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(1.09 MB 1000x1521 cleopatra-in-space1.jpg)

Anonymous 09/23/2020 (Wed) 10:00:58 No. 5208
This calshit actually looks kinda cute. How pozzed is it in actuality?
(14.17 MB 1440x1080 Mummies_Alive!_Intro_HD.webm)

>Space Egypt >It's calshit >Not sci-fi "Mummie's Alive" FUCK that would have made for a great show. Some actual characters too. Calshit is cancer. Gods I miss when western animation actually had some care put into them, and I missed all the good shows because I didn't have cable as a kid and wasn't born in the 80's.
>>5209 It's probably the first calshit I've seen with at least some visual creativity. Plus the main girl is cute. Now I just want to be disappointed with how much pozz is there in the actual show and begrudgingly never watch it. I mean, current year, Egypt... we all know where this is going.
Cleopatra was literally a Greek.
>>5211 Greeks weren't white tho.
>>5212 But they ain't niggers. Olive skinned sure.
>>5213 She doesn't look like a nigger. And believe you me they'd make sure she looks like a supernog if they intended her to be one.
>>5214 You know very well these woke types believe in the "we wuz kangs" bullshit about egyptians. I don't trust them.
>>5215 Anon please, she's olive skinned Get your fucking eyes checked
(773.47 KB 1920x1080 Necron-characters.jpg)

>>5208 I'm getting way too much of a SU vibe out of it just from that pic. >sci-fi "Mummie's Alive" Imagine.
>>5218 It's because of that fat fish chick.
>>5212 >pic >>5217 She's way too tanned though
(748.47 KB 1280x720 1598714029308-1.png)

>>5221 If you don't know who meds are you need to lurk for about 15 years. Preferably with a book. >She's way too tanned though She's not. This is what "too tanned" is.
I'd call her skin a bronze tone; she's white
>>5223 >implying meds are white
>>5258 Can you read?
"Calshit"? You mean CalArts? It doesn't look like CalArts. Unless you mean it's from California. But then why is that necessarily automatically a bad thing; how is it different from the rest of the country? Besides practically unavoidable when it comes to American animation, otherwise it comes from Canada.
(57.83 KB 344x500 51e-7B0rIdL.jpg)

>>5208 From a children's graphic novel I haven't looked at yet. Dropped the cartoon as soon as it introduced Cleopatra. I am so fucking sick of the "royal princess acts like spoiled haughty-bourgeoisie" archetype. Shame, because her new design is cute, even if inaccurate. >>5223 You also need a book. Races change over thousands of years. The ancient Greek peoples were very different from Greeks today, and the same goes for other parts of the Mediterranean. The other anon's point is that Cleopatra is "too brown" than she would have been, and Cleopatra is frequently portrayed as more "Egyptian" than she actually was (that is to say, she was not at all). Also, her design was changed from the books. Personally, I think I prefer the animation's design, because I find it more sexually attractive, though again, it's not very accurate.
>>5463 Lurk for 10 years, newshit.
>>5464 >Races change over thousands of years. Err, no, they don't. A race can be displaced by another race but your race doesn't "change". All modern DNA studies show that everyone living in the Mediterranean today is related to people who lived there back then. >The ancient Greek peoples were very different from Greeks today They weren't. Don't talk about shit you have no idea about please. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/08/greeks-really-do-have-near-mythical-origins-ancient-dna-reveals >The other anon's point is that Cleopatra is "too brown" than she would have been No dipshit, his point was that Cleopatra was white, until his later posts got deleted over how retarded they were. But like already mentioned, Cleopatra was greek, and greeks aren't white.
>>5466 It's not so much about mediterraneans and whiteness as much as affirming that Cleopatra wasn't a nigger unlike what pop culture wants everyone to think.
>let's talk about this cartoon >What is the skin tone of the main character? what a nice conversation.
>>5466 Not the other anon, but nice pop-sci garbage, faggot. >>>/reddit/
>>5465 No, he's right, it isn't calarts.
>>5466 >Err, no, they don't. A race can be displaced by another race but your race doesn't "change". Yes it does. Do you even hear yourself, you fucking faggot? If I knock up a nigger, and everyone in my tribe knocked up another nigger, we'd be a different race. Quite frankly you're coming off as an angry modern "Greek" who can't handle the fact that his great-great-grandma was raped by a Turk. What the fuck is white to you?
>>5465 Isn't this a 4gag thing? >>5208 Watch it and find out.
>>5582 >lurk for 10 years, newshit
>>5577 It literally is. Lurk for 15 years.

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