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(183.90 KB 688x1044 Nubia be back to slay queens.jpg)

(105.36 KB 927x960 Kid Quick in the Sack.jpg)

(162.42 KB 696x1012 Bizzaro Art Standards.jpg)

(206.15 KB 696x957 Loose Arrow Art.jpg)

Future State is much worse than we thought and DC going full Scholastic Anonymous 11/02/2020 (Mon) 22:08:54 No. 6997
It really is just going to be gender and race swaps for 2 months. Flash is non-binary and goes by they/them. Where have I heard that before.. >Looks in Kibblesmith's direction as he acts like a tough guy that could use a bat to bash cops on twitter when his New Warriors run hasn't been released ever since that embarrassing trailer. https://archive.vn/OwzhV Nubia makes her return as black Wonder Woman: https://archive.vn/HcaJY DC continues there YA push with Metroplis Grove, Heckblazer the Mystery of the Meanest Teacher a John Constantine Graphic Novel, Green Arrow: Stranded: https://archive.vn/PYFHv A new her-0 for Gotham Whistle in new YA graphic novel: https://archive.vn/D2qeN If there was a sliver of hope that these companies would change, it's clear they are sticking to the path they've paved for themselves. Look for indie stuff, make the comics you want to read or just quit the hobby for something else.
(83.58 KB 740x785 BLM Aquagirl.jpg)

(69.40 KB 740x1047 Gorillaz Noodle Robin.jpg)

(48.75 KB 740x445 goth cosplay Klarienne.jpg)

(78.70 KB 740x1047 Hammer Time Donald Troy.jpg)

(55.37 KB 740x628 Super Bitch Supergirl.jpg)

Here's the rest of the DC's Very Merry Multiverse cast.
>>6997 >If there was a sliver of hope that these companies would change, it's clear they are sticking to the path they've paved for themselves. Look for indie stuff, make the comics you want to read or just quit the hobby for something else. I remember when Rebirth began and this site was still the normal 8chan people were actually hoping DC was starting to change for the better. Finally beginning to pull themselves out from the abyss. Poor deluded fools. Wonder what those same people think now. Like I keep saying, people should switch gears completely to manga & indie books. The big two need to die so their chokehold on the comic market ends forever.
"Like I keep saying" Then leave faggot.
>>7000 >Like I keep saying, people should switch gears completely to manga & indie books. The big two need to die so their chokehold on the comic market ends forever. They already have. Nobody reads this shit anymore. They survive by telling the higher ups that they're loss leaders to make content for movies and other adaptations, which of course doesn't work for multiple reasons, including the fact that there are 80 years of good stories so we don't need new ones to adapt, and the fact that the adaptations based on this new shit are much more likely to fail. But Disney and AT&T are two of the biggest companies in the world and don't give a flying fuck about such a tiny division as comics. They bought the companies for the IPs, not for the actual publishing ability. Of course, even this isn't saving them, as DC has been facing huge cutbacks recently, and I'm sure Marvel is too, but I've checked out of Marvel even harder than DC, so I can't be bothered to even remember news about them anymore. Nobody has ever read everything the big two have put out over the years. Mark Waid claimed he did, but he's a goddamn liar. There are decades of great material, and you might as well start at the beginning and slowly work your way up. Even if you skip 99%, you'll still never catch up to current year, and you won't need to worry about it.
>>7006 Personally I'm sick of people that keep shoehorning manga on comics discussion, so I'm not complaining about the ban.
>Latinx’ Wonder Girl Television Series Prior to Character’s ‘Future State’ Debut As if Batwoman need more competition in the worst performing cape show category. https://archive.is/Stgur
>>7352 Something is wrong here. There is no way they're announcing and launching a whole TV show in about one month. Future State is in January, and there is almost never new TV over Christmas. Not that this would matter much, since two or three months would still be way too little time to announce and launch a whole TV show.
>>7359 >There is no way they're announcing and launching a whole TV show in about one month You underestimate the ambition of these cretin.
>>7352 >Latinx’ Wonder Girl Why? It would make more sense for Cheetah to be her mentor, and for this heroine to take a jaguar motif. She would look better in all black leather, than as Inca Woman.
>>7393 >Cheetah to be her mentor, and for this heroine to take a jaguar motif. Wouldn't that make her a villain?
>>7399 >Wouldn't that make her a villain? Initially, it would. However, it would also give the writers room to eventually reform her. She could start off as a "feral" amazon from the Amazon who worship some Jaguar diety. WW shows up to investigate and the show starts from there.
>>7404 >thinking a woman can ever be a villain FUcking misogynist pissbaby shittlord!
>>7404 >an Anon on a random imageboard is able to write better premises than salary working DC writers
>>7352 >Latinx Who keeps pushing this fucking garbage? This shit is more offensive than the Sombreros they fucking hate so much.
>>7432 Every Mexican I know loves Speedy Gonzalez but hates "latinx". As far as I can tell, those pushing it are white SJWs and some hispanic SJWs who are two or three generations removes from their immigrant ancestors. It's the sweet spot for being American in political values but still feeling like you're part of a little club. They're too far removed from their ancestor's culture, but not far enough that they think of themselves as the outsider they are.
>>7406 Probably every anon on here is able to write better premises than anyone still left working at DC Comics. Even the people who were talented and still work at DC aren't allowed to write good premises, because SJW whisper network will then conspire to destroy them for making the rest of them look bad, as if they aren't already making themselves look bad.
>>6998 I like 4/5ths of these designs tbh
(246.18 KB 1200x600 King Shark.jpg)

(133.75 KB 600x222 King Shark 2.jpg)

(51.38 KB 512x357 King Shark 3.jfif)

(40.46 KB 375x381 King Shark 4.jfif)

Reminder that they turned this into a gay nigger
In somewhat related news, Bendis is no longer exclusive to DC. Now he is free to shit up more than one publisher. On the upside, it means that Bendis fell the victim of AT&T clamping down on big contract for "popular" writers, so Bendis does not have a safe and lucrative gig. https://archive.vn/gW2ei >Brian Bendis is no longer exclusive at DC Comics. He can write work-for-hire for any publisher, but no longer receives the prodigious page rate or benefits that were part of the generous deal that saw him move from Marvel Comics to DC back in 2018. >DC Comics has offered Brian Bendis a spot at their films/multi-media table, working alongside Geoff Johns, something denied him by Kevin Feige at Marvel. Although, then Geoff Johns dropped out too and Bendis was no longer in the mix either. >while his work on Superman line was solid, it had no discernible sales increase in what had come before. It couldn't beat the Batbooks and didn't justify the pay packet that had previously been negotiated. Especially at a time when DC Comics was cutting staff and costs significantly. >Bendis ended his Superman titles far earlier than planned So now Bendis has an odd relationship with Marvel due to creative disagreements and going to DC. He has odd relationship with DC, since new suit clearly do not see Bendis being worth premium rates. He has odd relationship with Image, since he took Powers then popular to Marvel. Than puts him in a pretty odd spot, and with somewhat limited options.
(495.15 KB 500x281 sharklaugh.gif)

>>7564 >King Shark More like Queen Shark.
(205.47 KB 796x594 wheeze.png)

>>6997 >>6998 <another niggerwashed kid/flash Running fast isn't a super power for niggers. <niggerwashing Aquagirl >Not giving Black Manta a daughter instead SJWs don't got a single creative bone in their body. <nose ring Classy I would've reversed the flat turquoise on the legs with the darker scales on the body suit (and remove the piercings), could've made a decent costume, the tattoos are nice addition. The white hair doesn't go well with the turquoise costume and black skin. Bonus points for the anatomically incorrect placement of the jaw in contrast to the facial features. <animu girl version of Klarion Meh. Hairstyle looks over-detailed, second outfit is nice, would look better with short puffed sleeves only and longer socks. <called witch girl instead of just witch Retarded <badly designed female robin I'd like to see them making a female Nightwing and piss off all the fujoshits. Her design is over-detailed. <diaper pants 'nuff said. <shitty tomboy supergirl Yep, definitely a bitch expression, all of the girls look bitchy. Again over-detailing. >>7564 >Reminder that they turned this into a gay nigger Holy shit, did they run out of superheros that they decided to use a fucking man-eating monster?! In which comic did that happen? Please tell me it's unintentionally funny as I imagine.
>>6997 Has anyone heard anything more about the Robert Kirkman buying DC rumor?
>>11624 >robert kirkman buying DC Was selling the tv rights for The Walking Dead & Invincible that profitable?
>>11624 This sounds impossible but I fucking hope it's real, there's nowhere it can go but up.
>>11624 I really don't see the current owners giving up the movie/tv/game rights to the characters
>>11647 AT&T is making stupider decisions then that. Selling WB Games, for one (although I heard a rumor they might be going back on that decision). They're trying to squeeze everything dry. They give zero shits about DC except for what money the movies can bring in.
>>11656 I'm surprised they haven't thought to reboot The WB network, and put all that DC goodness into it's own special block to rack in those evening ratings.
(234.27 KB 540x405 loonytunes shots.gif)

>>11690 >reboot The WB network Please... no!
>>11708 No disagreement there.

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