, and another quarter are about fighting random shit like The Circus of Crime or whatever.
>>2755 Again that's the barest bones comparison. MHA actually focuses on the students learning shit. X-men books that are supposed to be about learning just immediately focus on fighting villains.

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