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(1.21 MB 987x729 don2.png)

Anonymous 10/26/2020 (Mon) 15:04:34 No. 6611
You guys don't appreciate Don Bluth enough. He tried to stop this.
How so? I just know that he made cool shit.
>>6614 A common complaint I see directed towards him is that his work is "over animated", which to me basically amounts to code word for "too good".
>>6616 >everything is moving too much! Even when a character is standing still, they're supposed to still be moving very subtly. That's how we move in reality, you don't hold a perfect freeze frame when you stand still.
>>6617 >muh realism Cartoons are supposed to be a refined version of storytelling where all the fat (like characters going to take a piss that has no without plot relevance) isn't written down. Not to say that subtle bits of animation like that aren't good, just that a claim to realism isn't a good argument, not in general anyway. >>6616 Some things can be overanimated, just look at those machine-generated 60FPS animation videos. Making everything the same framerate can look off in an animation. This is pretty obvious, but sometimes it's better to make an action take less frames to animate, to give a greater sense of speed.
(5.78 MB 720x480 what_cat.mp4)

>>6619 >Some things can be overanimated, just look at those machine-generated 60FPS animation videos Granted, but Don Bluth is not over animated. It's all done with subtlety, to make the characters more lifelike..
(588.94 KB 991x727 john2.png)

What's he up to these days?
>he tried to stop this Makes Mrs.Pissby & the smurfs from Jewsney Anon, I-
A reminder that Dragon's Lair film was cancelled and made into live action with Ryan Reynolds instead. It's over.
>>8243 >>8254 >double posting hours apart Did you mean to make a different second post?
>>8258 are you retarded?
>>8263 probably, I feel myself get dumber after each new Hollywood remake that gets announced

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