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Blood of Zeus Anonymous 10/05/2020 (Mon) 19:54:27 No. 5756
From the same fuckers that animated the bastardization of Castlevania comes a Netflix original "anime" about greek myth. Looks like shit. The voice acting is eh. The editing for this fucking trailer is awful though. Absolutely amateur. There's no epic feeling to this. It's like they hired an intern to just slap together a trailer with anything they had. Reminds me of the terrible New 52 DC movies.
>>5756 Animation wise it's not too bad but calling this "Anime" is like calling a DC animated film like The Death of Superman anime. I don't think the people who called it that know anything about the medium.
>>5757 They're calling it anime because of it's "anime style" ala Avatar The Last Airbender. As if anime can be put down to a simple cookie cutter catch all style. The animation studio itself? It's not even asian. It's based in Austin Texas! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powerhouse_Animation_Studios
>>5757 >Animation wise it's not too bad It's extremely bad
Interesting concept, but the animation and artstyle are just as unappealing as they were in Castlevania, and it being a Netflix animated gig I have no desire to watch it. Fuck's sake, can't we get a decent mythology animation?
>gods/Zeus will be "evil" rather than just not giving humans special treatment >We Wuz Kangz history (Niggers and extra Shitskins inserted) >Stronk Womyn Sure, it might not reach Cucklevania's level since it's Ancient Greece (which has the honor with Ancient Rome of being appropriated by cucks and fedoras) but it'll still be wokeshit.
>>5757 Netflix calls everything that has slightly japanese influence "anime", it's just a marketing thing at this point, normies seems to eat it.
>>5758 To be fair, the reason there's meaning in the word "anime" is because they have been doing quite similar character design for several decades with barely any changes and at a very high rate because production model. You can't say the same to any other national production, besides the canadians, but you get the idea.
Forget one: >The whole show will have a non-alpha male model of heroism where it's either some edgelord saving a world he holds in contempt or getting forced into it.

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