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(14.81 MB 1280x720 infinity train 3.mp4)

Infinity Train Anonymous 07/27/2020 (Mon) 14:19:37 No. 3216
Apparently the show is getting a season 3 on HBO Max. The first season was fine. Kind of dumb that Tulip's problem was literally just "my parents are getting divorced & I can't go to nerd camp" instead of anything substantial. Season 2 had Mirror Tulip as the main character & her struggle with identity along with the secondary character's struggle with thinking for himself was way better. But the production quality was noticeably worse. Season 3 will now focus on a new character, Hazel, along with some side characters introduced last season who don't see being on the train as a bad thing that needs to be fixed.
>>3216 Wow, character designs that aren't complete fucking garbage on this kind of artstyle. It's been a while
(188.29 KB 400x400 stevenviper.jpg)

>>3216 Is this Rebecca Sugar or one of "her" many, many fellow graduates from CalArse?
(1.95 MB 400x319 bowie slowburn.gif)

>>3262 >Wow, character designs that aren't complete fucking garbage on this kind of artstyle.
(75.08 KB 333x531 1437634185133.png)

>>3291 I miss him.
>>3292 It still has plenty of the shit Tumblr designs, just with some that aren't complete fucking garbage mixed in.
(154.03 KB 1920x1080 tuba wheeled.jpg)

They killed the fucking gorilla.
>>3216 I just hope they finally make an ending that doesn't feel rushed or constricted because the big bosses only let them have 10 episodes per season. That's my biggest complain with the show in general.
>>3961 I wonder why they decided to make it a series a not a one off like Over the Garden Wall.
(61.03 KB 640x558 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3961 >>3962 Well it's the last season anyway. There's been some piss poor mismanagement of something that could've been great. http://archive.md/ndhKu
>>3963 >Teens or young adults Can we talk about how HBO Max's entire streaming plan was basically just >"Hey Nick, Disney, CN?" >"yeah?" >"Can we have all these shows that just ended?" >"Sur--" >"ZOOMERS HELP ZOOMERS HELP GIVE US MONEY GIVE US MONEY GIVE US MONEY LOOK LOOK ADVENTURE TIME REGULAR SHOW REMEMBER THEM GIVE US MONEY GIVE US MONEY GIVE US MONEY" If it fails it'll be seen as one of the biggest blunders in animation history. And as possibly the first recorded instance of a corporation nostalgia baiting Gen Z and not millennials. If it doesn't I can't wait for most of Gen A to hit their teen years so we get that Loud House spin off where Lincoln and Ronnie are parents now and it's spearheaded by Chris Savino once he finally gets out of jail. It will be shit.
>>3964 >I can't wait for most of Gen A to hit their teen years so we get that Loud House spin off where Lincoln and Ronnie are parents now Isn't there already be tons of Incest House fanstuff that fills that niche?
>>3964 >spearheaded by Chris Savino once he finally gets out of jail. Is he actually in jail?
>>3967 No it's a community in joke. They never even investigated the assault claims they just black listed him just in case.
>>3969 I wonder if they'll hire him back, Nick does have a history of rehiring criminals. Like with Dan "hold her tighter she's a fighter" Schneider and his people.
(809.44 KB 635x531 Dan the Chad.PNG)

(403.67 KB 330x441 Dan the man at it again.PNG)

(98.31 KB 1280x720 Dan the Man.jpg)

>>4006 >>3971 >Dan "The Cunny Collider" Schneider >Dan "Can't Fit Inside Her" Schneider >Dan "Stretch Her Wider" Schneider >Dan "Kidnap and Hide Her" Schneider >Dan "Get On and Ride Her" Schneider >Dan "Grabbed and Tied Her" Schneider >Dan "The Schoolgirl Slider" Schneider In all seriousness, there seems to be no actual concrete evidence, and I feel bad seeing a man condemned for such a serious crime without actual concrete evidence, but the memes are too funny to ignore.
>>4012 Even if he didn't actually rape kids he was still soliciting feet pics from underaged people. it's hard to feel that bad for him.
>>4013 >>4012 That and most of the convicted felons working in the industry worked for him at one point or the other. Heck even a ceo of viacom that hired Dan rode on Epsteins pedo plane.
>>3969 I thought it was because someone at Nick finally found out about Eddie Puss.
>>4019 Na son, cartoonists making hentai involving underage characters or equally taboo subjects before they get into the actual business has always been a thing, just look at Rebecca Sugar.
Even though it was all the black girl's fault, the white straight male is the one who suffers & dies on screen horrifically for all her lies making him go crazy. Fuck this show. I'm glad it's not getting another season.
The fuck is this show about. Is it any good. The last time I heard about it was in 2017 or something, the pilot was the only thing out at it was ok, even /co/ thought it was ok. Now is being treated like the second coming of Steven Universe in normal social media. So shitty fanbase aside, is it good?
>>12308 No. It's just meh. Not offensive. Barely even SJWish. It's just meh overall. Don't bother.
(128.15 KB 426x383 6362335.PNG)

>>12308 I'm in the same boat. I remember giving the first episode a shot, and it was bearable enough for me to continue. But episode 2 was a different story. I couldn't even get through half the episode because of how fucking annoying that robot sidekick thing was. He just wouldn't stop cracking retarded ass "quirky jokes" like the NPCs in Undertale do. Wannabe witty humor gets an F- from me. The Cartoon Network fanbase all collectively shit their pants in excitement when they showed that guy get vaporized, which is the only thing I see people praise this show for, and it's been spoiled for me. No reason to watch it now!
(75.08 KB 333x531 feelslardcarrot.png)

(1.60 MB 1063x871 Capture.PNG)

Watched the fourth season, complete meh with gay protagonists. Hand monster was cool though.
>>24154 They don't even make them gay. They're so half assed. I hate how Ming is all "oh we can't be rockstars because there's no asian rockstars" despite the fact FUCKING JAPAN has had a prolific music industry for decades. I know it was the 80s so info like that was hard to know in America but still. Also hate how the show never acknowledges it's Ming's fault for running out on his friend. He never apologizes for it. Ryan has to be the only one to apologize for pressuring his friend. It's so dumb.

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