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(24.98 KB 1200x255 1200px-Toonami_logo.svg.png)

(170.09 KB 650x300 TOM_Evolution.png)

Toonami Anonymous 08/12/2020 (Wed) 15:06:05 No. 3766
Let's have a good old fashioned Toonami thread. How many of you are still watching the block? How long until it dies? What are some of your favorite shows that have been on the block?
(4.16 MB 640x360 toonami - life advice.webm)

I love Toonami but I stopped watching it every Saturday late last year. There stopped being as many shows I liked watching and the ones I did like were on at like 2am so fuck that. Toonami is great (barring the shitty Thomas the train looking Toms) but I admit I only watched the anime on it
>>3766 I stopped watching it a few months back. Jojo and Fire Force were the only things that caught my fancy. I tried watching One Punch Man season 2, didn't grab e like Season 1 so I dropped it. Last thing I tuned in for the entirety of was Gundam Origin last year. "Adventure Time" threads>better than Toonami threads
(9.22 MB 1280x720 Friends.mp4)

I've always enjoyed Space Dandy, great show mixed with a neat concept of premiering both dub and original on the same day. It's a real shame more animes didn't do the same. I'm also excited for the new uzumaki mini-series they're producing.
Man, I really hope Uzumaki gets released this year.
>>3808 I read it some time ago, it has its moments but it's mostly bad, so I'm not looking forward to it.
(11.56 MB 1920x1080 SpaceDandyTrailer.webm)

>>3796 Apparently it did better in the states than it did in japan. I love that show. Made by the same guys who made Cowboy Bebop
>>3812 >but it's mostly bad I bet you think Hell Star Remina is bad too you giga nigger
>>3796 >>3814 Space Dandy was absolute garbage. It's basically Robot Chicken only unironically. There were maybe three episodes that were any good and that was mainly the fight scenes. This jerking off over Space Dandy needs to stop.
(451.58 KB 639x513 Capture.PNG)

(16.27 KB 856x142 Capture1.PNG)

(52.18 KB 514x442 EdiflF_VcAE-7uj.jpg)

>>3808 It seems Uzumaki has been pushed for next year. On the positive side they've started recording voices. Here's a list of voice actors >>4009 > It's basically Robot Chicken only unironically What the fuck does that even mean.
>>4009 Dude it's just a funny comedic space show with actual good animation. Don't overthink it on why people like it.
>>4009 >It's basically Robot Chicken only unironically. Poptepic is closer to Robot Chicken than Space Dandy, though I'm curious how you drew connection between the latter two series.
>>4005 Haven't heard of that, just googled it and it looks interesting, but since it's Junji I don't think I would like it, the man has quite good art but is pretty bad at putting together some interesting characters and scenarios.
>>3766 dubs come out a week after subs with currently airing shows so its not even that far behind of seasonal trash people watch. I wish they would prioritize more original content like the tom shorts or other locally funded project.
(345.29 KB 739x420 ClipboardImage.png)

(42.17 KB 633x600 onry.jpg)

(9.97 MB 1280x720 Just end me.mp4)

I saw this thread was bumped and I knew exactly why. Enjoy fuckers.
>>4631 >>4633 That's what you fuckers get for watching shitty dubs on late night TV when you can easily pirate subbed blu-ray shows that you can watch anytime you want.
(91.26 KB 1280x720 1420765246357.jpg)

>>4633 >If you're thinking 'this isn't why I watch Toonami', think again He actually fucking said this. We're not allowed to just watch an anime block for the anime. Demarco's head is so far up his ass he think it's OK to inject politics into a form of escapism because they believe this is the RIGHT side of history. It's not enough that video games have personal politics shoehorned in everywhere. >>4637 I'll be watching on the illegal stream in the future: https://cytu.be/r/TheKingsLounge
>>4647 Don't watch them at all. If you wanna watch anime then pirate it.
>>4633 It came back because of an April Fools joke and now the last remnant of a cartoon/ animation block has become the joke. I stopped watching Toonami a long time ago so it doesn't affect me as much. The only recent thing why I checked back at Toonami was because of a Karen getting mad at witches smashing toy babies in a bumper. Also, it's okay for the voice actor to talk through Tom for BLM? I'm pretty sure Steve Blum is white and we had a spat months ago about voice actor segregation when you can only play the character your race, gender and sexual orientation matches. Am I suppose to think that the black Tom, who has gone through multiple bodies (I remember the blue one the most), is in fact a black brother who supports Malcom X?
(153.59 KB 330x327 1443392489281.png)

>>4660 Oh fuck, don't give them any ideas. Inb4 Tom was a strong black robot all along
(7.88 MB 320x380 1443253202282.gif)

>>4631 >>4633 It's quite disheartening isn't it. You go through life minding your own business, not really paying attention to politics but doing your own research on new topics to stay educated, only to come home put on some entertainment and be told you have to think their way. It's not enough to mind your own business you have to care what happened this week even if you have nothing to do with it and it's not your place to try and change another state's laws because of an alleged case of police brutality. You just wanna relax and watch a movie or a show only to be bombarded with rhetoric about how you have to do something and you're a monster if you don't. You change the channel in hopes of just escaping this only for the same message to follow you in a few weeks. To be shamed for not thinking the same, to be insulted and banned online for not thinking the same, to be called racist or treated like garbage in broad daylight for not thinking the same. Any question of the ethics of this type of discussion is nothing less of heresy against the gospel. You feel like everyone around you has gone crazy and you wanna scream out that this is insanity but you don't for fear of retribution.So you go through life just the same fearing the day someone asks your opinion on a new topic and begging that every new election that you are still part of the silent majority. You know I used to know a guy on here, great guy but he had a strong pessimistic way of thinking. We met through a chatroom and eventually became good friends. I don't speak with him anymore because of an argument between another friend and my own attempt to stay neutral just coming off as me agreeing with the third friend, but I digress. I always tried to get hime to think on the positive side, not for confirmation bias, but for his sake. So he could go through life without expecting the worse and downplaying the best. Sometimes I'd get him to see the good in life, sometimes he'd made me question whether my way of thinking was right but at the end of the day we were friends and we respected the other's mindset. But for years there was one thing no one could make him budge on, his hatred for the new star wars trilogy. I thought the new movies sucked too but he had this underlying hatred for them that seemed to come back every time a new movie came out. I thought it nothing more than a fan watching his beloved franchise go to shambles under incompetent hands, but now I think I see why he could never let it go. He was being told what to think. Every criticism of a the force awakens and the last jedi was being labeled as racist, sexist, or just plain idiotic. Praise by reviews sites was being pushed front and center while critics were told they were wrong and had their reviews deleted.Whether my friend realized or not I he had stumbled upon a faux truth used to influence people. I think the perfect phrase that encapsulates this would be 'this is a movie about space wizard for children' It basically boils down to 'you're wrong for criticizing this movie' while at the same time creating a false truth that allows the phrase to survive. The mass majority of star wars fans have always been young adults, yes there are children fans too but all one would have to do to disprove SW as children's movie would be to look at footage of a ticket line at any star wars release. It's a hidden message built on a lie. While this is not the most apt comparison, after all a political movement and bought advertising for a movie trilogy are quite different but at the core it's the same tactics. The name 'black live matters' is a good example. To criticize this expression or movement is to imply you don't think black lives matter when in reality you simply don't feel the phrase needs to be stated or you disagree with the idea that the movement has honest intentions. This creates a faux truth that because they claim to be good that anything they do is also good. No one can question this faux truth without backlash so start the messages built on lies. BLM is still active and demands justice so that must mean racism is on the rise. Racism is on the rise so that must mean every time a cop shoots a black man it must be discrimination regardless of context. This keeps happening so that must mean the people are to blame for not policing the police. These are truths to these people and will never be wrong. The media perpetuates these faux truths for views and agenda pushing. But it's never enough for BLM members, they know they're right so everyone else must is wrong. they invade other medias using propaganda and influence shaming other people for being wrong. At this point we come to the present stated above where the average person just wants to be left alone but can't due these faux truths that must never be questioned .I don't know whether these messages will one day be drowned out in an roar of protest but I do know this the average person just wants to be watch something and forget about his troubles but the average person thinks he's in the minority.
(1.23 MB 300x223 picard-make-it-so.gif)

>>4667 >The media perpetuates these faux truths for views and agenda pushing This has always been the true purpose of media,If you dont like current year politics just watch media from other time periods.I have already given up on all forms entertainment produced in current year.Rewatching old shows can be fun too as you notice things that you might have missed in the past giving you greater insight into the characters,worldbuilding,story,soundtrack,cinematography etc. Just watch,read,play old media & even they have propaganda in them but it is somehow tolerable as current year propagandist suck their job as their propaganda is to blunt & obvious. Good propaganda should be subtle & not easily noticeable it should be part of the story,worldbuilding or some character trait,it should not be a separate thing like a token minority/stronk wamen/lbgtbbq thing that's just put in the script to meet some diversity quota. I watched Star Trek: the next generation recently & I really enjoyed it.Star Trek: TNG has all kinds of progressive propaganda, Picard and his crew are progressive space SJWs who want to spread the globalist agendas of the federation all across the galaxy to all new lifeforms they meet & in places where no man has ever gone before.The show constantly pushes ideas like multiculturalism,race mixing,atheism,stronk women & they even had one of the main characters fall in love with an androgynous space tranny but this show still is watchable as the propaganda is subtle,they do not hit you on face with it,the federation seems to be progressive because it's part of the story & worldbuilding ,the characters & cultures that do not agree with the federations values are not portrayed as evil and you dont feel like you are being lectured by a blue haired gender studies professor.The show is well balanced as it has action & drama, the characters are believable,worldbuilding is great & it has propaganda but you can easily ignore them & just enjoy some fun space adventures.
>>3766 Toonami hasn't been good since around 2007, much like the rest of cartoonnetwork, television, the internet, and the world in general. Space Dandy and the later lineup never measured up to the older series like Bebop, Outlaw Star and Yu Yu Hakusho. If you want to easily compare the quality of the programming block look at the archives on SlimD716's channel as well as the stuff on CabooseJr's channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6hduYdZ2rZ0Kz9vUQ4mv-w https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChXpAIlDuW9TSlhEMrh_bxA Compare stuff like "Broken Promise [Dreams]" and "Advanced Robotics" to "Dreams 2016" and "Rampage" and recognize not only the drop in quality in their video and music but also the voice acting work for the shows. >>3796 >>3814 >>4009 >>4011 >>4015 Space Dandy didn't do anything impressive or noteworthy, it was a filler show. You would have made better use of your time watching Redline.
>>4631 >>4633 Just another drop in the bucket.
>>4669 oh yeah, they dont even make their own music in house any more. >Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYOkaOU1T0U >music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT_tyeQMNr0
>>4633 I mean really, is this shit a surprise to you when they released this in 2015?
>>4668 That's how most shows that want to bring up political or pseudo political themes should be- they should present their themes neutrally and allow the viewer to come to their own conclusion. Take Jellico from TNG as an example. Some people think he was right, that while he might've been harsh, what he did was the best course of action for the crew and for the ship. Other people think he's arrogant and too demanding of the crew and that Riker was right. But the show itself doesn't tell you either way. You get to form your own opinion on the matter. Comparatively, most modern shows, especially the newer Trek shows, only portray their themes in black and white and expect everyone to agree with the writers' interpretation. They drive out anyone except the most sycophantic of fans and then they wonder why their shows are failing.
(961.20 KB 480x480 2_shots_of_vodka.mp4)

>>4667 This was really well put, anon. It's a shame the screeching retards will never read past the first sentence when presented with it. They know white people will never stop consuming their media even when talked down to so they can push whatever shit they want. It's a shame they've been raised to think that way. I guess it's just the natural progression for any country that becomes successful enough that there's no other injustices to fight for your dopamine fix that you have to make up your own and shame the rest who think you're being retarded >>4672 The difference then is that it wasn't political. Just general speeches on general topics. This shit wouldn't have broken me out of my escapism and make me think about current year politics. Would have carried on with the chill Saturday night. Now every time I see Tom I'm going to think of the political bullshit they used him as a mouthpiece for. Apolitical = racism, eh. I'll probably go back to drinking on saturdays than watching anime, frankly. There should be a new "le internet rule" in the form of >Everything good eventually gets hijacked by politics
>>4683 >There should be a new "le internet rule" in the form of Everything good eventually gets hijacked by politics Jerry Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy: <...in any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union representatives who work to protect any teacher including the most incompetent. The Iron Law states that in all cases, the second type of person will always gain control of the organization, and will always write the rules under which the organization functions.
>>4683 >The difference then is that it wasn't political. Oh sweet summer child.
(194.68 KB 468x342 takingTheBait.png)

>>4726 >Oh sweet summer child You may be baiting but that doesn't mean I like to see it >>4735 Those 20th century novelists had it right. Dystopian utopias are the fate of every white country
>>4736 >Dystopian utopias are the fate of every white country Indeed. To fight back against it would be a fruitless act. It's time we all accepted fate and surrendered.
(25.42 KB 412x430 1234567808765.jpg)

>>4739 If no action is taken, yes. It's a never-ending struggle against progressing on the road to dystopia. I wonder if demarco is going to repeat the same message this saturday or even double down. Toonami has already been poisoned either way even when on life-support from low ratings. I feel like the CN heads just don't care about stopping him from fucking with the block anymore
>>4736 >baiting I want you tho watch it again, listen to what he says, what he suggests as solutions and think about what kind of mindset would be required to promote those "solutions" as opposed to dealing with the root of the problems.
(59.72 KB 500x544 NoEscapismAllowed.jpg)

Anyone have any new BLM Toonami edits? This is all I have so far. I'm thinking of making one where the new BLACK Tom is blowing the previous Tom's brains out with some mostly peaceful protesting in the background
Just out of curiosity, is there any /a/ equivalent board on this site?
>>4795 /a/
>>4796 i'm retarded, it was under my nose the whole time yet I didn't notice.
(192.27 KB 881x311 Capture21.PNG)

So what do you guys think about the current lineup?
>>4821 >Dragon Ball Super DBS is good, really good, even have some episodes on par with the drivers test episode of DBZ >JoJo's Bizarre Adventure I dont watched localized JoJo with renamed stands like "Red Emperor," I watch JoJo with stands named "King Crimson" which means I watch the some stuffs subs. https://some-stuffs.com/ >Assassination Classgroom No idea, I assume bad >Black Clover I watch the sub and I am only a few episodes behind. It's for kids and not very good, but it's not bad to kill time watching. >Fire Force First Season in NIP was solid, but the show budget got stripped for season 2 and they replaced the director and series composition guy and replaced them with one dude, all because of the fire. The drop in quality is visible in season 2, Season 1 is still solid though. >naruto I didn't even finish that in japanese or the manga, and the manga was decent. If memory serves from the clips I have seen the English Voice actors are dogshit. Hinata is Best girl and got those big milkers, a lot of the girls are great except Sakura who is trash. >Samurai Jack Good Shit as long as you accept the ending to season 5 gets retconed in the video game.
>>4828 I wanna reinforce what I'm saying about fire force, the new director is terrible.
(105.45 KB 640x587 policeman.png)

>>4828 >DBS is good
>>4878 lazy
>>4828 >>4878 DBS is a return to form of DB, that is supper fucking jarring and hard to get past for most people, myself included truth be told. The series went hard into sci-fi with Z and while it sort of went back towards mystical journey with the Majin Buu saga, they really could have used another saga of adjustment before diving headfirst into literal god territory.
>>4828 >DBS is good I appreciate you making it clear upfront that your opinion is shit. Now I don't need to read the rest.
>>4631 I hope you didn't take that screenshot.
>>4660 >Karen Please keep your normalfag lingo elsewhere.
>>4667 Because of the funnyjunk filename of your post, I see no reason to read it.
>>5022 Yet you would have to be aware of funnyjunk in the first place to know it is an FJ filename.
>>4957 >DBS is a return to form of DB Nigger even fucking GT was more of a return to form than Super. Super is the gag manga shit we got from the original Dragonball but without any of the good characters, good character designs and instead the Dragonball Z power creeping bullshit. It's a godawful compromise between both.
(891.06 KB 962x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>guy asks opinion about current toonami lineup >only one guy responds >the remainder argue about DBS I'm disappointed in all of you.
>>5100 I'm disappointed any of you niggers still watch Toonami when it couldn't be easier than ever now to watch subbed anime online commercial free at the press of a button.
>>5104 Sir this is /co/.
>>5106 Nigger this is a Toonami thread. Toonami plays dubbed anime.
>>5106 >>5104 >I'm disappointed any of you niggers still watch Toonami when it couldn't be easier than ever now to watch Cartoons online commercial free at the press of a button. I fixed it for the both of you
>>5108 Toonami doesn't show cartoons. They show ANIME!
(302.30 KB 500x495 1457167191898.png)

Toonami is in a weird spot between /a/ and /co/ in that it's the only cable block to show anime (among non-anime shows too). I would argue for discussion of it, but after the shitty politics it now injected into itself I just want a swift death brought to it instead of see it die an agonizing slow death
>>5104 that's great but is your opinion on the lineup
>>5111 Doesn't matter how good the shows are, in this case Assassination Classroom & Jojo since those are the only two I've seen, when they're ruined with english dubs.
>>5109 Theyve shown cartoons in the past.
>>5113 Okay.
>>5112 that's a legit opinion and I'm proud of you for contributing. ultimately that's the answer for all of them except Jack.
>>5113 Didn't they air Ballmastrz just a little while ago? And who can forget the terrible final season of Samurai Jack?
>>5703 I wonder if Ballmastrz is confirmed for a 3rd season or it'll end with the cliffhanger that was the second season finale? Knowing adult swim it'll probably just stay that way just like Titan Maximum.
>>5706 wiki says season 3 will premiere on TBS; it's tenure on Adult Swim is done
>>5703 Threadly reminder Adult Swim cucked Genndy out of 12 episodes which was the amount necessary to give Jack a proper send off. Which I fucking hate because Adult Swim for the life of them make good promises, then break them before they end with all their tv shows.
>>5752 12 episodes wouldn't have saved the abortion that was SJ season 5.

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