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(522.52 KB 1300x742 Whisper Network.jpg)

The Comic Book Whisper Network Exposed. Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 05:03:13 No. 2706
We all knew it existed because it was obvious that there were people behind the scenes gatekeeping like with kickstarter or the obvious bias reporting from the MSM. Just look at all the attempts to make Sean Gordon Murphy bend the knee. It wasn't a matter of if it existed but who were the people involved. https://archive.fo/pZeZG I don't think anyone was surprised that ZQ and Gail Simone, among other controversial figures, were in a secret facebook group conspiring to destroy the comic industry by ousting their competition who had far more talent than them. The question is, is it too late to save the comic industry or do we just let it burn so something new replaces it? Not all change is good but these scummy opportunist really need to go.
>>2706 Something new is already replacing it. There's nothing we can do to save it, except for let it die as quickly as possible so it can finally be out of its misery. The people killing it already got in charge of the companies, and they have decided to deliberately kill those companies. What can you do about that? About a leader deciding to kill his own company? All you can do is replace it. And that's being done.
>It's literally just women behind this. How many of them are Jewish by the way?

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