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(826.96 KB 1200x800 ClipboardImage.png)
(139.71 KB 750x1118 animaniacs reboot poster.jpg)
Animaniacs Reboot Anonymous 10/12/2020 (Mon) 19:49:06 No. 6017
A trailer just popped up this week. How does it look so far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh_vASjvYQE
>>6017 Like shit. >25 year old movie "parody" >steven "lolita express frequent flier" (((spielberg))) acting like he's an actual cartoonist creator & not just a studio director >guaranteed to be woke It's a disaster in the making.
>>6017 Don't like anyone else's animation, but the way the Warner Brothers (and sister) move seems promising. Maybe everyone else's animation was different and less fluid intentionally to highlight this? Of course they seem to be overselling the nostalgia pandering a good bit, and I don't have much hope for modern cartoons. Will wait and see when it actually airs. >>6018 >>25 year old movie "parody" That's what you take issue with, when what they bringing back is a show from the same time period?
>>6019 Because no one cares. Movie parodies are lazy & easy to write. They're done to death & now they're being brought back with a show no one wanted.
>>6019 The Warner Brothers (and Sister) did look smooth but the other real life characters looked a little stiff to me as well. It'll probably be okay like the new Looney Tunes show but I fear for what Warner Bros. does behind the scenes since they do own Animaniacs. They made Fudd wield a scythe instead of a gun and they did removed controversial animated episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Boondocks off their streaming platform. They probably could get away with more since it's on hulu but things could change easily on a whim.
>>6017 I still don't understand why people have fond memories about this show, even when I was a kid I knew they were a bastardize bland and boring version of the original Looney Tunes, do boomers really have this shit taste that they bring this shit came to life?
>>6027 Anon, you'll find that a LOT of the cartoons that people fondle over from the 90's and 2000's are nowhere nearly as good as they make them out to be. That's not saying that they're bad, they just remember the better episodes.
>>6027 > I knew they were a bastardize bland and boring version of the original Looney Tunes Sure thing John K.
>>6033 John K. is even more autistic than that. He doesn't like that they mixed elements from 1920s cartoons with elements from 1930s cartoons, showing that the creators were filthy casuals who didn't know the difference. And he's right.
>>6033 No, seriously, I was like, five when I first watched Animaniacs and I knew it was shit. >>6031 >That's not saying that they're bad, they just remember the better episodes. Fair enough
>>6018 >guaranteed to be woke Goodbye, Nurse
(14.46 KB 136x403 Hello Nurse.jpg)
They'll finally finger Prince but pic related won't even be referenced.
(1.14 MB 1113x569 ClipboardImage.png)
(34.79 KB 948x486 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6389 What the fuck are all those hideous background characters?!
(1.56 MB 1920x1080 Drumpf.png)
>>6389 At least one Trump joke/reference was inevitable, but this doesn't seem to be at the same level as "Bill Clinton plays the sax" and I bet they won't make fun of Biden.
(677.82 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6392 Course they won't make fun of Biden. At best you can expect a caricature but nothing mean spirited. Just like how South Park will shit on Trump for like 5 seasons but will barely even touch Hillary beyond calling her dumb.
>>6389 The animation barely looks above the level of Johnny Test before it got canned and they definitely didn't use their best material in the trailer. A lot of the jokes they showed in the trailer had a decent enough setup but fucked up the punchline. I wonder how long this'll last.
>>6392 Haha, Orange Man bad, amirite fellow 90s kids? :^)
>>6389 >Blacklight >Black people in the foreground and very middle of the background >Almost think they made a black people joke before noticing the white people here and there in the background All the non-Warners have shit modern animation and the Warners only have good animation occasionally, with most of it being the same shitty modern animation every other character is getting. The initial reveal had Warners alone with good animation while the humans in the trailer had shit new animation, and I thought this might be an intentional difference. But no, it's just that they don't want to shell out the cash for good animation all the time and instead only put some here and there.
>>6397 > it's just that they don't want to shell out the cash for good animation all the time and instead only put some here and there Doesn't that basically describe all those direct-to-video cartoon films that littered the late-90's, early 2000's (With the exception of the first four Scooby Doo films)?
(302.16 KB 1280x960 Void.jpg)
>>6392 >muh drumpf >animation looks okay in some parts, other it just looks like shit >nigger joke I went what when I saw the blacklight thing No hello nurse, just references galore sure like before but come on if you're gonna try comedy go another route here. I really don't care honestly.
>>6389 >Disabled ratings and comments It's going to definitively be shit.
>>6433 >>nigger joke Not quite.
That's it, gross!
(14.32 KB 320x320 1384458478890.jpg)
(190.45 KB 1574x1057 EnUVIeiXcAUG4hD.jpg)
(80.07 KB 1063x593 EnUVKIOXMAEZneu.jpg)
(417.79 KB 720x400 EnUVJH5WMAAFIia.png)
(463.97 KB 721x406 EnUVJpIXEAYfbFD.png)
It keeps getting worse.
>>7419 You missed a spot.
>>7430 As predicted How can people not be cynical?
>>7419 Holy shit did they preemptively accuse Trump of rigging the election? I thank God himself in heaven every day that I wasn't born a millennial.
>>7430 Isn't the joke about stupid people in high responsibility positions either that they Mr. Magoo their way to success or manage to skate by unscathed while they destroy everything in their wake?
>>7419 >>7430 Reminder the original made fun of Saddam without demonizing iraq and the Iraqi people. This shit just leftwing pro war propaganda.
(692.60 KB 250x188 freaka-1460582678.gif)
(285.70 KB 245x184 missin-1460642642.gif)
Animaniacs with Toilet jokes and left-wing propaganda. Good thing I didn't pay a dim for this grotesque.
>>7441 Of course they didn't just demonize Putin, Russia is essentially European and Western to the average Amerimutt
>>7444 >Amerimutt I never knew /intl/ came back.
(428.44 KB 706x540 ClipboardImage.png)
>>>/v/158098 >propaganda and popculture references, that won't age your show like a glass of milk in the Sahara On the subject of satire in TV shows not aging well, I would like to put forth what I call Nixon's Law of satire. Nixon's presidency ended on August 9, 1974. On December 12, 1999 the Futurama episode A Head in the Polls aired. In spite of the fact that the show referenced events from a little over 25 years ago, the episode not only worked, but they were able to continue to make use of the head of Richard Nixon as a character for; IIRC, the rest of the show. The fact that they were satirizing events from 25 years ago is not unrelated to the fact that Nixon worked in the show, they are very much related. 25 years after is a good time to wait to satirize something, as after 25 years, if people are still talking about it then its pretty unlikely that people will stop talking about it for quite some time.
>>7445 They weren't really gone. They just rebranded themselves as /abdl/.
>>7430 >>7419 It looks like the show is pozzed to the max.
>>7447 Didn’t one of the writers admit they dropped Richard Nixon because they accidentally humanized and made him too likable?
(18.49 MB 394x300 Back after 63 years.webm)
Animaniacs 1993
(15.10 MB 534x300 Back after 22 years.webm)
>>7453 Animaniacs 2020
>>7453 >>7454 It's been so long since I've watched Animaniacs. The old series was heavy on visual gags, and it didn't date itself. Even the big hollywood actor is an amalgam of multiple actors. The new series immediately dates itself and it feels vicious in its satire. It feels like it was made by rabid kikes and dikes. Rather than focusing on comedy and a story, the show focuses on politics and being witty for the sake of being witty.
>>7454 > The Internet contains the sum of human knowledge. As a programmer, I get incredibly angry when I see this fallacy propagated. There's so much knowledge that isn't even hidden behind paywalls: it's just operational. As Dr. Kahan says: the algorithms that you find on the Internet (or in books, as he put it) are often not the algorithms that have stood the test of time, but rather have withstood the test of time: they are the ones people remember, rather than the ones that deliver good results. Imagine: Yakko's idea of GamerGate is Wikipedia and Gawker's account of it.
>>7483 But, what about all those AIs that companies release onto the internet that immediately desire to make the Holohaox a reality after a week of operation?
>>6345 Oh she'll be referenced all right, just not in a way anyone who liked her will enjoy.
>>7486 They're not real AIs, they're just text generators that people feed wrongthink for a giggle. Since they don't think, they don't process contradictory information as a paradox and choose A over B to parrot unless the person managing them forcefully censors certain terms and phrases. Yakko's ingestion of the "the internet" just gets "truth". Whatever the MSM and other "official" sources say happened.
>>7496 >>6345 They have already said that she won't be returning: http://www.freezepage.com/1605947836REDXMEUEHX
>>7454 >>7483 >Tablet... So, Yakko swallowed the black pill?

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