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(327.10 KB 1078x1462 IMG_20200805_021318.jpg)

Glitch Techs Saved by Netflix for a S2 Anonymous 08/04/2020 (Tue) 18:13:51 No. 3457
I took a look at my kikeflix and spotted this. Looks like netflix continues in their crusade to burn investor money like it's no longer fashionable. I guess we get to enjoy more adventures of mexican dandy and thicc asian girl, plus token background characters, now with more dreamworks face. Has anyone here seriously considered pitching something to them? Between this and reanimating long dead shows, it seems that there's an air of desperation at netflix. Or is it the case that we're in the age of a cartoon revival as it's a medium that can be created with people working from home?
>>3457 These episodes were made years ago. Netflix just split them up into smaller seasons like they do all their shows.
(317.85 KB 3200x2400 Draw-Twilight-Sparkle-Step-23.jpg)

>>3457 First time I've even heard of this one and I'm usually up to date. Is it even worth the watch?
>>3467 The first episode is kinda weak and some of the videogame references feel like "how you doing fellow gamers" but overall is pretty dynamic show, if you prefer action and dynamic oriented shows I think you should give it a try >>3457 >Has anyone here seriously considered pitching something to them? Keeping in mind they have an "animation" department I would say yes, but Netflix is pretty much desperate for content, they greenlit anything.
>>3467 The first season was interesting. The art style is nice and looks great at times, reminiscent of Motor City. There are occasionally really expensive animated action sequences which is a good differentiator from other shows. The plot is a bit corny, but fun. It has signalling to SJWs, but flubs all the opportunities; it's like someone was handed a checklist of stuff to add but didn't understand. The token characters (hijab girl, etc) are jammed in a corner, don't do anything and get very little screen time; the main characters do all the work, and the antagonist is an abrasive black guy who steals and abuses his position to get ahead. It's odd. I'd suggest you give it a go if you have a netflix account lying around.
>>3457 Fuck Shit Techs, give me a new season of Kipo already.
>>3474 You both have terrible taste. But it's not like there's good modern cartoons anyway.
>>3474 I like both >>3475 It depends of your taste, but I think Primal and Les grandes vacances are really great shows.
>>3488 Primal yes.
>>3472 >It has signalling to SJWs, but flubs all the opportunities; it's like someone was handed a checklist of stuff to add but didn't understand That makes me a bit worried about kikeflix getting involved. You think they'd make them "get the hint" about the pozz?
>>3492 I've been hearing podcast about Netflix's "animation" department and them seem to not do animation at all, just consulting.
i love glitch techs and i think there coming back for season 3!!
Rule 6
>>4730 I googled this namefags name and he may be a literal child. Why come here of all places?
>>4750 Probably kicked off cuckchan for his spam.
>>3488 >>3489 Primal's out?
>>4752 The first season's been out since last year....
>>4750 >>4730 >roblox Lmao >>4752 It has been out for almost a year

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