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(285.32 KB 1242x1230 Eeq1CJvUcAAQtVb.jpg)
(241.50 KB 1242x1233 Eeq1CJ4UwAEbSFl.jpg)
(249.44 KB 1242x1240 Eeq1CJyUYAA-GZw.jpg)
(64.37 KB 1200x765 INVINCIBLE-lineup-smaller-.jpg)
Invincible Animated Series Anonymous 08/06/2020 (Thu) 19:37:17 No. 3496
We finally got a look at what the Invincible cartoon on Amazon is going to look like. The artstyle isn't too bad, but it is as cucked as you would expect an Invincible cartoon by Amazon to be. Amber is a nigger now, for some reason. And they changed Eve's suit slightly. They thought that a leotard was too much, so they covered her legs so slightly that I'm not even sure why they bothered.
Not familiar of the IP but blackwashing of any kind is an instant disregard, and I will not support it.
>>3497 used to love it but it dragged on for so long i didn't give a shit by the end. kind of like The walking dead which was also written by kirkman. Starts with a bang ends with a whimper
>>3496 Wow it sucks already.
>>3496 (OP) Looks fairly decent >Episodes of one hour Is this the first animated show to have one hour episode? It's kinda weird since it looks aimed to teens, or at least I'm getting teen oriented vibes from the comic book, maybe I'm misunderstanding it. I don't care change of characters' race, don't think it's good, don't think it's implicity bad either, I just hope it won't be another script driven show because I'm sick of those.
(363.28 KB 600x279 ClipboardImage.png)
(830.99 KB 940x473 ClipboardImage.png)
(391.38 KB 725x291 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3497 fuck I didn't notice at first but they made Rex black/mexican which means Robot will be Black/Mexican, also the MC's mom now appears asian. And robot being black/mexican means that there's gonna be major interracial overtones between Robot and the little girl that turns into the hulk.
(259.58 KB 492x367 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3496 Style looks like a hybrid of the comic art and early 2000s animation style. That's good, and much better than DC's blocky low effort mess or another calarts show. Not a fan of race swaps and Seth Rogen being involved however. Besides that, Atom Eve's symbol looks just like a crossed out "female" symbol. If they had to simplify it that much, they could at least add one or two more lines so it looks more atom-like. Right now it seems like something like an anti-woman group would use.
>>3553 >also the MC's mom now appears asian. She wasn't always asian? I always thought she was.
>>3512 In general? I think a nip show that was a spin off of bubblgum crisis or something like that had hour long episodes until they decided to cut it down to regular 30 minute episodes Anime OVA's frequently had episodes around an hour long when they were there own distinct thing.
>>3554 She looks like she's a member of the Pink Lantern Corps.
(14.63 KB 312x361 Donald Duck.jpg)
>>3496 Are they going to animate the rape scene?
>>3576 It's an Amazon original. It will be cancelled long before they would get to the rape scene.
>>3576 god that would be the only thing good to come out of this I bet they would make her black
>>3553 How can a robot be a Black/Mexican?
(140.15 KB 633x388 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3647 >How can a robot be a Black/Mexican? It's a bit complicated. Basically, the Robot is actually a remote drone created and controlled by a super genius. That genius was disfigured - he looked like a large deformed baby with nonexistent immune system. That led him to be confined to vat, hooked to breathing tubes and life support systems. After the man behind robot got tired of using Robot to interact with the world, he cloned RexPlode's body and planted his consciousness in it. So if Rex is black or Mexican, then so will the robot be in a sense.
(157.82 KB 268x368 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3576 >tfw you will never be raped by an off-brand Ursa Honestly, I do not think that the rape scene was so bad. It was clearly going for over the top and for shock value. Still, it was better than going the old, boring route of having someone like Atom Eve or Mark's mother getting raped.
>>3844 Only a woman would look at a rape scene & say "Oh it wasn't that bad". The whole point of a rape scene is to shock the audience. If you just shrug it off then there's something wrong with you.
(57.10 KB 466x514 If you know what I mean.jpg)
>>3846 I shrugged something off during that scene
>>3846 I didn't mean that what happened was not bad. I just do not think it was done poorly enough to warrant constant ridicule and complaints.
>>3842 This pretty much, they jsut call him Robot. Also the cloning happens after Rex Dies, the loli that TRANSforms into hulk was already attracted to Rex as well.
(1.10 MB 1988x3056 Invincible 035-007.jpg)
>>3856 Rex was still alive then.
>>3846 >>3851 Was he pegged?
>>3862 Snu Snu
(12.19 KB 480x360 Leap that Wall.jpg)
>>3884 Post that page, if it's so great.
(867.21 KB 761x593 snued.png)
(686.76 KB 499x768 snu snu.png)
>>3904 I don't see what's so shocking
(1.21 MB 1988x3156 RCO013_1469443676.jpg)
(1.38 MB 1988x3056 RCO014_1469443676.jpg)
(1.21 MB 1988x3056 RCO015_1469443676.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1988x3056 RCO016_1469443676.jpg)
(1.29 MB 1988x3056 RCO018_1469443676.jpg)
>>3906 Nigga it's rape! Plus Mark was dumped by his pregnant gf just prior to this.
>>3906 I imagine enoguh people cared about the character to feel bad for him getting raped, even if it's by a hot women. You've probably never read invincible like me, so this by itself isn't enough to shock either of us. Doesn't help it's much harder to illicit shock or disgust from female on male rape in fiction.
>>3904 >>3907 I take it back, it's not that great. I like how it's framed more as something torturous rather than something sexy to sell the point. Would this comic be worth reading
>>3910 >Would this comic be worth reading Only if you're a 14 year old edge lord.
>>3910 >Would this comic be worth reading Just started reading last week, it's fun, it doesn't take itself seriously at least as far as I've read.
>>3907 >It’s rape And? Is she sticking her fingers up his ass? Or is her vagina crushing his dick?
>>3919 Rape... is bad. >is her vagina crushing his dick Probably!
>>3496 >Seth Rogan as Allen the Alien That just does not sound right. Self-satisfied stoner douche voice does is not a good match for the character. >>3910 >Would this comic be worth reading It's pretty good take on teenage super hero. Personal life and super heroesics are balanced out pretty well, and despite being a flying brick there are still real stakes involved. Consequences of being a super hero will have on a personal life of a teen and young adult are handled much better than in any Spider-Man comic for example. Peter Parker is somehow able to function without sleep, get straight As, work as a photographer, work on vaguely defined science projects, hide his secret identity from friends and relatives for years, and somehow develop skills in fields of chemistry, biology, engineering, hacking, material science, physics, bomb diffusion. Mark from Invincible struggles with lack of time to do schoolwork, maintain relationships, and his constant busy schedule has real consequences on all parts of his life. Plots are far less "A to B" than big two comics too. In invincible each character has their own agenda, and their paths intertwine with Mark's life and duties. Art is very good too, especially when Oatly gets into the goove after issue 40 and becomes less reliant on reusing artwork. Unfortunately, like all Kirkman's projects, Invincible begins to deteriorate with time. Drop in quality begins around issue 90, and then reaches a plateau somewhere between 110 and 120. Book goes from very good, to good, to mediocre. Then it just keeps bouncing between above average to below average until the story ends. Still better than vast majority of capeshit that Marvel and DC put out at the time. It is also relatively pozz free, or even straight up "problematic" until issues 100.
>>3920 I’m not talking about if it’s bad, I’m talking about how unpleasant it is.
>>3924 Rape is emotionally unpleasant. Anon are you sure you're human? Are you autistic?
>>3925 Cant imagine it would be that unpleasant if all she was doing is shoving her cunt on his dick, unless she had a blueberry
>>3930 You need to be checked in to a mental hospital. You clearly lack empathy & cannot comprehend another person's suffering.
>>3934 No, I can't understand why getting your dick engulfed in a healthy vagina would be particularly traumatizing.
>>3935 It's rape you retard! Non consensual sex. It doesn't matter if it physically feels fine. Which in Mark's case it doesn't because he's literally being beaten & forced by an alien bitch as strong as him. It's a traumatic experience. Life isn't a fucking porno.
>>3936 You seem to be taking this personally, have you been raped anon?
>>3938 No. I just hate to see psychotic douche bags act like rape against a man is no big deal.
>>3940 I never said it wasn't anon. Its extremely traumatic for a man to be anally raped or go through CBT.
>>3945 Nigger you're hopeless.
>>3859 shit
>>3910 I read the whole thing, only the first 30 or so are worth reading as a sort of fun coming of age super hero comic, but after that it drops off hard long before the rape scene. but honestly just don't bother unless you're looking for material for a super hero campaign for /tg/.
>>3930 less than 5 minutes passed since a woman he is deeply emotionally invested in told him their relationship was over. Still off balance from the event she forces him to comply. His head is a mess and now he is made to feel even more powerless. It's not that hard to grasp.
>>4030 you shouldn't argue with someone who's obviously either trolling or too autistic to grasp what your saying.
>>3910 see >>4029 Longer its drawn out the worse it gets. Now you might be taking all these plot hooks might save the day. They don't in fact majority make it worse. >>3924 Nigga just got his ass kicked by a woman twice his age. Who wipes out civilizations for shits and giggles. Yes its uncomfortable
Teaser trailer is out. Doesn't look good.
>>5821 Was just about to post this. For an "adult" animated series it doesn't look that bad. Far better than I expected.
>>5822 The trailer itself is amateur though. The sound mixing is terrible & the resolution is weirdly shitty. It wasn't any better on youtube with 1080p.
>>5821 Art is like a bastard child of what's in the comic and most of recent DCs offerings. Obviously CGI backgrounds are not too encouraging either. Motion feels off too. Same with sound. Looks like race-swapping is not the only departure from the comic. There are some things that happen a bit further in the series, like the killbot guy confrontation. I am not sure how they are going to squeeze it all into eight episodes, even if they are 60 minutes long. They will still need to rush through or mangle the plot. Given other Rogen-backed projects, it will be the latter.
>>5826 You were a fool if you thought this was just going to be a straight adaptation of the comic. You're lucky it's as close as it seems to be.
>>5821 Looks like trash and the sound mixing was terrible. I thought there was a problem with my computer for a sec but it still doesn't sound good even when I crank up the volume. I feel they will replace it later because it sounds that terrible that it has to be a mistake they didn't check before uploading it.
>>5826 > I am not sure how they are going to squeeze it all into eight episodes, even if they are 60 minutes long Did they say it's going to be the complete comicbook in eight episode? >Art is like a bastard child of what's in the comic and most of recent DCs offerings Were you really expecting character design to be similar the comic?
>>6024 It's not the character design he's complaining about.
>>6024 >Did they say it's going to be the complete comicbook in eight episode? No, they said issues #1 - #13. It's a logical endpoint for the first season, but stuff shown in the trailer and characters they casted include ones that appear halfway through the series. According to Kirkman, the animated series will follow comics very closely with some minor alterations. It just does not add up. They might be (and probably are) bullshitting, like Mignola and others before most recent Hellboy movie came out. Sources: https://archive.vn/HqZ4Z https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=0ghqsnq4EJM >Were you really expecting character design to be similar the comic? Artstyle refers to more than that. Amazon has a lot of money to throw around, and if they were smart they would make this show look much better to stand out from the rest of current serialized 2D animation. After taking over the Exapnse, Amazon did dump a lot of money to improve special effects, sets, cameras, and bunch of other things. As far as visuals are concerned, Castlevania and any run off the mill anime looks better.
It'll be shit. The comic already ended poorly since it ran itself into a corner from Robot killing most of the other superheroes then conquering the world but there wasn't an obvious way for Mark to triumph against him so they just had Robot just fly around until Mark caught him. The wokeshit just makes it more obvious. >>3499 >walking dead It had a shitty ending between the copout society that was a nice democracy and the extermination of the world leading to woke paradise (multiracial with no segregation, no signs of any notable religion, women aren't kept in their place). If they wanted to commit to their sophmore "ugh humans are scum" they should had it end with the new settlement burning apart.
>>6334 let me tell you how terrible the ending of the walking dead is to me. The walking dead was so bad i thought it didn't end, twice. I finished it once, waited a couple of months and was completely surprised when a friend told me it had ended. Thats how lackluster the finale was.
>>6337 It's one of those complete non endings that just stops the cycle of >find safe place >things good >place not safe >things go to shit >some people die >leave place to find new place >repeat Maybe it's just a problem with zombie fiction. There's few ways to actually end a story like that. I know 'I Am A Hero' ended like shit too. The main character is just going through his routine of survival for a whole chapter. Ending with him ready to go hunting from deer. That's it. No answers. No cure. No hope for society to return. Just deer hunting.
>>6339 It's not a problem of zombie fiction. It's a problem of survival fiction in hands of bad writers. Saga follows the exact same cycle too. I bet it will have a non-ending too. Of course, retards readily eat it up despite this, and those books go on to sell millions.
>>5821 So where's Ursa? >The boys ad Fuck right off
>>6341 The ending was a bad since it was a huge copout ("hurrrrrr dey wuz in a sositee alllll lonnnnn") with some obligatory fantasy of Prog rage/destruction (the notion that the extemination of the world was needed to create paradise). Having a non-ending would be much better or having a flashback reveal it collapsed a century later since Nigs and Whites will never be brothers. Of course the whole Zombie Apocalypse meme is fundamentally pozzed considering its founders were pozzed. It's how The Last of Us becoming more cucked isn't surprising at all since it was already cucked (no, an actual alpha male wouldn't risk his life for a girl he doesn't know well unless he plans to have her bare his children or marry her off to a much younger male relative/family friend or he's paid to).

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