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(39.36 KB 528x436 EnnGa3wXcAMLJDz.jpg)

Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 01:48:53 No. 7550
(189.91 KB 309x478 whyisthatathing.png)

(11.92 KB 257x322 T-Rex.jpg)

(54.00 KB 500x515 1449726546599.png)

>>7550 CG animators need to be shot.
>>7550 Looking forward to hearing about the nightmares caused just by the TV spot on Nick Jr.
(200.39 KB 960x1440 P186060_b_v8_ac.jpg)

Thank GOD the one PBS Kids show I actually enjoyed, alongside Liberty Kids, will remain untouched for generations.
>>7596 Dont jinx it Anon.
(20.56 KB 480x360 hqdefault (1).jpg)

Oh no no no no no
>>7550 >>7552 >>7553 >>7554 Never have i been in more agreement with the first four posts.
>>7554 I don't blame the animators, its the producers that think going full Alvin and The Chipmunks is a good idea.
>>7596 I didn't know anyone else remembered that show.
(17.16 KB 320x191 0.jpg)

(1.82 MB 1500x1500 1.png)

(415.05 KB 1280x1592 2.png)

(770.38 KB 2637x1873 3.png)

(19.71 KB 877x965 4.png)

>>7596 Just to spite you.
>fire Nah, I've played enough video games to know that you don't use fire on red enemies. Freeze it, or drown it.
Comes out November 10. Looks exactly like the type of story you'd expect from a hollywood version of Clifford the big red dog https://yewtu.be/watch?v=4zH5iYM4wJo
Why make a live-action Clifford? Of all things, why a children's cartoon about a big red dog that... does dog stuff? Every time I think I've seen the most hollow or pointless modern adaptation of something I just get proven wrong. What's next, a live action Simpsons movie? A modern-era Flintstones reboot? What's the fucking point?
>>18430 Money from a recognizable IP getting immediate attention for your cheap ass movie.
>>18430 The first live action Flintstones movie was good, though. So it can be done. Just not by the people in Hollywood now.
>>18433 >The first live action Flintstones movie was good, though I heard it was terrible, but then they fixed everything with Viva Rock Vegas.
>>18424 >draw human female features >put fur and fur colors on the body >add superficial animal features like whiskers, eats or tails >lmao you like the human female features? what are you a furry? every time
>>18436 Someone's defensive.
(1.74 MB 1305x1123 Cast off.png)

>>18438 I shall raise my mast proudly in spite of it being furshit.
>>19574 smaller bite sized portions of the screencap
>>18424 Imaperson would approve
>>19574 >>19575 Anon, where the fuck did you get this?
>>18424 >>19577 cuckchannel's /tv/ in a Clifford thread about the new poster that came out for this movie, it might be still be archived and accessible.
You need to go back.
>>19578 It is shockingly higher quality than the other /tv/.
(288.00 B 21x24 Screenshot.png)

>>19578 >You need to go back. You need to stop abusing your power, Cunt.
>>19575 >>19574 >>19578 This is so painfully unfunny, glad Frank is keeping you banned
>>19593 He does abuse his power, but that wasn't an example of it.
>>19607 i'm sorry, I'll never post /tv. shit or any screencaps again
>>19702 First off, how new to 8chan are you? Second, they don't call it "lurk moar" for nothing. There's nothing wrong with posting anything from cuckchannel its how you present it, especially when you come here thinking walking indoors with muddy shoes won't piss off the people that keep the floors clean. Learn to use the spoiler more and telll where its from in the first post, Anons here aren't as welcoming as others.
(3.06 MB 1013x1470 1635113095110.png)

>>19755 This is my 3rd post here, since I made 1 post in 2019, then two posts on this board & /pol/. I realized that some other people didn't find it funny when Anon asked "where the fuck [I] got this". I've been creating screencaps on cuckchannel since 2018. I'll be weary and post all cuckchannel related things under spoilers.
>>19574 >that jumbled incoherent mess >OP only guessable through context >bunch of replies to a post that isn't included >out of context pictures Has screencapping really become a lost art on cuckchan? How is that even possible? A child can figure it out.
>>19918 I made the screencap, it became too large to post so I got no feedback to /tv/ . I'm editing the screencap to make it less jumbled
Movie is out.

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