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First look at Ryan Wilder Batwoman Anonymous 10/26/2020 (Mon) 21:25:07 No. 6645
They show a preview of a her in the final issue of Batgirl (2016) #50. They followed it up by showing the full costume for the tv show and oh my... There are so many things wrong with it. They assumed that since she is a black woman that she doesn't need no black eye makeup that would usually be there to mesh with the cowl. They also assume that to make sure you don't confuse her with white batwoman, they have to make her big ass afro hair stick out in the back so you know she's not on whitey's side. I'm surprised they weren't called racist on this decision. Then they realized they made a mistake because what Batwoman was known for was her red hair. Since I assume this is her real hair and not a cheap wig that Ruby Rose used, they can't take all the time to dye it red since she would still have this red hair in civilian attire aswell so they just added a few red extensions that you would miss it if you didn't notice it. This is also on top of the cheap looking batmobile she has that just looks like a regular car with stickers put on it. If she's as obnoxious in the comics as she is in the tv show, it's looking more deader than before. Even when DC is facing a weaker MCU, they still can't get anything right.
>>6645 Man this is all just so obnoxious. Like I'd said before, they squandered a chance to do anything new. Anything. They made a whole new character. They could've just remade the costume completely to something that isn't stupidly impractical. Then there's those fucking comic pages. Ironic how the woke types working at these comic companies don't think they're part of the establishment they claim to be fighting against. I'm sick of all this communist garbage.
(296.19 KB 460x460 batgirl.mp4)

Why fuck are Batgirl and Batwoman even different in the first ? Just have her become Batwoman when she's no longer wet behind the ears? Also, how the fuck are they gonna do this in the show? Why is some other bitch Batwoman in-universe? How the fuck is the plot supposed to deal with some dyke stealing Batman's shit and now some trashy thirds negro taking the same mantle? Is that one guy who was Batwoman's house nigger just gonna go with this one taking her spot? What about that one bitch who's the old Batwoman's sister? Did they resolve that shit? Fuck, why'd they do this to themselves? They could've just called the whole thing off, but they refuse to "let the nazis win" so they fucking flay themselves alive.
(2.63 MB 900x1124 ClipboardImage.png)

(418.93 KB 1920x1080 snapshot.jpg)

Also reminder, according to the show itself, this suit is supposed to be bulletproof. Not only that but it's so strong that the only thing that can pierce it is kryptonite. Bullets literally bounce off this pliable rubbery leather suit.
>>6649 Batgirl and Batwoman at least have different histories. The original Batgirl was the original Batwoman's sidekick, but they didn't remain very important, and then later they basically rebooted Batgirl without really referencing the original anymore. Then like 40 years after that they brought back Batwoman, and the original Batgirl, too, but she wasn't as important. Now they only keep them around as propaganda tools. But to be fair, that's what Batgirl was since Barbara Gordon (the second Batgirl) was first introduced, and it's what Batwoman has been since she came back like 15 years ago, though there were at least a couple cool stories with her, mostly because 52 was awesome and she happened to be a part of it. >>6650 >Kryptonite >strong They really missed the point on that one, didn't they?
>Last two pics I see Gorilla Grod succeeded with his Ape-Ray in this universe.
(168.13 KB 1200x900 batwomanmobile.jpeg)

>>6650 Here's a reminder of what the new Batmobile looks like for the show.
>>6677 Truly the most inconspicuous stealth vehicle.
(133.27 KB 1024x903 1591480541510.jpg)

>>6677 >fucking red highlights on the car At least Bats has the fucking decency to make his overpriced, overdesigned batmobiles in all black to at least pretend to still give a shit about stealh. Fucking CW.
>>6681 The difference is that car works because Adam West Batman was campy & fun. It didn't take itself more serious than it needed to. Batman wasn't a stealthy brooding "dark knight". He was a fun loving caped crusader.
>>6650 That whole plotpoint is so fucking stupid >From a visual sense, because there's a big patch of uncovered skin right there on her face and the flimsy cloth they used for the cape is somehow so strong bullets spark on contact >There was already a gun capable of penetrating the batsuit and it was introduced very early into the show >THE FUCKING CHARACTER WHO WANTS THE GUN TO KILL BATWOMAN ALREADY KNOWS HER SECRET IDENTITY AND WHERE SHE LIVES, AND HAS SOMEONE CAPABLE OF MIMICKING VOICES AND FACES(somehow)
>>6689 What's her face has had a fuckton of chances to actually kill Batwoman, but hasn't because the show still wants to tease that they'll make up. I hope that's the first thing that happens when the new Batwoman appears, just kill off Kate's sister already now that the arc can't go anywhere.
>>6724 Her name's Alice & the showrunners want to make you think she's as important as Joker was to Batman. Who apparently is fucking dead in this universe because Bruce killed him then fucked off. Anyway, Alice is fucking retarded but so is Kate. Kate had MULTIPLE prime opportunities to take her down & arrest her but squandered every chance. Even making fucking deals with her to "not kill anyone for a night" instead of beating her face in.
>>6725 Sounds like Alice is gay for Batwoman.
>>6727 She's Kate's sister.
>>6728 Oh, so incest. That makes it even better.
>>6730 But they're jewish.
>>6732 Typical, but acceptable as they end their bloodline due to being carpet-munchers.
>>6733 That's a good point.
>>6645 They crave failure. >>6671 Delicious.
(1.61 MB 862x1683 sightLINES.png)

>>6689 >From a visual sense, because there's a big patch of uncovered skin right there on her face Contagious meme.
(747.06 KB 500x280 hitler proud black woman.gif)

>>20310 >DC's Captain America is a black chick in a wig that can be easily grabbed during the melee round by her opponents Bravo, CW.
>>20323 To be fair, Batman is the face of DC while wearing a long ass cape that would either cause him to trip or would be easily grabbed by anyone he fights.
>>20325 That's why the cape is set up to be detachable in an instant.
>>20332 Then it wouldn't be secure at all.
(839.75 KB 1000x626 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20310 That costume reminds of Phoenix Jones a bit.
>>20310 >Visor helm. They know that although the vikings did this, its literally worst then not having it because it funnels bullets/arrows/thumbs/etc into the eyes?
>>20336 >it's detachable easily so ain't secure Nigger what? Parachute are secure as fuck and still easily detachable to open the secondary if if first is badly bend and can't open
>>20579 You're not fighting niggers in a parachute.
>>20580 Not with that attitude.
>>20325 >To be fair, This is /co/. If you want fairness, you'll need to go to... ... to, uh... ...um, which board deals with fairness, again?
>>20341 Not the autistic hero we deserve, but the autistic here we need.
>>6645 Black Catwoman worked. They only wanted to be stupid with this one.
>>20616 >Black Catwoman worked First off, blacks don't work. Second off, no Halle Barry Catwoman did not work. For one, it's not Catwoman proper whatsoever. She's not Selina Kyle nor is she a jewel thief being the villainous flirt for Batman. Secondly, they took the idea of Catwoman way too literally by making her act & talk like a cat because of cat superpowers.
>>20619 > blacks don't work. Mmmm... True. But Static Shock. If they got the right black person, which didn't flaunt their race about, and can keep their private life private. Then, yes. It can work. But such a person in Hollywood is rare. >Halle Barry Catwoman did not work. Lucy Lu wasn't available and Jolie was collecting babies. But I wasn't referring to that crazy mutt. I was referring to Ertha Kitt.
>>20620 See the thing is after the 90s, it became less "cool" to the black community to actually y'know be decent humans. Ertha Kitt is whatever I guess. Even if the race swapping made no sense, at least she was still technically Catwoman proper.
(358.14 KB 810x551 DC's_nuStatic.png)

(144.54 KB 636x978 Static_Shock_says_BLM.jpg)

>>20621 >See the thing is after the 90s, it became less "cool" to the black community to actually y'know be decent humans. That's why I agreed with them not working, in the current scheme of things. And I'm anticipating next year they'll take Static Shock even further into the madness. There is a movie planed. >Ertha Kitt is whatever I guess. Even if the race swapping made no sense, at least she was still technically Catwoman proper. Ertha was good. But Newmar was Catwoman. Pretty much all on that old site agreed Newmar should have kept her role.

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