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(592.73 KB 1280x1983 Myterious- 001.jpg)
(695.98 KB 1280x1994 Myterious- 002.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1280x1998 Myterious- 003.jpg)
(762.18 KB 1280x1989 Myterious- 004.jpg)
(952.51 KB 1280x1918 Myterious- 005.jpg)
Mysterius the Unfathomable Storytime Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 02:10:09 No. 6445
A light-hearted comic about a cynical wizard and his new assistant. They begin working on a few odd cases that end up tied to a bigger plot. It’s a pretty entertaining series with its own little mythology. Tonally, it’s a middle ground between Constantine, Doctor Who, and Witch Doctor. I read this comic back when it came out but lost my copies and forgot what it was called. I managed to find it few weeks ago, just in time for Halloween. Download links: https://volafile.org/r/co https://mega.nz/folder/xOwmzCQS#TIpWZQxffywj-YapwU1OaA
(650.26 KB 1280x1949 Myterious- 006.jpg)
(806.90 KB 1280x1992 Myterious- 007.jpg)
(704.37 KB 1280x1970 Myterious- 008.jpg)
(657.54 KB 1280x1997 Myterious- 009.jpg)
(949.54 KB 1280x2005 Myterious- 010.jpg)
(1.13 MB 1280x2045 Myterious- 011.jpg)
(711.66 KB 1280x1983 Myterious- 012.jpg)
(890.61 KB 1280x1943 Myterious- 013.jpg)
(937.95 KB 1280x1969 Myterious- 014.jpg)
(984.66 KB 1280x1989 Myterious- 015.jpg)
(1.00 MB 1280x1994 Myterious- 016.jpg)
(980.13 KB 1280x1985 Myterious- 017.jpg)
(986.11 KB 1280x1972 Myterious- 018.jpg)
(1015.19 KB 1280x1993 Myterious- 019.jpg)
(947.23 KB 1280x1962 Myterious- 020.jpg)
(818.80 KB 1280x1961 Myterious- 021.jpg)
(1.02 MB 1280x1945 Myterious- 022.jpg)
(673.07 KB 1280x1990 Myterious- 023.jpg)
(891.25 KB 1280x1980 Myterious- 024.jpg)
Back in the day Wildstorm books featured Jim Lee's editorial usually advertising other Wildstorm comics. It was called Storm Front - something that would not fly today.
(572.27 KB 1280x1980 myst_02_01.jpg)
(1.23 MB 1280x1972 myst_02_02.jpg)
(1.10 MB 1280x1974 myst_02_02a.jpg)
(929.55 KB 1280x1966 myst_02_03.jpg)
(899.18 KB 1280x1971 myst_02_04.jpg)
ISSUE #2 Featuring tastefully nude witches.
(927.76 KB 1280x1984 myst_02_05.jpg)
(948.14 KB 1280x1988 myst_02_06.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1280x1983 myst_02_07.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1280x1984 myst_02_08.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1280x1990 myst_02_09.jpg)
(838.40 KB 1280x2005 myst_02_10.jpg)
(894.24 KB 1280x2006 myst_02_11.jpg)
(865.43 KB 1280x2009 myst_02_12.jpg)
(871.11 KB 1280x2002 myst_02_13.jpg)
(993.23 KB 1280x1991 myst_02_14.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1280x1973 myst_02_15.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1280x1983 myst_02_16.jpg)
(1.13 MB 1280x1995 myst_02_17.jpg)
(1.15 MB 1280x2005 myst_02_18.jpg)
(996.01 KB 1280x1982 myst_02_19.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1280x2018 myst_02_20.jpg)
(998.34 KB 1280x1987 myst_02_21.jpg)
(1.12 MB 1280x1982 myst_02_22.jpg)
(1000.81 KB 1280x1991 myst_02_23.jpg)
(453.04 KB 1280x1968 MTU3p01.jpg)
(627.54 KB 1280x1962 MTU3p02.jpg)
(634.05 KB 1280x1979 MTU3p03.jpg)
(571.38 KB 1280x1988 MTU3p04.jpg)
(631.13 KB 1280x1987 MTU3p05.jpg)
ISSUE #3 With a cursed children's book
(625.60 KB 1280x1985 MTU3p06.jpg)
(603.81 KB 1280x1967 MTU3p07.jpg)
(632.85 KB 1280x1971 MTU3p08.jpg)
(536.69 KB 1280x1957 MTU3p09.jpg)
(623.64 KB 1280x1974 MTU3p10.jpg)
(786.32 KB 2560x1900 MTU3p11-12.jpg)
(566.24 KB 1280x1986 MTU3p13.jpg)
(594.84 KB 1280x2000 MTU3p14.jpg)
(563.34 KB 1280x2023 MTU3p15.jpg)
(566.43 KB 1280x2009 MTU3p16.jpg)
(556.00 KB 1280x2030 MTU3p17.jpg)
(563.45 KB 1280x2006 MTU3p18.jpg)
(571.25 KB 1280x2022 MTU3p19.jpg)
(531.37 KB 1280x1987 MTU3p20.jpg)
(596.46 KB 1280x1985 MTU3p21.jpg)
(531.44 KB 1280x1979 MTU3p22.jpg)
(476.76 KB 1280x1963 MTU3p23.jpg)
(525.30 KB 1280x2017 MTU3p24.jpg)
(571.90 KB 1280x1976 MYS4p01.jpg)
(533.00 KB 1280x1986 MYS4p02.jpg)
(449.52 KB 1280x1932 MYS4p03.jpg)
(480.92 KB 1280x1933 MYS4p04.jpg)
(632.15 KB 1280x2002 MYS4p05.jpg)
ISSUE #4 With Demonic Dr Seuss
(744.29 KB 1280x1988 MYS4p06.jpg)
(760.12 KB 1280x1990 MYS4p07.jpg)
(754.50 KB 1280x1987 MYS4p08.jpg)
(695.40 KB 1280x1993 MYS4p09.jpg)
(725.85 KB 1280x1984 MYS4p10.jpg)
(719.66 KB 1280x1992 MYS4p11.jpg)
(720.14 KB 1280x1963 MYS4p12.jpg)
(1.16 MB 2560x1877 MYS4p13-14.jpg)
(707.78 KB 1280x1990 MYS4p15.jpg)
(720.80 KB 1280x1989 MYS4p16.jpg)
(709.88 KB 1280x1994 MYS4p17.jpg)
(723.55 KB 1280x2011 MYS4p18.jpg)
(702.11 KB 1280x1965 MYS4p19.jpg)
(647.98 KB 1280x2032 MYS4p20.jpg)
(630.12 KB 1280x2006 MYS4p21.jpg)
(497.66 KB 1280x1999 MYS4p22.jpg)
(447.85 KB 1280x1976 MYS4p23.jpg)
(544.88 KB 1280x1983 MYS4p24.jpg)
(550.74 KB 1280x1957 myst_05_01-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(603.36 KB 1280x1991 myst_05_02-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(665.75 KB 1280x1978 myst_05_03-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(723.93 KB 1280x1996 myst_05_04-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(738.04 KB 1280x2008 myst_05_05-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
ISSUE #5 Time for Burning Man, bikini witches, and guns.
(514.76 KB 1280x1977 myst_05_06-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(651.65 KB 1280x1949 myst_05_07-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(642.71 KB 1280x1952 myst_05_08-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(819.92 KB 1280x1965 myst_05_09-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(689.35 KB 1280x1964 myst_05_10-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(774.09 KB 1280x1958 myst_05_11-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(620.32 KB 1280x1974 myst_05_12-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(537.93 KB 1280x1963 myst_05_13-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(570.17 KB 1280x1915 myst_05_14-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(692.92 KB 1280x1985 myst_05_15-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(610.83 KB 1280x1962 myst_05_16-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(559.63 KB 1280x1957 myst_05_17-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(639.08 KB 1280x1978 myst_05_18-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(618.69 KB 1280x1971 myst_05_19-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(557.90 KB 1280x1975 myst_05_20-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(635.26 KB 1280x1972 myst_05_21-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(654.94 KB 1280x1962 myst_05_22-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(654.40 KB 1280x1946 myst_05_23-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(663.42 KB 1280x1971 myst_05_24-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(498.89 KB 1280x1971 myst_05_25-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(571.03 KB 1280x1963 myst_05_26-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(420.58 KB 1280x1974 myst_05_27-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
(605.24 KB 1280x1971 myst_05_28-Minutemen-DTs&Tyler.jpg)
Time for Star Craft comic preview...
(433.24 KB 1280x1982 06-00FC.jpg)
(492.20 KB 1280x1983 06-01.jpg)
(677.61 KB 1280x2014 06-02.jpg)
(578.44 KB 1280x1988 06-03.jpg)
(620.38 KB 1280x1984 06-04.jpg)
ISSUE #6 Everything comes together as Mysterious and Delfi are looking for a way out.
(592.43 KB 1280x1999 06-05.jpg)
(601.92 KB 1280x1980 06-08.jpg)
(532.59 KB 1280x1999 06-09.jpg)
(590.08 KB 1280x2005 06-10.jpg)
(625.07 KB 1280x2012 06-11.jpg)
(516.36 KB 1280x1986 06-12.jpg)
(587.62 KB 1280x1992 06-13.jpg)
(696.78 KB 1280x2007 06-14.jpg)
(665.92 KB 1280x2015 06-15.jpg)
(771.52 KB 1280x1994 06-19.jpg)
(1.26 MB 2560x1971 06-20+21.jpg)
(642.04 KB 1280x1986 06-22.jpg)
(720.53 KB 1280x1990 06-24.jpg)
(679.64 KB 1280x1981 06-25.jpg)
(538.94 KB 1280x2002 06-26.jpg)
(528.27 KB 1280x2014 06-27.jpg)
(640.86 KB 1280x1980 06-28.jpg)
(540.55 KB 1280x2039 06-35ad.jpg)
And this is the end. A neat little story, with some pretty interesting ideas and creative art. I hope that seeing Fowler on the cover did scare people away by making them think Tess had any involvement.
(28.72 KB 135x254 that was nice.png)
>obscure but good title >just the right length of storytime >good art >no ideological soapboxing >OP even proactively added download links This is a pretty good thread. I was expecting the critic to play a part in the villain's plan, if not him being the mastermind himself. Seems a strange choice to introduce the character only to reduce him to an inconsequential annoyance. The way that one magician also reacted to the idea of "a new Delfi" seemed to imply there's more to it than just being the Doctor's assistant. Smells like a dropped plot point.
(38.39 KB 480x640 Happy rainbowdoge.jpg)
Bit confusing,but still an enjoyable read. Thanks OP,your tastes are impeccable and people like you make this board worth posting on. Is the last panel supposed to be a sequel hook or some short? I kinda got lost in the burning man cult and the mechanics of the magic
(436.85 KB 600x363 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6445 >middle ground between Constantine, Doctor Who, and Witch Doctor. Visually Mysterious reminds me a bit of Dylan Dog who let himself go. >>6478 It is pretty heavily implied that Mysterious needs to have a Delfi at his side to to reach full potential. He is far more lively in flashbacks than at the beginning of the comics. He becomes more lively and less apathetic over the course of the book, as he grows closer to his new Delfi.

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