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(106.18 KB 1280x720 fang's okay.jpg)

Primal Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 17:18:19 No. 5153
New episodes October 4th. https://youtu.be/fgucEUwQgcc
There's already a thread.
>>5154 Kind of? There's a thread on wanting actual adult animation. This is specific for Primal.
Finally. Also the last episode being about a zombie virus released during the height of the WuFlu was amusing.
New episode is out. Should be clarified that this is not a season 2 but rather the second half of season 1. Season 2 has been greenlit for 2021 though. What I really like about this episode is seeing Spear care for Fang & gain even more of a proficency in tool making. Then that ending. So satisfying.
>>5755 >Air half of a show >Wait three months+ >Air the rest Why do modern networks do this.
>>5767 The Kung Flu I guess?
>>5767 Netflix was the only one really doing it. >>5768 Primal started way before the coof.
Completely forgot about posting about last week's episode. It was really horrific & beautiful.
Wanna know what killed this smilodon & wiped out a herd of triceratops? This thing.
>>6601 What am I looking at?
>>6604 Yes. The answer is we don't know. It's left extremely incredibly vague what it was. Although there are theories involving the green moon.
(14.18 MB 640x270 Primal.S01e09 part 1.webm)

(11.46 MB 640x270 Primal.S01e09 part 2.webm)

(19.18 MB 640x270 Primal.S01e08. part 1.webm)

(17.03 MB 640x270 Primal.S01e08.part2.webm)

>>6610 >>6612 I don't understand why should the coven of witches hate eachother so much. I guess because she wasn't careful enouth with her child? Also, it's surprising how fast the series jumped into the paranormal.
>>6651 They're protective of their children. They literally have to find, kidnap, then sacrifice a man just to get a baby. Of course they're hostile even to their sisters(?) over keeping a baby.
>>6652 But still, to be so passive aggressive when there is no need. Is there a preview for the next chapter?
>>6653 >to be so passive aggressive when there is no need. Well they are women. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGFthAixz0I
>>6654 You have a point. Are more seasons confirmed? this is the only series that isn't faggotry indoctrination devices.
>>6655 Yeah season 2 has been greenlit for next year.
>>6651 The witches seem very careful with their children and only seem to ally with each-other for rituals or defending one-another,their children or their leader. The way I see it there isn't a particular love or even interaction between them besides not attacking eachother and preparing a ritual every once in a while. Not too much of a fan for the soundtrack of that episode. >>6655 I remember it being confirmed for a second season with an interview by some no-name site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk5Z3-PaSpo&feature=youtu.be

(46.42 KB 640x270 green moon 2.jpg)

(17.81 KB 640x270 night 3 green glow.jpg)

(66.03 KB 1280x720 ape men green moon.jpg)

(36.36 KB 640x270 compy.jpg)

>>6608 >>6609 Notice how each night the Night Feeder attacks there's a full green moon. Thrice now the color green has been associated with the supernatural. First the green moon in the ape men episode alluding to the black goo. Then the zombie plague. Then the coven of witches. Lastly there's the compy. Looks pretty eerily similar to what the Night Feeder looks like in the end. My theory is that the compy each night on the full green moon transformed into the Night Feeder. Similar to a werewolf curse. Now the scene where Fang lunges at it only to get covered in oil would explain why it's afraid of fire & lit up so easily. The Night Feeder may secrete that oil to better hunt.
(2.36 MB 1920x1080 Warhammer_Moons (2).png)

>>6686 So does this mean that Primal just a stealth prequel to Warhammer fantasy?
>>6687 I hope not. I want an actual good ending.
(174.21 KB 961x1243 unicorn_tartakovsky.jpg)

(49.10 KB 702x342 ClipboardImage.png)

New series by Genndy has been announced. More of an all ages show this time.
>>6754 Not sure about this one.
>>6755 Hopefully it's a lot like Sym-bionic Titan.
>>6754 >Using "diverse" as selling point First red flag, but it's Gendy I would trust my mother to this guy
>>6755 I think the name is garbage. Not the "unicorn" mind you, but rather the "warriors eternal" bit. Sounds like it's trying to be epic, which is lame.
>>6754 >black male, white female Everything promotes miscegenation now. >"you don't know that!" It will.
>>6856 >A nigger is simply existent and has some kind of presence in an image <FUCKING RACEMIXERS >>>/blacked/
>>6896 Stop reminding me this board exists and a cuckchanner made it.
(32.03 KB 529x529 smugdemon.jpg)

>>6907 >tfw you linked to a real-ass board by accident
>>6913 Now that's some real black magic.
Admittedly this episode is the weakest of the series. But it does a good job of setting up the next season's story & threat.
(17.70 MB 640x270 Primal.S01e10 p1.webm)

(16.70 MB 640x270 Primal.S01e10. p2.webm)

>>6977 >Weakest Nah, I liked it, personally I think River of Snakes is the weakest from the show, this one introduced plenty new concepts that can be used in future episodes and I'm really looking forward to it.
>>6989 River of Snakes was an important episode because it shows Fang & Spear learning to actually work together. They're not just immediately a cohesive team. They needed to go through more hardship to understand each other better. Which River of Snakes provided.
>>6984 >>6985 I don't like the direction this is heading too much, as I liked the episodic direction the series had and reminds me of 10000BC too much. We'll see how it goes, but I haven't lost hope for the seriesyet.
>>7001 Can't be episodic forever. Plus Spear is gonna have to advance to survive regardless. Which he's done a lot of in these past 5 episodes.
>>6754 Looks like another tax write-off to me.
>>7003 >Can't be episodic forever. Unless they make it into a comedy
is there a mega or a torrent for all of the 'newer' episodes, can't seem to find any as easily

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