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TOM & JERRY 2021 Anonymous 11/12/2020 (Thu) 02:30:56 No. 7220
>teaser finally comes out >its the shittiest cell-shaded cgi since the Gamecube era Fucking hell I thought Peanuts and Captain Underpants fixed the whole 3d into 2d animation technique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eMy2hjl4HQ
It's so uncanny it makes me nostalgic for the late '90s. I love it.
(146.09 KB 800x973 2020 in a nutshell.jpg)

I'm just tired of CGI in general.
>no live action Captain Underpants movie starring Jason Alexander That movie had no reason to be animated at all. Would have been great in live action, with only George and Harold's comics being animated.
>Captain Underpants gets more love and care put into its movie than Tom and fucking Jerry Jesus this looks like hot garbage, it's hard to believe this same studio was responsible for something as visual stunning as the Lego Movies, what the hell happened? I expect the new Space Jam to look even worse if this is the example of how this studio combines animation and live action.
>>7220 (OP) (OP) I always thought the Peanuts movie had good CGI designs, at least they're not ugly to look at. AND GOOD LORD, IT DOES LOOK LIKE GAMECUBE TEXTURES. I never understood why the Scooby-Doo movies 2009-2018 got so much budget and effort from Warner Brothers and their production team respectively but Tom & Jerry get shit on by a curve in the cold of winter Seriously though, the DTV Scooby movies 2009-2018 have some of the best western animation I've seen outside of theater.
>>7220 There's no way this is real, looks like absolute garbage. Welll... At least they got the humor right, there isn't a single T&J adaptation for like the last 50 years that got the humor right.
>>7220 >its the shittiest cell-shaded cgi since the Gamecube era The GC/PS2 game actually has better shading: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=yC2b83vtJ4I https://yewtu.be/watch?v=sjTVKi3Z6KE
We sure this isn't just a promo made by some backwater company in Latin America for CN?
>>7244 Even if this was just a promotion, they would never use something so cheap looking for a franchise like tome and jerry. Just look at the top cat movie aimed at a latin american audience.
>>7222 I don't mind CGI but I hate that it usurped 2D. Same thing that happened with claymation. It always happens when new tech gets invented. The old way gets overshadowed by the new hottness that it gets run into the ground. Then we have to relearn the old ways after some decade of absence because it starts to become unique again in a sea of sameness. Why is it so hard to have options in what you can do in a medium? There just seems to be an active effort to destroy the old way of doing things instead of combining old and new techniques when it best fits the story.
>>7261 Most animated movies are commercials, so they trend to focus on the stuff people likes rather than what the director or the animators wants. Try with indie instead
>>7261 >The old way gets overshadowed by the new hottness that it gets run into the ground. Then we have to relearn the old ways after some decade of absence because it starts to become unique again in a sea of sameness. Why is it so hard to have options in what you can do in a medium? More often than not, the hacks doing these projects never knew the old ways to begin with.
>>7261 The general audience at least in the West just doesn't want to spend money on 2d films. They see cgi as something far more worthwhile if they decide to spend $10 on a movie ticket.
>>7220 >Captain Underpants Daily reminder that the blonde kid grows up to suck dick.
>>7318 Aw damn it and George is a race mixer too. What a shame.
>>7318 why is the gay family sad?
>>7324 Harold realizes he's made questionable life decisions.
Oh god, it is gamecube level of graphics.
>>7220 >>7341 Who asked for this? Was there really a huge push to bring back Tom & Jerry?
>>7341 You can make Gamecube graphics work. The animation and expressions just look really unappealing. Despite using 3D animation, almost everything outside of neutral poses and expressions looks like off-model smear frames.
>>7368 The rocky and bullwinkle film from the early 2000s has more soul than this.
>>7341 The opening scene looks bad, but the rest looks kinda decent, I guess.
>>7318 >Harold is disheveled Perhaps he's considering suicide? George and his family look happy, but Harold looks depressed and his husband looks worried. >>7341 Visually, it reminds me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but without the charm.
>>7341 Granted, they're one step above the first movie in the sense that slapstick plays a much bigger role, but the CGI ruins almost every ounce of it in the trailer so they might as well not even bother.
>>7392 >might as well not even bother Thats an understatement.
>>7341 <Emma Watson >Haa gaaay guy >Token illegal immigrant It was a nice opportunity to have a crossover with The Three Stooges cast from 2012, the original films have a surprisingly amount of similar gags and both played The Three Blind Mice nursey song.
(211.14 KB 288x499 Kenan&KelWHY.png)

>>7220 >>7341 >make a movie is based around two famous cartoon characters <the movie itself is live action spliced with shit CGI instead of fully animated like the source material I will never understand (((Hollywood))). >>8224 That's not Emma Watson it's Chloe Grace Moretz, the girl who played Hit-Girl in the Kick-Ass movies.
Please, stop. Not Tom and Jerry, don't do that.
>>7341 It looks like they borrowed the models from the Tom & Jerry Powerstone clone. >>7248 At least they tried to make bearable compared to Tom & Jerry, for a third world shithole they do bother. >>8289 Oh yeah I forgot, Emma aged like catshit.
Just stay on Boomerang. Speaking of which, any favorites?
>>10089 I remember started watching it a lot when I was 8 or something which is weird because I wasn't into stuff from the 60s-80s, everytime they showed Scooby Doo or The flintstones on CN I changed channel, I prefered stuff from the 40s and 50s. At the time I got into Pink Panther, Rocky and Bullwinkle and Mr Peabody and Sherman, I still prefer any of those shows over any HB cartoon.
Wait the movie came out already?
>>7341 There are no heroes left in man.
So what the hell was the movie even about?
>>10223 >In Manhattan, Tom Cat, who dreams of becoming a pianist, plays in Central Park while his longtime rival Jerry Mouse is in search of a new home. During one of Tom's performances, Jerry picks a fight with him which ends with Tom's keyboard destroyed. >Kayla Forester, a street smart young woman doing odd jobs, while lives by her wits, ends up bumping into Tom while he is chasing Jerry. Looking for a position at the Royal Gate Hotel, Kayla is tasked with helping event manager Terence Mendoza to set up a high-profile wedding after presenting a stolen resume as her own. At the same time, Jerry takes up residence at the hotel where his regular shenanigans involve stealing food and items to ramp up his new lifestyle. >Preeta Mehta and her fiancé Ben, along with their pets Spike and Toots, arrive at the hotel where they are met by Kayla and Terence, who both greet them, unaware of Jerry stealing from Preeta's handbag. As the couple is escorted to their rooms, Jerry's presence is made known, which puts the wedding and the hotel at risk. Kayla offers to help catch Jerry without anyone knowing, which impresses Henry Dubros, the hotel's owner. In her pursuit to catch Jerry, Kayla befriends a bartender named Cameron. Meanwhile, a depressed Tom falls into despair until he notices Jerry inside one of the hotel rooms. An enraged Tom goes after him, leading to the pair fighting and wrecking the whole room. Kayla comes to check due to noise complaints, befriends Tom, and persuades Dubros on hiring him to catch Jerry, despite Terence's disagreement. >After many failed attempts, Tom finally succeeds in getting Jerry out of the hotel. Meanwhile, Kayla learns from Preeta that her engagement ring is missing and offers to help without Ben knowing, sparking a friendship between the two. Learning that Tom has gotten rid of Jerry, Kayla celebrates with Cameron and Tom, and the latter plays a song on the piano to impress Toots. However, Jerry returns and reveals to Kayla that he had Preeta's ring with him and agrees to give it back to her if she lets him stay. Before Kayla can agree, Terence returns from walking Spike. Jerry hides in Kayla's coat pocket, sparking a chase during which Spike, Tom, and Jerry demolish the hotel lobby. >Terence is put on leave, while Kayla takes over as event manager for returning the ring stolen by Jerry. To prevent any more of Tom and Jerry's shenanigans risking the wedding and thus her job, Kayla tells them that they have to get along and spend the whole next day far away from the hotel if they want to stay, to which they agree. Tom and Jerry bond during their trip, but unfortunately are taken to a pet compound after they inadvertently disrupt a baseball game. >A vengeful Terence visits Tom and Jerry in their cell, and he tells lies about the duo, angering them both. At the start of the wedding, Terence incites Tom and Jerry to fight, which ultimately results in the rest of the hotel getting wrecked, the wedding ruined, and Kayla leaving in shame while Tom is physical kicked out by Terence. Knowing that it is their fault the wedding was ruined, Tom and Jerry finally put their differences aside and work together to fix up everything. They pursue Preeta on an electric skateboard and aerial drone and lure her to Ben, which results in the wedding being held at Central Park, better than originally planned. Preeta and Ben open up with each other, while Kayla, along with Linda Perrybottom, the woman from which she took the resume, get jobs at the hotel. As the film ends, the wedding continues until a mishap caused by Jerry reignites his longtime battle with Tom. >In a post-credits scene, Ben finds he is being charged full-price for both weddings. Yes I copypasted it from Wikipedia. No I'm not telling you what happened in it myself I stopped watching the moment it started getting live action actors involved and pretended we would give a shit about them.
>>10224 One would think that the “live action interacting with animated characters” thing would have petered out. I mean, you have Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit as your two hits, but along side that you have stuff like Looney Tunes: Back in Action.
>>10226 Don't forget we're getting that Space Jam sequel with a titless Lola.
>>10226 >Looney Tunes: Back in Action. That was actually rather decent. If you want to point at terrible live-action films that incorporated animated characters, there's Cool World and The Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie.
>>10232 >>10226 Oh, and Re-Animated. That was another terrible one.
>>10232 Don't forget that Woody Woodpecker movie.
>>10224 I hadn't plan on watching it when the movie was first announced. So far, Ronal the Barbarian is the only good CGI film I've bothered to watch when new.
>>10229 Why was Lola even conceived? I'm fairly sure there were other female characters that could've took her place instead. Like the exorcised duck woman from Daffy Duck's Ghost Hunting video casette.
>>10243 Fresh and sexy reasons.
(47.70 KB 640x360 hope_gone.jpg)

>>10243 >Why was Lola even conceived? Because sexy rabbits are a shortcut to success when making an animated motion picture.
>>10243 Feminism. They needed to have a girl to be better than all the boys or else feminists would get mad. But it was still better than today, so at least she didn't have to be made ugly on purpose. >>10232 Cool World is cool. I don't know what you're talking about. The story is a bit rushed, but has a cool concept. But the real reason to watch is for the visuals, which are very cool. I keep saying cool but that really is the best word for the movie. Back In Action is also good and very underrated, though. A lot better than Space Jam. Space Jam 2 is gonna bomb anyway since I'm pretty sure the resurgence it's had in the last decade is purely people pretending to love it ironically, because it's actually so fucking stupid.
>>10243 >Why was Lola even conceived? Because sex and new stuff sells. >>10249 >Character exist just for the sake of making people hard <Feminism
>>10250 Bugs Bunny: "Well, doc... If you want to be technical, you could say that she was conceived to be our psychological advantage, with her voluptuous bosoms and peach shaped derriere."
>>10250 Theoretically speaking, executives wanted them to include a female character for the sake of diversity, from that point they didn't give a shit on her design until 25 years now. Can't wait for them to bring back one of the forgotten black characters with a new redesign, voiced by a colored fella'.
>>8289 CGIshit doesn't have unions, hence why everything is CGIshit these days.
(21.11 KB 400x496 smug wonderloli.jpg)

>>19816 How would a modern Tom & Jerry shit even be made today? Full 2d handrawn animation with no-no levels of slapstick and fitting orchestral music is something no studio no publisher wants to do. Closest I can think of is albinoblacksheep animations with much more talented artists
>>19818 >How would a modern Tom & Jerry shit even be made today? By making it.
(602.29 KB 1866x1809 lf.jpeg)

>>19818 1. See >>19819 they are still making Tom & Jerry cartoons. 2. If you specifically referring to classic Tom & Jerry. Those were made exclusively for pre-screeni before a movie. They died as soon as the silver age of cinema died and you got left with pic related. No one would field the budget for classic Tom & Jerry antics. There was at no point in time a Tom & Jerry cartoon actually made for TV that has been good. You got hoodwinked by IPs clutching and screening their IPs.
>>7220 >It's just T&J simple as that literally Cat and Mouse. 10/10
>>19819 >Tried to recreate the cartoons like if they belong to the classic MGM gallery <Budget cuts An attempt was made.
>>19986 the new baby block tom and jerry actually looked decent from the 1 teaser but if its just going to be toddler mindwash then most people wont give it a chance.

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