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The Looney Tunes are Back Anonymous 04/28/2020 (Tue) 00:55:19 No. 311
>Looney Tunes Cartoons will premiere when HBO Max does, on May 27. Its first season will contain 11 80-minute episodes, each composed of multiple shorts. It honestly looks good, call me surprised. They're taking direct inspiration from the original shorts, from the designs and to the voices. Other than some weird animation quirks Its obvious its made in toonboom and some "modern" references it looks solid. https://archive.is/WGBzT#selection-1383.31-1383.43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13bU5genKJI
Weird that it's an HBO Max thing rather than being on CN or something, but whatever. Trailer looks pretty good, so I hope the rest of the show's good.
>>313 They want to avoid the Disney+ situation, where they open up with a limited library and people get tired because there's nothing new to hold their attention. Its also the reason why they keep funding crap like Batwoman or whatever Roosterteeth is making.
>>314 I can't believe Batwoman hasn't been cancelled yet. It's so bad.
>>315 They need shit to fill Max, sadly in their eyes because Batwoman is both capes and bat related, it gets to live.
Well, that was a surprise, no obvious poz from the preview, I'm sure shit will hit the fan when Bugs starts cross dressing though. Would be interesting to see if they'll show Speedy again.
>>319 What has me worried, in the 2018 special they never showed Elmer with his gun. So Im also interested to see whether they'll give him his shotgun.
A new series? Will bugs officially be a tranny in this one?
>>322 No, but Gossamer is. Its probably a joke
This surprisingly looks legitimately good.
>>311 Honestly the Annecy short were way better animated than the trailer, but I'm okay. I'm excited about it.
>>340 Well one's a special while the other is a show. There's bound to be varying degrees of quality, or they're using a different animation studio.
Theyve uploaded a free episode. https://youtu.be/CuJ1xMVqY0I
>>320 They could easily work around it by giving Fudd any other hunting weapon (bow, muzzleloader, sling ect.) and have a one off line about it being X season.
>>1437 That would be interesting, Fudd never used any other weapon than his double barrel.
>>1442 In-fact, they wouldn't even need dialog to establish it. Start the episode with a shot on a poster/flyer/whatever that says "Get ready for bow season!"
>>1446 I guess it could work, i just dont want them to completely abandon it. Plus it kinda encroaches on Willie's territory with his use of traps.
(79.91 KB 251x231 firefox_3dWd4j2wNr.png)

(47.38 KB 299x250 firefox_j5GjenIjlu.png)

(111.39 KB 385x347 firefox_p35eAE1vgF.png)

It is pretty good. The same comedic rhythm but has some modern animation quirks (not as wildly different as the new Mickey Mouse) which I haven't decided if it takes away from the experience yet.
>>1436 Holy shit is so good, even show an animator drawing Bugs.
Ok, what's the monkey's paw gonna do about it?
>>1497 Im sure someone can webm all the episodes in a couple webms/mp4s especially with the increase in mb.
And there goes all my hopes and dreams.
>>1705 Did he have a gun in TLTS?
>>1705 So what the fuck are Fudd and Sam going to do, try to bitchslap Bugs and Daffy to death? Fudd's whole shtick is that he's a hunter and a rotten one at that.
>>1707 They gave Fudd a scythe.
>>1708 And? Fudd's gimmick is being an impotent hunter ,eliminating his shotgun makes him a poor man's Willie.
>>1741 I know. It's fucking stupid.
>>1705 So Daffy Duck can join the army and take part in a rescue operation with realistic guns but Elmer Fudd attempting to hunt rabbits is too far?
>>1786 Forgot my mp4s.
>>1787 >>1786 I honestly can't believe people forgot about this.
>>1787 Fucking beautiful.
>>1741 >>1705 My country's media has been going on and on about how progressive this shit is, it's embarrassing. Also, he had a hunting spear in Lost in Time, which makes sense, since it's a Prehistoric version of him. Sam could be retooled similarly by being a Pirate, since that's what he also used to look like in the games.
>>1708 >They gave Fudd a scythe. Ah so he's still a hunter then. Just a different sort...
So did they show Lola's personality here yet? I kinda doubt they'll keep the grug brain Lola from LTS and we just might get the OG one here. Hopefully they can at least let her get jokes at her expense.

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