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Licensed Comics Anonymous 09/23/2020 (Wed) 09:44:10 No. 5205
Good comics based on films, television, cartoons etc. I’m specifically talking about comics based on properties and expanding them, not just straight novelizations, though those can be good as well.
(7.79 MB 3082x3000 Indy comics.jpg)

I'm a big Indiana Jones fan so I recently went through all of the Indy comics. Here's a bit of a rundown. Thunder in the Orient – a solid 6-parter. The art is pretty mediocre and the story wastes some of its limited mileage with unnecessary meandering, subsequently rushing the ending. But the positives still outweigh the negatives. Good shit. I remember seeing it being advertised in other comics as a kid, thinking it had the coolest covers. Always wanted to read it but couldn’t find it pre-internet. Well fuck you, pre-internet, I read it now. Arms of Gold – a decent entry undercut by its short length. Just as things were starting to get interesting they are wrapped up in a rushed manner, disappointingly. Should have been much longer or even a part of a larger project. The art and specifically art direction is really nice, however. Golden Fleece – this one is weird, while not completely terrible, especially for a two-parter, it feels absolutely nothing like Indiana Jones. Doubly so because of the over-pretentious inner monologues they added. It comes off as a completely separate work where they just named the protagonist Indiana Jones to ride off of an established IP. The art is also pretty average at best. Iron Phoenix – this one doesn’t feel like Indiana Jones either but it’s a decent read and I liked the Russian waifu. The art is inconsistent but nice in its detail and is pleasant enough to look at. The most interesting part about it, of course, is the fact that it’s based on the cancelled LucasArts game of the same name, the sequel to the excellent Fate of Atlantis. As a comic, however, it’s written somewhat poorly, to a point where it’s simply hard to follow the narration. It is fun, however, to try and recreate in your head how the game could have looked like based on this blueprint. Sargasso Pirates – once again they can’t get Indy right; in fact he’s kind of a loser in this one. But for what it’s worth, this is actually a pretty decent read. Solid art too. The Shrine Of The Sea Devil – a rather weak one-shot, not much to say about it except for pretty good art direction. Spear of Destiny – yet another cancelled LucasArts vidya that got loosely adapted into a comic; a sister-piece to the Iron Phoenix of sorts. The pattern of them being unable to get Indy properly continues here as well, mostly thanks to the terrible inner monologues they have to plaster over every panel. But all in all it’s an okay read I guess. The art is pretty meh and the comic is obsessed with telling you about muh ebil Nazis to the point of comedy. Tomb of the Gods – a pretty good 4-parter. Though the last chapter was kinda shit and being released as a tie-in for the fourth film it has a palpable stylistic similarity to it, unfortunately. Being a modern comic it has that digital art style that I’m not a fan of. Indiana Jones Adventures – I had the least amount of expectations for this one but it turned out to be one of the better ones. Talk about not judging a book by its cover. This two-parter has a very simplistic Bruce Timm, or whatever, type of art that might turn you off initially but it’s a pretty good read. Though it too was begat by the advertisement for the fourth movie, it doesn’t have any similarities or even tangential relation to it. Of the two episodic stories I liked the first one the most with the second one being a bit too generic. Very comfy.
(326.66 KB 529x800 Days of Future Borg.jpg)

I remember there was a guy who used to do storytimes of Star Trek comics, they were pretty good. Unfortunately, I can't remember any of them except the more recent TNG Mirror Universe ones.
Any good Star Wars comic runs? You can't find a 90s comic book without them being advertised.
>>5247 Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear is ~80 pages of Boba Fett being awesome. Pretty good art too, with a strong sense of contrast and color theory so nothing ever misreads
>>5247 The original Marvel comics from when the original movies were still coming out. Sometimes you get weird stuff like Jabba the Hutt having a completely different design because he's mentioned in the original movie but doesn't appear until the third movie, but frankly, that only makes it more interesting.
>>5259 >weird stuff like Jabba the Hutt having a completely different design Like what?
(5.17 MB 1988x3056 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.00 MB 1988x3056 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5267 Like this.
>>5268 Damn what a shit design. They could have done anything in this wacky sci-fi universe, instead they made him a regular guy with a dumb looking head.
>>5269 They probably tried to guess at what he might look like in a sequel, so they probably aimed at what seemed like it would be relatively easy or likely in a film. I doubt they expected a big expensive slug monster that was basically the world's most complicated muppet.
>>5271 Even New Hope has more interesting looking creatures.
>>5268 >>5269 could've been worse. He was originally just played by Declan Mullholland
(157.23 KB 1150x603 mulholland2[1].jpg)

>>5532 Pretty sure this was a design for a background alien in the movie. >>5547 >>5548 That was just a stand in for the actual Jabba, who was described as a big furry alien in the original script. Hence why the scene was cut. Because they never finished it.
>>5549 They filmed the scene, though. And I find it hard to believe that in 1977 they had the tech to replace him with some sort of CGI monster. Even if they were doing the best tech of the time, and doing some sort of amazing chroma key, they wouldn't have had him wear that outfit. It seems more likely that they tried to compromise from the original vision as outlined in the script, but then after seeing it filmed, decided against it.
>>5551 Hey I'm just telling you what I read.
>>5551 Pretty sure they cut the scene because it was completely pointless and slowed the movie down. A the saying goes - Star Wars was saved in editing. If this was at all pivotal they'd almost certainly do it with stop motion, like the game monsters on Millennium Falcon.
>>5548 He's a big guy.
Marvel Star Wars, being Star Wars, gets a lot of attention, but Marvel did a lot of licensed comics back in the day, and I'd say their best were GI Joe and Transformers. Transformers is practically a Marvel creation, with Jim Shooter and Bob Budiansky creating most of the story based on nothing but the toy designs, and then Simon Furman adding all the deep lore stuff that G1fags don't know about but became huge in later iterations of the franchise. Also, the Marvel comics are still the best iteration of the franchise, and I have no idea why they keep trying to reboot over and over again. Just so they can keep killing Optimus Prime every year? They'd have been better off just continuing the original continuity further, instead of retelling the same stories over and over again, but in ways that were never as good as the original. Maybe Transformers doesn't count since Marvel practically created it. GI Joe is maybe more arguable, then. Obviously GI Joe existed long before, but the "Real American Hero" version was basically created by Marvel, with Larry Hama essentially basing it on his real life experiences fighting in 'Nam. Then adding ninjas and robots and snake people. Other notable ones from the era include the late '70s Godzilla comic, where Godzilla regularly fights SHIELD, and also has issues fighting The Avengers and some other characters. Also there's the Doctor Who comic which I've never read but people say it's good. Maybe that's just British people, though. Also ROM, which I think people barely remember was a toy, and is now mostly remembered as the comic. Micromasters was apparently good, too, but I still have to read that.
>>8153 >Marvel Star Wars, being Star Wars, gets a lot of attention, but Marvel did a lot of licensed comics back in the day What are weird segway
>>8153 Goes to show not even Disney trusts modern Marvel to handle its other properties.
>>8153 The 70's Godzilla comic was ok. I like him fighting SHIELD I just wish they'd have him do more stuff in the Marvel Universe. Godzilla getting shrunk by Pym particles was interesting and so was him getting used by aliens to fight in an intergalactic war against an enemy alien faction that uses their own monsters. I just wish they did more creative stuff with it.
>>8153 >GI Joe >snake people I thought that bit was only from the movie? I remember hearing Hama hated Cobra La and that whole thing.

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