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(329.33 KB 640x464 1598408330715.png)
Anonymous 08/28/2020 (Fri) 04:58:38 No. 4531
It's Halloween, how did your decorations come out, /co/?
Edited last time by Frank on 10/31/2020 (Sat) 14:53:24.
(299.13 KB 587x729 tanisbarn.png)
>>4531 It's 80 degrees in the middle of the night and all the leaves are green and still on the trees, hell no I've not started decorating.
(562.26 KB 531x746 spooktober.png)
>>4538 Can we just post lewd spooky images now?
(253.26 KB 1000x1000 1456867637280.png)
What are some more obscure Halloween cartoons that don't ever seem to get talked about? >>4539 It's to hot for lewd right now.
>>4531 >It's still August, have you started decorating for this holiday that's still two months away. Just because stores put the decorations out early doesn't mean you have to start decorating, Anon. You have made me depressed since you've reminded me that I forgot to transfer Night of the Were-Ed to my new Laptop before the old one went tits up
>>4541 What are the mainstream ones? Here are my guesses >Nightmare Before Christmas (Can pull double duty as a Christmas movie) >Any Halloween themed episode of a cartoon Boo-Haw-Haw comes to mind. >Any Scooby Doo movie Zombie Island and The Witch's Ghost are the two that stick out, and Ghoul School, of course. I'm so used to thinking of the girls in the context of Toonspew's stuff that I forget they came from a Scooby Doo movie >Over the Garden Wall It does the fall aesthetic well and even has some spooks in it's later episodes That's all I can think of
(1.02 MB 1671x1443 Installing update 1 of 3,678.png)
>>4543 >You have made me depressed since you've reminded me that I forgot to transfer Night of the Were-Ed to my new Laptop before the old one went tits up If the hard disk still ok you are able to recovery all your files using a SATA converter: https://youtu.be/GoScdgkOA8E Bonus: You can now use old hard disks as backup units. You're welcome.
>>4546 what did this guy do that was bannable?
>>4547 Avatar & name fagging probably.
>>4547 ah, I didn't notice the name
(230.10 KB 1200x1200 tanis.jpg)
Well now that it's beginning to fell a little hint of fall and my pumpkins are coming in, NOW we can talk about Halloween. Here's some Tanis.
(98.58 KB 900x1165 Edboyvania 00.jpg)
(87.82 KB 900x1165 Symphony of the Dork0.jpg)
(104.06 KB 900x1165 Dorks of Shadow0.jpg)
>>4950 >Finally managed to get it all redownloaded Now we just need to have a proper Ghoul School thread and Halloween will be saved.
>>4977 It's a very odd tradition that a simple meh not really Scooby Doo movie has had this acclaim across imageboards. Just because people wanna fuck monster girls.
>>4977 >a proper Ghoul School thread >>187
>>4977 I BETTER SEE THESE COMICS POSTED DURING HALLOWEEN! I forgot to download them last time. They were good comics.
>>5163 Not to worry, I have them all secured and saved them to a thumb drive this time just in case. I missed posting it in 2019, so I'll be damned if I miss posting it in 2020
(162.46 KB 1200x1178 #1 lich.jpg)
>>5164 You make me proud, anon. See you next month.
>>4977 >>5164 It's October, dude, where's the comics?!
>>5702 You want them now? We usually don't have the thread until the week leading up to Halloween.
Rec some Halloween specials, movies, or shows.
>>6197 Mad Monster Party, Halloween Tree, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Underfist.
(85.88 KB 1015x734 21421421.jpg)
(130.46 KB 500x281 432432324.png)
(814.00 KB 400x265 index.gif)
(77.39 KB 1200x510 323432.jpg)
(41.01 KB 866x969 Halloween stuff.PNG)
>>6197 Billy and Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween, Bob's Burgers- The Hauntening, and Lilo and Stitch- Spooky. As for Horror Movies I would recommend Xtro, Event Horizon and Re-Animator. Here's a longer list of things I've saved over time if you're willing to look through it.
>>6197 Scary Godmother, Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie, Martin Mystery, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! 'Season of the Skull', Over The Garden Wall, & The Batman vs. Dracula.
(59.67 KB 1116x905 Stream List.PNG)
(123.86 KB 1280x720 index.jpg)
Same anon as >>6206. The Last two years I've done a mischief night stream on the 30th or 29th on 8chan and I decided to keep the tradition going on this site too. Here's a full stream list of movies and specials and one's we've already watched. Which movies or special we watch will be picked by a choice wheel and the category (Horror, Spooky, TV Special, or Non-wheel) will be voted for by the anons in a thread. The stream will be on Thursday the 29th, the exact time will announced later. I'm always looking for more to add to the stream list so feel free to request them here.
>>5702 Gonna start posting the comics on Monday, should get through the first one in a night, the other two will probably take two nights a piece, maybe I can stretch three out to three nights to end on Halloween, depending on what you lads prefer.
(1.97 MB 500x370 index.gif)
>>6378 The stream is gonna be on the 29th at 6PM PDT. I'm real excited for this year's stream, I got a larger collection and all the kinks from last year sorted out. Hope to see some of you there.
(2.96 MB 879x1500 1508735019-1.png)
Did Toon ever find us here?
>>6744 He's active on cuckchan. Dunno why people want him around though. He's one man. He's not gonna spear head the revival of the Ghoul School waifu fandom.
>>6746 He's fun and one of the few actually doing something.
>>6749 Is he though? Again he's just one man & can't legally make anything based on a WB property. Plus you don't want to invite cuckchan autism here.
>>6751 Should have told Mark that because he's been bringing them in via twitter because he wants to "increase pph" Shades of Cripwheels pandering to Redditers.
>>6751 Toonspew has been around 8chan for years.
>>6783 Yet he isn't here now.
>>6802 A lot of Anons aren't either because they just don't know or just given up.
(134.26 KB 2048x1530 ERiBQ35UwAELMS6.jpg orig.jpg)
>>6804 Yeah. That's true.
>>6378 I don't see Severed ties on that list. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oktf7V-HLyE

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