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(227.65 KB 768x1181 X-Men vol. 5- issue 12.jpg)

(218.78 KB 768x1181 X-Men vol. 5- issue 14.jpg)

Is this the laziest comic ever made? Anonymous 11/06/2020 (Fri) 23:15:26 No. 7069
On top of being part of the dumbest event "X of Swords", they copied over 14 pages from issue 12 of X-Men vol. 5 to issue 14. They only changed the text bubbles because it's suppose to be the same event but from another character's perspective. I understand that you want to give a different perspective on the same event, but you usually draw it differently and to actually match the art style of the artist of that issue. People may give shit to Greg Land for tracing porn stars but at least he tries to make it match his style and the comic its in instead of copy pasting a previous issue.
(1.19 MB 1200x1500 7888583.png)

> Is this the laziest comic ever made? No
>>7069 Well, go on then, OP. Give us a storytime. Show us the full extent of their laziness.
>>7070 Apart from the 2nd panel, it hits. Wait you mean Dobson, I'm an idiot.
(20.97 KB 482x363 4eQOjp5.jpg)

(149.59 KB 652x869 sX9fZO5.jpg)

>>7121 Responded to the wrong Anon.
>>7121 It fucking pisses me off. I'm no >>>/loomis/ master, but I'm very confident that by this point I draw better than Dobson, or fucking Buckley. Why does this bitch waste a fucking display drawing tablet on his shitty ass comic with pre-existing assets.
>>7231 It was early internet days Anon, you were either the "lol so random" guy, the "video game" guy or both.
>>7231 Mind sharing your work so far?
(157.94 KB 540x601 1471991083819-0.png)

>>7069 >>7070 >>7121 Is this a Loss thread?
(26.58 KB 540x307 Buckly loss text version.jpg)

(86.59 KB 540x510 Family guy loss.png)

(69.60 KB 750x743 Drake and Josh loss episode.jpg)

(918.21 KB 1080x1440 loss the sketch.png)

(636.90 KB 625x791 Loss.jpg 10th anniversary.png)

>>7070 He's referring to the mainstream comics, not ironic kino.
>>7121 It seems Buckley already embraced his meme and managed to be more successful by selling copies of it. However, Dobson will forever get stuck as the leftarded inflation faggot who refuses to leave twitter, tumblr and pillowfort, he almost became a punching bag by sites previously mentioned until he started using Donald Trump as his scapegoat.
(1.37 MB 650x3260 Bear and pinnaple.png)

>>9331 >Dobson will forever get stuck as the leftarded inflation faggot who refuses to leave twitter, tumblr and pillowfort You made me curious to check up what he has done lately. Last thing I remember he did, was some black and white political "commentary" with traced art. His tumblr and twitter either require an account to view or are set to private, so I had to check KiwiFarms. From what I gather, he has been offline for the past several months, and people speculate his parents or psychiatrist gave him an ultimatum and convinced him to give up on "art" and social media, so now he is either a NEET or has a regular job with no online presence. If it's the latter, it's probably the best ending he could have ever had, considering his personality and laziness.
>>9368 >All that just for a pun I hate it when authors do this because no matter how they do it it will always just be a fuck you for investing the time in this at the end.
>>9386 >>All that just for a pun I don't think I have ever noticed the pun, I just thought it was a just metaphor for criticism how it's sharp on the outside but nourishing on the inside.

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