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Scoob Anonymous 05/09/2020 (Sat) 03:48:55 No. 697
So is this movie going to be any good? It looks like it will play it safe enough, but I can't help but feel that they're trying to set up a Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe which gives me mixed feelings as I'm pretty sick of cinematic universes, but on the other hand I'm happy to see Dick Dastardly on the big screen. Also its giving me some Funtastic World of HB vibes. If this movie does well enough could they actually bring back an updated version of the old ride at Universal (maybe with the old footage every once in a while)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTBZNnO2w20 I mean they could do it, just have it so the film's big reveal is that Dick is using future technology he's stealing from a time traveling child (Elroy) he's holding hostage which serves as the mysterious and ominous mcguffin or something.
>>697 The more I read about it, the more it sounds like a Blue Falcon movie than a Scooby movie.
>>697 It could be okay but it's really less of a Scooby Doo movie & more of a Hanna Barbera cinematic universe jumping off point.
Am I the only bothered by Dastardly running around without some sort of headgear?
>>714 Im more bothered by the size of his chin.
(2.63 MB 336x252 tick's amerika.gif)

>>716 >he doesn't appreciate ridiculous looking crimson chins A spoon on you then.
>>717 It wouldn't be too bad if his nose was more accurate.
>>717 Thats the problem it doesnt look like Dick Dastardly.
He looks like a freak without a hat.
(1.39 MB 1280x536 Harry Potter joke.webm)

This gave me whiplash
(131.95 KB 913x1200 1530476270050.jpg)

>>884 >no sound
>>697 So anyone pirated it yet?
>>891 I did. It was terrible. More boring & bland than just bad.
>>892 Lay it on us Anon, what happens.
>>893 Alright. My internet was disconnected for a bit but here goes. Basically it's almost exactly like the greentext leaks. I'll break it down chronologically as I can but it doesn't necessarily happen like this in order in the movie. >scoob meets shaggy on venice beach after scoob steals a gyro meat cylinder >they meet the rest of the gang on halloween and solve their first mystery of a haunted house owned by a guy stealing electronics >cue montage recreation of the original opening >the gang want to make their group an official business but need an investor >simon cowell meets them at a diner where he says he won't invest with scooby & shaggy around because they're weak leaks >the two leave in a huff to go bowling together >here they're attacked by the scorpion robots & rescued by blue falcon >this blue falcon is the son of the original who recently retired >he's incredibly cringe inducing & full of himself to the point even dynomutt just refers to him by his real name Brian >the robots were dick dastardly's trying to kidnap scooby doo >the "mystery" of the movie is that dick is gather the 3 skulls of cerberus & needs the last descendant of Alexander the Great's dog in order to open a portal to the underworld >he wants to do this because some time prior he opened a portal with muttley to steal alexander's treasure but muttley couldn't get back out >blue falcon stupidly falls for a trap while searching for the second skull >hijinks ensue but they escape >third skull is found in a mountain that has a mesozoic environment inside it >here's where we meet captain caveman who's voice poorly by tracy morgan >he's the guardian of the third skull & they have to fight him to get it >prior to this shaggy & scooby had a fight over their friendship loyalties >dick dastardly also kidnapped the other 3 of mystery inc & disguises himself as fred to get shaggy to take him to scooby >he gets the skull, scooby, & goes to athens to open the gates to the underworld >everyone gets to athens, dick opens the gates, ghost cerberus comes out, chaos ensues, & dick rescues muttley >blue falcon stops being a coward after a pep talk with dynomutt, dastardly's robots fall in love with daphne, the mystery machine is destroyed, & finally they get cerberus back in the underworld >but to close the door one of two best friends must seal it from the other side >after some back & forth shaggy seals the door >all seems lost but a statue of alexander & his dog appears saying the one on the otherside can call the other back home >a door appears allowing shaggy back with cerberus flicking him out before the door with the statue disappear >cue happy ending with dastardly arrested, the gang having their own business on venice beach, blue falcon dj-ing their grand opening, dropping off a futuristic car that turns into a mystery machine replacement, & the gang going off to another mystery Also Velma is mexican now.
>>896 They weren't kidding when they said this was a Blue Falcon movie featuring Scooby Doo.
>>897 It's not even that either. Dick Dastardly gets more focus & development than Brian does. We don't even meet the original Blue Falcon. It could've been a great older generation pep talk to get his son to stop being a useless douche.
>>898 >Dick Dastardly Do they at least do Dick right?
>>899 I liked him. I never watched Wacky Races growing up though so I can't say how accurate he was.
>>896 >scoob meets shaggy on venice beach how?
>>901 I mean why is shaggy in venice?
>>901 >>902 Venice Beach California.
(37.14 KB 500x500 1432517177926.jpg)

>>903 >Venice Beach California.
>>896 Scooby Doo could be a great detective series for children with some humor for adults if they would stop with the memes and supernatural bullshit and just make some interesting cases of guys in masks trying to get rich. They could make animated Columbo or Poirot but instead choose to use demons and zombies.
>>905 That was the point of the original series but it got popular.
>>905 The monsters are real twist has been done to death so much it's not something that really works anymore. Honestly they don't even make a big deal about the fact Cerberus & the underworld are real. When really they should all be freaking the fuck out. It's just some really lazy writing that dropped the ball down a ravine.
>>896 >Also Velma is mexican now. >trying to immortalize Ginsburg in this film Did they didn't squeeze in a DRUMPF joke somewhere too?
>>912 I can't recall & I'm not watching again.
>>914 If only someone can webm the film into a 16mb webm like with kungpow.
Isn't the biggest kicker to this ENTIRE movie the fact that none of the cast (Aside from Frank) are reprising their roles?
>>942 They wanted the young demographic.
>>925 I am trying to get it under 100 mb without it becoming unwatchable any one know what settings they used?
>>946 No idea, all i have is an archive of the old /webm/ board. http://archive.md/bBCw7
>>949 largest file limit is 16 mb but it is not letting meupload 13mb mp4 file
>>951 Maybe the size is too big.
>>943 The younger demographic doesn't care about voice actors unless they're teenage girls that recognize Zack Effron.
>>956 And now he's voicing Fred.
>>951 Maybe just upload the Dick Dastardly segments.
>>949 >>952 I reduced the file size to 70 mb cant go any lower without everything becoming pixelated. What magic did that guy use to get a 2hr movie to 16mb? https://anonfile.com/l4y2o509o7/Scoob.2020.720P.Webrip.800Mb.X264-Galaxyrg-1_1_m4v
>>967 Tis a mystery.
>>971 Now I have to make it into 16 mb mp4,The video quality might become ass but I will get it down to 16mb.
>>967 Just split it into six parts. People can recombine them if they want.
Is a normal mediocre Scooby Doo movie which major issue is that it came out outdated, shit seriously looks like it was written in 2016. Kinda sad this is what made it to theaters. I'm so happy to find you guys, I missed you
(2.16 MB 1920x1080 Traps_Illustrated.png)

>Fred doesn't say the word "trap" even once It's shit
>>957 It's why I mentioned him. But he's the only voice actor among the cast that can even be considered to draw in a younger crowd. Everyone else are literal whos to kids & teens. This movie's development is just so illogical.
>>991 Apparently it had 7 writers, would honestly explain why the film is so disjointed.
>>992 >Apparently it had 7 writers WHY?!? This is just a fucking Scooby Doo movie, not Shakespeare.
>>992 >Apparently it had 7 writers, would honestly explain why the film is so disjointed. Light-bulb joke come true.
>>994 If the rumors are to be believed. the whole film was supposed to have the gang as secret agents or something. I guess the producers or someone got involved and tried to wrestle control.
>>997 Why can't they just go back to a bunch of teenagers/YA who are solving real crimes committed by adults in a mask? One of the things that I've actually noticed that a lot of the more recent Scooby Doo series are missing is that they're LESS about a mystery show with comedy and MORE about a comedy show with a mystery.
>>1000 >checked Maybe it doesn't sell well or they're just trying to repeat what made the original movie (live action one) so successful, add or subtract some things like the live action portions and more superhero theming.
(1.14 MB 2400x3420 ffmpeg_WebM_Guide_v1.0.1.png)

>>967 >>972 I got this if it helps.
>>1000 Because the animation industry has been taken over by SJWs and women in general, and those groups don't like things like mystery or action, so any show that wasn't a comedy now has to become that.
>>697 > It looks like it will play it safe enough It was played very safe. >So is this movie going to be any good? I'm pretty neutral to it. As >>698 mentioned, it's more of a BF movie with Scooby being a cameo. As for the VAs, Daphne, Scooby, Fred, and Dick all work very well. Shaggy just sounds off. He has way more lines, so the nuances in his voice are more obvious, but he's still serviceable. Velma was a shame. She was race swapped, and she doesn't even feel like the same character anymore. Hell, I don't think she even once said "Jinkies" throughout the entire movie. Last, but not least is Captain Caveman. Holy shit, Tracy Morgan should not have been given the role. CC sound like Morgan and nothing like CC. His trademark war cry was pathetically weak. >>896 >he's incredibly cringe inducing & full of himself to the point even dynomutt just refers to him by his real name Brian He's the son of the original BF. I really wish that the actual BF had been portrayed in this movie instead. >Apparently it had 7 writers, would honestly explain why the film is so disjointed. That would make sense. In retrospect, it felt like 2 or 3 different movies happening at the same time. There was the movie focusing on Dick, BF, and CC, with Scooby being used as glue to try and keep them together. At the very least, CC should not have been included in Scoob, and should have been saved for another movie instead. What's New Scooby Doo already had a Greek episode, but Scoob would have been better off in one location, rather than spending so much time traveling around in air ships.
>>1109 > it's more of a BF movie with Scooby being a cameo. Rather than cameo, it would have been more appropriate to say "window dressing". Scooby Doo's role in the story was easily replaceable. Dynomutt could have replaced him in the film, and nothing would have changed. It's not like in Zombie Island, where Mystery Inc was there for a specific reason. In Scoob, they just get pushed into the story, and Captain Falcon vs Dick Dastardly is the main driving force. A better script would have had Mystery Inc unleashing some sort of supernatural force in Greece during an investigation. Dick could have either been plotting or had a previous plot changed due Mystery Inc.'s actions, which then brings him into the story. Blue Falcon's introduction could have been saving the gang from some monster that was just about to push their shit in.
>>1109 >it's more of a BF movie with Scooby being a cameo If the original BF was used then I would agree with you. His son is being used, and honestly he's there just to make fun of the zoomers, he's useless until the last minute of the movie when they fight cerberus and honestly Dynomutt and the other girl babysitting him the whole movie gets irritating really fast.
(139.29 KB 1363x565 Sin título.jpg)

>>697 This is something I hated from the movie, Shaggy has a snes and toys from the 90s but he also has an smart phone and funko pops. I think they tried to merge both the retro and modern aesthetic to appeal to both old and new fans but it doesn't look good in any way.
>>1165 Say this is like 2010 since that's when Funko Pops first came out. Then you have to remember Shaggy is a retro kid. In the opening of the movie, he scrolls through 80s, 70s, & 60s music. Course he'd have toys & stuff from a retro era.
>>992 So it's the live action Scooby Doo movie all over again, huh?
>>1174 Fair enough, still, those aesthetics doesn't fit at all.
>>697 This guy doesn't even look like dick, more like his roided out cousin
(320.77 KB 1536x2048 me in a few months.jpg)

>>1184 The live action Scooby was at least coherent and had a main vision (James Gunn).
This film was a disgrace. They hired "famous names" instead of established voice actors. The Scooby gang have absolutely no place in this plot. They are irrelevant. Their skills are pointless and there's no mystery to solve. I understand they want to make a Hanna Barbera universe for god knows what fucking reason but the film is named Scoob and more than half the Scooby team is relegated a B plot. Mystery films are not dead and I'm sure they could've rode the back of Knives Out's success. Also Simon Cowel is here to get his son in the film business and the son has a line towards the end in Athens.
>>741 He looks way too buff. Seriously, why did they give him wide shoulders. >>987 That show was the best version of Scooby Doo ever made. We will never get anything like it again. >>1200 That and Matthew Lillard was damn good as Shaggy.
(67.32 KB 623x713 shaggy what the fuck.jpg)

>>904 >California
Can this be a general Scooby-Doo thread? They announced a new DTV movie called Happy Halloween Scooby-Doo. It is being written and directed by Maxwell Atoms, the creator of Grim & Evil, and will have Elvira guest star. Unfortunately Bill Nye seems like he will have a pretty big role, and over the years he has just become incredibly annoying to me. Also I wish they would bring back Mindy Cohn as Velma.
>>2767 >Bill Nye Fuck that then. Don't need Scooby Doo to be tainted by his propaganda.
>>896 Simon Cowell's face is disturbingly realistic.
(1.74 MB 1920x1080 Ghoul-school-girls.jpg)

>>2767 >Halloween Scooby movie The girls better be in it or I'm going to damn disappointed.
>>994 There's a funny thing you'll notice: The more writers a project has, the worse its writing tends to end up.
>>2829 Real monsters aren’t allowed anymore, so wanting them to show up is asking for them to be turned into girls in costumes.
>>2831 >Real monsters aren’t allowed anymore Why the hell not?
>>2832 something something spreading witchcraft
>>2869 What?
>>2831 I think that's bullshit anon. There is a fucking disney channel show which uses "witch" and features an actual demon.
>>2871 >13 ghosts movie had the final ghost be a guy in a mask >zombie island 2 was people in masks Why wouldn't they do the same shit with Ghoul School?
(183.67 KB 900x653 1456867962915.jpg)

>>2873 Aren't there multiple continuities at this point? Shaggy Halloween adventures all seem to come down to "Zoinks Scoob! Spooks are real! The guys'll never believe this!"
>>2874 There's always been multiple continuities.
>>2873 why woudl they?
>>2876 Clearly not always. Even when the show changed titles, it was clearly supposed to be the same series. So when was the first alternate continuity? A Pup Named Scooby Doo? Being a prequel makes it weird, but I think it's still intended to be just a prequel, not a reboot. Would the animated movies be a new continuity? And if so, which ones? The ones from the '80s, or just the series that started in the '90s, with Zombie Island? The tv series actually ended by that point, and this was essentially restarting it. But then are all those movies in that series one continuity? And what makes those a different continuity and not the same as the continuity they followed? I think it's still the same continuity as the original series. I mean, why wouldn't it be? It would be easy to say the live action movies are a new continuity, especially because they largely reuse the plots of two of the then-recent animated movies, but then it's not like Scooby Doo has never done very similar plots before. Would the first of the revived tv series be a new continuity? They were on at the same time that the animated movie series was still going, but obviously looked quite different. So would What's New Scooby Doo be the start of a new continuity? And would any of the later animated series also be new continuities, or could any be the same? And really, just because they might have different art styles, and even air at the same time as another series, doesn't mean they can't still be the same continuity. Now, the live-action tv movies are again prequels, like A Pup Named Scooby Doo, so that seems to present a problem if you want to say those two things are the same continuity as each other. You could then take this to imply that the other live action movies are the same continuity as these ones, and there's a cartoon universe and a live action universe. But the live action movies also strongly present themselves as sequels to the tv series, so could just these prequel movies be their own universe? Or are the movies a universe where the original tv series was canon except for A Pup Named Scooby Doo? Perhaps it's like Godzilla, where the original entry is always canon, and new continuities all count it. But where does the original entry end? It would be ridiculous to imply Scooby Doo Where Are You and The New Scooby Doo Movies different continuties. They're clearly supposed to be the same. And the same goes for the unbroken string of Scooby Doo tv series that would continue for the next 20 years. The only one that ever presents a problem is A Pup Named Scooby Doo, and that's only because of the live action tv movies, which suck even harder than the entry they contradict, which is what got the franchise cancelled in the first place. Both the animated movie series and the live action theatrical films treat the tv series as canon, and there's no reason given to disregard any particular part of it. So are they just alternate branches that both continue from the original tv series continuity? tl;dr: Until some autist who has watched every episode of Scooby Doo ever made explains to me precisely where the cutoffs are for different continuities, and why these must be different continuities, I'm treating most series as being the same continuity. I know that probably doesn't work, but I want specifics.
(719.65 KB 1988x1528 RCO023_1566523837.jpg)

(596.37 KB 1988x1528 RCO014_1573670712.jpg)

(660.13 KB 1988x1528 RCO015_1573670712.jpg)

>>2888 Scooby Doo isn't that complicated. Don't worry about making sense of it.
>>2889 Look, I didn't come to this laotian wood burning imageboard to NOT be autistic. Now somebody redpill me on Scooby multiverse lore.
>>2889 >Be Cool, Scooby Doo! I thought everyone agreed to forget that mess ever happened.
>>2905 Why? Be Coo, was a good show bogged down by a terrible artstyle.
(1.43 MB 284x426 right chemistry.mp4)

(1.16 MB 838x466 WW drives Scooby.mp4)

(3.15 MB 838x466 WW invite.mp4)

(1.57 MB 838x466 WW flies Scooby 2.mp4)

(2.27 MB 838x466 WW should be back.mp4)

why did Scoob and Di take so long to catch up with the Mystery Machine? Invisible jet flies at 2000mph
>>3269 Don't ask questions you already know the answer to.
For anyone that reads comics through comixology there is a bunch of free comics on there. 50 issues of Scooby-Doo, 60 issues of Scooby-Doo Where Are You?, and all of Scooby-Doo Team Up are free.
>>3269 Great, now wonder woman fucks dogs.
>>3332 >talking dog with decent personality and sense of humor >let's not forget the knot Can't blame her.
>>3333 Checked
(293.52 KB 349x506 magilla gorilla.png)

>>896 >Peebles Pet Shop
(329.89 KB 1280x1024 dc wonder woman.jpg)

>>3269 >why did Scoob and Di take so long to catch up with the Mystery Machine? Invisible jet flies at 2000mph She had a full jar of peanut butter.
(2.50 MB 341x245 1434518600975.gif)

>>905 >tfw Be Cool Scooby-Doo broke down the mysteries for kids at the end of episodes >Everyone hated it because of the artstyle This infuriates me to no extent
>>3717 >>Everyone hated it because of the artstyle Also, the bullshit humor.
>>2767 This is finally out, but I haven't watched it yet. From a screenshot I saw Velma's tits keep getting bigger every film. Velma has bigger tits than fucking Elvira in this movie.
(634.75 KB 1699x2675 Velma Swimsuit.jpg)

(82.43 KB 706x452 Velma Boobs.jpg)

>>5904 So they're going the Power Girl route with her? I don't really see a downside here
(100.35 KB 1200x674 Ej7l198VkAAW7Kx.jpg)

>>5904 Here's the screenshot i was talking about. >>5914 >I don't really see a downside here It's just pretty obvious that Velmafags have infested the people making Scooby-Doo stuff. Velma shouldn't have tits bigger than Elvira.
>>5904 Chalk it up to puberty
>>1886 >end in Athens. Makes me wonder why does it end in athens? It's supposed to do something with Alexander the great, bit he was from macedonia, not athens. So why doesn't the ending go to Pella? Are they just retarded and don't know history?
(36.42 KB 300x300 blksteveharvey1.jpg)

>>21352 >Are they just retarded and don't know history? *ching!* NUMBAH ONE ANSWER ON THA BOARD!
>>896 >>697 >>5914 Realistically only thing people will remember about scoobs is all the Latina Velma porn it spawn.

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