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(230.01 KB 600x909 BRZRKR.jpg)

Keanu Reeves BRZRKR comic kickstarter makes comic pros angry. Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 23:14:59 No. 4724
Even though it's on kickstarter, they're still angry because comic pros are broke losers who can't sell comics even when they control most of the MSM news outlets. Of course it would make a lot of money since the release of Bill & Ted 3, the upcoming and highly anticipated Cyberpunk game and because it stars Keanu Reeves. Same complaints when Bella Thorne nuked OnlyFans saying that it's for the common people and those who need it for crowdfunding when they are gatekeeping certain individuals from using their preferred platform. Determining on how fast it goes, it should easily hit 1 million at the end of it's run. Maybe even 2 million if there is a lot of Keanu Reeves fans. Story concept sounds very cliche and I'm not an avid crowdfunding user myself because of many failed promised kickstarters but this one seems okay and less shady than Kwanza delivering White in any state. https://archive.is/P9fXJ (kickstarter) https://archive.vn/0fnxd (bleeding stool)
>bleeding stool What? Did you leave in a medical report by accident?
So an established company that's been around for 15 years resorted to crowdfunding. I think that people are right to be pissed off, as this sets up a dangerous precedent. Platform that was supposed to be for people unable to find funding any other way will now mover towards being dominated by large companies. It will allow them to scam even more shekles out of gullible idiots way in advance, making the practice even more cancerous than preorders. Given how little consequence there is to delays or even not finishing up projects makes it even worse. As much as most of these people are faggots, they have a point this time. Good luck trying to be an amateur getting project noticed when platform is crowded by large companies who should not even need it.
>>4741 I don't care about competing with them in that arena, because it's still a more even platform than the old market. Their only real advantage over anyone else, in terms of making effective use of crowdfunding platforms, would be that they have more money, which they can then use for things like publicity, but that doesn't stop any e-celeb or other rich person who can get massive publicity that the average pleb can't get. This doesn't significantly change how hard it is for the average pleb to use it. Especially Kickstarter, where the only things allowed to make money are things liked by an exclusive clique anyway. That clique is the only thing being hurt by this, so good.
>>4728 is this a legit question or are you just shitposting?
>>4743 >Especially Kickstarter, where the only things allowed to make money are things liked by an exclusive clique anyway. What?
>>5024 Kickstarter hired a full time employee with the sole job of banning any comics campaigns that she didn't like, meaning any that didn't come from the SJW clique. That's why every other notable comics campaign for the last few years has been on Indiegogo instead. Of course Keanu Reeves is famous enough that they couldn't ban him without normalfags realizing what they're doing.
All that money just because Keanu Reeves name is slapped on the project. Jesus Christ.
After checking this out I'm getting some Wolverine vibes from this for some reason.

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