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The Loud House Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 04:18:17 No. 7348
Does anyone even talk about this show anymore? outside the porn It's still going, but It feels like ever since the creator got the shaft, there hasn't been much discussion.
Only the porn matters, and only of Lily.
(99.06 KB 280x345 Sam Hydler.png)

>>7349 >was gonna ask which one >see baby >nevermind
I've only heard that it's more than popular enough for a spinoff to show up, and discussion happens there. There's a recent crossover of it, although it's Coronachan themed.
>>7353 Was that before or after the creator got kicked?
>>7355 Certainly after, as that happened over two years ago. Whether it was his vision is beyond me.
>>7358 Could be both, though it wouldn't surprise me if the higher ups had hopes of replacing the original work.
>>7348 Needs more porn, i desperately want a "trainer" game set there, it's begging for it.
Savino's departure hasn't altered much because literally everyone else who he picked to work with him stayed behind. Also the reason no one talks about it as much is because the episodes have weeks long breaks in between every bundle released but don't let that give you the wrong idea, Nick renews a season right before the newest one ends, always, it's their 2nd biggest cash cow apart from Spongebob.
>>7382 >2nd biggest cash cow Im still surprised it became that popular, you'd think Tough Puppy or Korra would've been the shows to take that mantle but they didn't.
>>7398 You have to keep in mind that at the time that TLH came out it was the only cartoon that wasn't cal arts related thanks to it's style of animation with more outlines. While Korra and Tuff Puppy came out at a time when they stood out less.
>>7436 >While Korra and Tuff Puppy came out at a time when they stood out less. Those shows are far from being calarts both in direction and style.
>>7353 I love that cute lil brown spic.
>>7436 Nigga, I don't care what school the creator went to, but this show has one of the most generic visual styles I've ever seen.
>>7446 I mean they came out before Cal arts became the standard. >>7455 Yes but when it premiered it stood out. When Tuff Puppy and Korra came out there was a more diverse group of shows everywhere so they didn't stand out.
>>7481 >Yes but when it premiered it stood out. No, it didn't. Unless you're so autistic about it that you're one of the people that argues there is no "anime style" or something. I'm sure there are minute differences between a lot of things, but the overall style is still very generic. Also >I mean they came out before Cal arts became the standard. "CalArts" has been standard for decades, it's just that that style has changed over the decades. It's been an influential school for generations, and it's common to see that at least one of the popular styles at any given time usually shares creators pushing that style that all come from that school. The style evolves, but it remains.
>>7489 >The style evolves, but it remains You dont go from well proportioned sharp outlines with varying amounts of thickness, to thin bean faced abominations made on a conveyor belt that is more of an attempted ripoff of the 80's anime look than a natural progression of previous CalArt creators. The CalArts of today is nothing like what came before, the institution remains but its now run by a bunch of self absorbed art majors interns whose own work is progressively getting worse. >>7455 The Loud House style is closer to stuff found in the funny pages.
>>7490 >The CalArts of today is nothing like what came before, the institution remains but its now run by a bunch of self absorbed art majors interns whose own work is progressively getting worse. Agreed. It was probably a good school at some point. Wasn't it founded by Walt Disney? But like every school, and like everything else Disney created, it got ruined by certain (((people))).

(363.13 KB 770x481 index.png)

(52.87 KB 773x536 hfdhgfgfh.PNG)

>>7491 It was founded by Walt Disney. It's quite depressing to think that an innovator like Walt would have a hand in creating an academy known for making the most cheap near exact same looking cartoons.His ashes must be spinning in his urn as we speak.
(151.01 KB 397x549 865927259.jpg)

>>7493 >His ashes You mean his cryogenically frozen head.
>>7493 Do you think any of them have actually read the books on animation put out by old Disney? The Illusion of Life and other things of that nature?
>>7493 That mp4 is beautiful. Back when animation still innovated. It's like seeing a piece of valuable history.
(24.17 MB 320x240 4 Artists paint 1 tree.webm)

>>7490 >>7493 >>7495 >>7505 Imagine asking CalArtists nowadays when asked/commissioned to paint a tree. You'd end up being blocked, or given something with little to no effort on display.
(35.91 KB 575x350 f.jpg)

>>7512 >asked/commissioned to paint a tree. Or something that has to do with their crotch.
>>7353 Is the spinoff any good?
>>7512 Got anymore Walt Disney videos? Or at least, a place where I can find them?
>>7897 It's more of a mixed bag than the show was, in specific too many formulaic episodes.
>>7902 So its just a carbon copy.
>>7937 Yes but with even less variety.
(215.07 KB 1280x667 the_loud_house_movie_netflix.jpg)

New promo image for the movie, which is coming April 8th.
>>9067 mmmh, ok what? why are they like that?
(1.18 MB 904x3392 pic1.PNG)

>>9067 What's the point of posting the promo image without the article describing the movie?
>>9069 The movie is actually a prequel exploring how the Loud's came from Scottish royalty. Which is funny because this trope has been dragged out long enough.
(3.65 MB 1233x4254 1526980628463.jpg)

>>7436 >calarts it's bauhaus
>>9099 >bauhaus retard Hang yourself
>>9099 >bauhaus <bolshevik <mixing it up with other art styles <ignoring it's mostly relevant to architecture How embarrassingly retarded Did someone said Bauhaus? https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=N8n6k8QcU3k
>>9071 I think the Movie is about them going to Scotland (rather than a prequel to the series) and visiting the remains of their ancestral castle and that promo image of the Louds in those outfits is either a lost portrait they would find in an antique shop or in a Museum while in Scotland of their ancestors or them doing a tourist/family style photoshoot outside a castle whilst wearing period clothing
The movie comes out next month
>>15839 We get a trailer yet?
>>20631 Incest confirmed.
>>20632 >The movie is actually a prequel exploring how the Loud's came from Scottish royalty. >Scottish >Not Austrian Missed opportunity.
>>20631 >4th pic >2 blacks and a fat iranian in crowd in Scotland I hate modern entertainment.
>>20655 >forgetting that scotland is part of britbongistan anon... that memory, we are worried, you know?
>>9099 Bauhaus it's very useful in engineering, especially used in symbology. Like the symbols of play, pause, on, off, etc. Or to describe certain devices on a diagram. In art is trash.
>>20711 i can see that
Apparently multiple boorus got nuked.
>>22689 Don't worry, they're rebuilding on a self-hosted website: https://loudbooru.com/post/list
>>22695 Yeah but it's the most bare bones booru I have seen yet,
>>22727 If you're talking tags, the original Loudbooru and ABMbooru (the ones that got nuked) were pretty light on that too. I think they're still in the "getting everything back" state of affairs picture-wise too.
>>22739 Plus they account walled loli too.
>>22746 Apparently they made it as lax as possible (no emails and no punishment for multiple accounts), they just needed a paper-thin barrier like how Acid made it impossible to access /delicious/ via address bar.
>>22739 >pretty light on that too it shows with all the porn they have been dumping on atfbooru, barely tagged shit that doesn't have the artist name even though it's clearly in the fucking picture.

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