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Cromwell Stone Storytime Anonymous 10/31/2020 (Sat) 22:39:04 No. 6917
Lovercraftian comic from a rare author who actually understands why why Lovercraft's stories were scary and unsettling. It's a European book done in black and white. Book is about a man who stumbles upon a mysterious house. He feels drawn to it in a strange way, and decides to purchase it to unravel it's mysteries. Overall story is contained in three tomes. Here are the download links: https://volafile.org/r/co https://mega.nz/folder/QPow0RQS#oTfUsRn4Onpicx9hu3sJcA
I really like the art style. It's like an old woodcut or lithograph.
And this is the end of the first volume. >>6921 It is very Escher-esque. Not only the technique, but also the way geometry and perspective.
(231.85 KB 1024x1470 Cover Cromwell Stone 03-00BDS.jpg)

(182.37 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-00-BDS.jpg)

(348.50 KB 1024x1435 Cromwell Stone 03-01-BDS.jpg)

(398.37 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-02-BDS.jpg)

(376.11 KB 1024x1422 Cromwell Stone 03-03-BDS.jpg)

Tome Three: The Testament of Cromwell Stone. It continues the trend of the second tome where mystery from the first one is stripped away and more focus is placed on the esoteric. It has a bit of a melancholic tone too. This story follows a girl connected to the main protagonist and eldritch entities from the previous two tomes.
(484.19 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-04-BDS.jpg)

(479.13 KB 1024x1423 Cromwell Stone 03-05-BDS.jpg)

(507.01 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-06-BDS.jpg)

(494.70 KB 1024x1429 Cromwell Stone 03-07-BDS.jpg)

(456.34 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-08-BDS.jpg)

(340.58 KB 1024x1424 Cromwell Stone 03-09-BDS.jpg)

(453.33 KB 1024x1388 Cromwell Stone 03-10-BDS.jpg)

(452.84 KB 1024x1443 Cromwell Stone 03-11-BDS.jpg)

(529.40 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-12-BDS.jpg)

(434.47 KB 1024x1406 Cromwell Stone 03-13-BDS.jpg)

(472.64 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-14-BDS.jpg)

(502.32 KB 1024x1405 Cromwell Stone 03-15-BDS.jpg)

(520.99 KB 1024x1405 Cromwell Stone 03-16-BDS.jpg)

(437.95 KB 1024x1401 Cromwell Stone 03-17-BDS.jpg)

(438.21 KB 1024x1422 Cromwell Stone 03-18-BDS.jpg)

(475.10 KB 1024x1411 Cromwell Stone 03-19-BDS.jpg)

(278.34 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-20-BDS.jpg)

(432.12 KB 1024x1421 Cromwell Stone 03-21-BDS.jpg)

(458.78 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-22-BDS.jpg)

(521.06 KB 1024x1413 Cromwell Stone 03-23-BDS.jpg)

(480.39 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-24-BDS.jpg)

(446.29 KB 1024x1392 Cromwell Stone 03-25-BDS.jpg)

(523.67 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-26-BDS.jpg)

(522.14 KB 1024x1425 Cromwell Stone 03-27-BDS.jpg)

(352.55 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-28-BDS.jpg)

(392.98 KB 1024x1406 Cromwell Stone 03-29-BDS.jpg)

(500.17 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-30-BDS.jpg)

(457.08 KB 1024x1414 Cromwell Stone 03-31-BDS.jpg)

(965.50 KB 2048x1382 Cromwell Stone 03-32-33-BDS.jpg)

(400.74 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-34-BDS.jpg)

(355.50 KB 1024x1415 Cromwell Stone 03-35-BDS.jpg)

(368.26 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-36-BDS.jpg)

(403.85 KB 1024x1417 Cromwell Stone 03-37-BDS.jpg)

(415.50 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-38-BDS.jpg)

(471.27 KB 1024x1401 Cromwell Stone 03-39-BDS.jpg)

(504.91 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-40-BDS.jpg)

(383.88 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-41-BDS.jpg)

(234.23 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-42-BDS.jpg)

(300.99 KB 1024x1414 Cromwell Stone 03-43-BDS.jpg)

(500.99 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-44-BDS.jpg)

(530.52 KB 1024x1415 Cromwell Stone 03-45-BDS.jpg)

(416.90 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-46-BDS.jpg)

(146.01 KB 1024x1407 Cromwell Stone 03-47-BDS.jpg)

>>6952 Pretty good story time anon.
(5.33 MB 1842x1144 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6952 The end. That's all there is, but the same author worked on few other comics as well. Rork is the most well known. I have not read them yet, so I do not know if they are worthwhile. Europa comics published Rork in English, so it must at least be decent. >>6953 Thanks
(99.41 KB 350x368 amigara.jpg)

>>6928 >That Amigara Fault imagery, tho Thanks, OP! I'm enjoying it.
>>12253 Best necrobump on the front page ayy

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