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Comics continue to embarass themselves. Starfire has a Gay Goth Daughter Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 00:02:12 No. 7688
https://archive.vn/Y7llr If that's not bad enough, it's a self-insert of Mariko Tamaki. Also, when has goth been in relevant recently? Goth is more like a 90s to early 2000s thing. Here is also the summary which is cringe. "From New York Times bestselling author Mariko Tamaki (Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass) and artist Yoshi Yoshitani (Zatanna and the House of Secrets) comes a story about Mandy, the daughter of super-famous superhero Starfire, and her desperate attempts to get out from under her shadow. Seventeen-year-old Mandy Koriand'r is not her mother. Daughter of Starfire and high school outcast, Mandy is constantly trying to get out from under the shadow of her bright, bubbly, scantily clad, and famous mother. Dyeing her bright orange hair black and sticking close to her best friend, Lincoln, Mandy spends her days at school avoiding Teen Titans superfans and trying to hide her feelings for the gorgeous, popular, and perfect Claire. And while Mandy usually avoids spending too much time with her alien mother, she's been particularly quiet as she's keeping one major secret from her: Mandy walked out of her S.A.T. While Mandy continues to tell Lincoln her plans of moving to France to escape the family spotlight and not go to college, she secretly hides a fear of not knowing her identity outside of just being the daughter of a superhero and who she will become. But when she is partnered with Claire to work on a school project, their friendship develops into something more and a self-confidence unknown to Mandy begins to bloom. Claire seems to like Mandy for being Mandy, not the daughter of Starfire. But when someone from Starfire's past comes to disrupt Mandy's future, Mandy must finally make a choice: give up before the battle has even begun, or step into the unknown and risk everything. I Am Not Starfire is a story about mother-daughter relationships, embracing where you come from while finding your own identity, and learning to be unafraid of failing, if it was even failing in the first place."
>>7688 >I Am Not Starfire is a story about mother-daughter relationships, embracing where you come from while finding your own identity, and learning to be unafraid of failing, if it was even failing in the first place." Sounds like it isn't about superheros then. Why did they bother adding superheroes if its not about them? it seems like a standard, "my mom is a celebrity story" otherwise. Oh I know, to make it stand out against the sheer ocean of my mom is a celebrity stories. >Also, when has goth been in relevant recently? Man of Shad draws a lot of goth and a lot of DC fan-art and I have had a strange suspicions that someone at DC, or that DC has a policy about keeping tabs on prolific fanartists, that has resulted in them keeping tabs on his art but not in the, should we send this guy a C&D way.
>>7688 Is Dick the father or is this creature the spawn of Raven’s demonic futa cock just like in all my Teen Titans r34?
(1.16 MB 1200x850 Ms Swan.png)

>>7688 She look-a like a man.
>>7688 >that wall of text >no arrows anywhere
>>7693 They had the decency to archive. >>7689 >Why bother adding in superheros Because otherwise it wouldn't sell or be publicized.
>Literal self insert fanfiction published by DC 80 year old comics publisher officially dead.
>Giving a shit about what DC publishes in 2020 That's your problem, OP
Only good thing about this is that Starfire is now a milf. Too bad it's probably not canon.
>>7711 Starfire has had a couple kids throughout, all with varying amounts of canon. >>7691 >Is Dick the father Typically.
>>7703 >They he
(41.72 KB 251x587 starfire_loves_dick.jpg)

Who is the father? What made Notstarfire hate dick?
(361.31 KB 467x700 aubeh-irhyb.png)

>>7719 Cool, but her face still looks like shit
(125.02 KB 2048x1145 EoMnngJXMAIMfHc.jpg)

>>7719 You cant fix ugly.
>>7719 Pixelate that face and she’d look like a Hotline Miami character.
>>7725 >Pixelate that face and she’d look like a Hotline Miami character. Kinda.
>>7688 Isn't everyone from Starfire's race supposed to be innately beautiful? The only way Mandy would make sense is if Starfire got knocked up by Penguin.
>>7734 It would imply breeding with another race would nullify any attributes associated with Tamaranian beauty. Kinda like with mules.
>>7734 >Isn't everyone from Starfire's race supposed to be innately beautiful? That was the original idea.
(6.27 KB 241x209 wood.jpg)

>>7688 >Mariko Tamaki was born in Toronto, Ontario. She is of mixed Japanese Canadian and Jewish Canadian descent.[2] Mariko attended Havergal College, an all girls' secondary school.[3] She studied English literature at McGill University, graduating in 1994.[4] Every time.
>>7737 Alien x human procreation is even more retarded than aliens looking superficially identical to humans, which was already nigh-impossible.
>>7758 Anon its a comic book.
>>7758 >aliens looking superficially identical to humans, which was already nigh-impossible. How? You know many aliens?
>>7714 >that Kingdom Come pic Which of these is supposed to be related to Starfire? Going from left to right, my guesses are... >??? Looks almost like Stripsey/S.T.R.I.P.E.S, but that obviously doesn't make sense, since he's already old in the present, and his daughter/stepdaughter is just Stargirl. Certainly doesn't look like he has anything to do with Starfire. >obviously Aquaman's daughter or something >Kid Flash/Impulse but a girl? Or just a fag? Bart Allen was always a bit of a fag, and this is what he looked like in comics at the time, but obviously he'd be too old in this future story >top half of face with a black logo on a white top that I don't recognize. Is this the Starfire one? Closer inspection draws my eye to some red curved line behind Kid Flash's chin, and I can't even tell where that is supposed to go. >red haired girl in a red hood. Speedy/Arsenal's daughter? He actually has a daughter in regular continuity, right? >Wonder Woman's daughter >Zachary Zatara >Batman >Phandom Stranger? Another one I don't know. >Jade, Alan Scott's daughter >some sort of future Wildcat? Or related to Mr. Talky Tawny or something. >white girl with armor and cyborg eye Uh... another Wonder Woman character? >old Green Arrow >uh... Mister Mxyzplk or Oberon but he got taller? >Tiger guy I always thought it was Mr. Talky Tawny but now I realize he's only wearing half a tiger mask, so it's just Vixen or Bronze Tiger or something. I could probably figure out a few more of these if I read the book again, but fuck reading anything by Mark Waid ever again. >>7758 Pretty sure in the DCU there's some sort of thing where humanoid races all trace their origins back to some primordial gods, justifying why so many of them are humanoid in the first place. I know there's something like that in Marvel too that's more important, but I'm pretty sure this is mentioned in DC occasionally, like in History of the DC Universe. I'm less upset about Kryptonians and Daxamites looking exactly like humans than I am about Thanagarians and Rannians also looking exactly like Kryptonians and Daxamites. Daxam was a Kryptonian colony, fine, and they sent Superman to Earth specifically because Earthlings looked just like Kryptonians, fair enough. There being two other unrelated planets that also happen to look exactly like this is where it starts to bug me. Even though they've also made justifications for why those two planets are similar to each other, they don't give as much of an explanation for why they're so similar to Earth. Also whatever Maxima's planet is, they look exactly like humans too. At least Tamaranians are orange and Malthusians are blue. That's relatively different, all things considered.
>>7788 >Which of these is supposed to be related to Starfire? Going from left to right, my guesses are... Her name is Nightstar.
Starfire's daughter wears a Wonder Woman tiara? Is this because of that shit where every female superhero ever trains with the Amazons or something?
>>7790 Well Starfire is a princess but its just a design choice.
Women always look like shit with He-Man hair.
>>7791 Is she still a princess? Wasn't her home planet conquered by a bunch of lizards and she was given to them as a slave to end the war?
>>7837 That backstory is straight out of a porno
>>7833 They make themselves ugly on purpose. They think it's edgy counterculture. You know, counterculture, that thing everyone else does because every major corporation and government tells them to.
>>7840 I think he was implying the OG starefire wasn't good because she had 80s glam hair. I could be wrong though.
>>7841 No, he was pointing out that Tomaki has the same hairstyle as He-Man, and since Tomaki is a talentless hack with no sense of empathy, she can only write characters based on herself, so she gave this character the same hairstyle as He-Man, too.
>>7842 ah, i see. I misrembered he-man's hair.
Something I just realized. Why does Starfire's costume on the cover look similar to her Teen Titans cartoon outfit.
>>7861 How many "young adults" will have read the comics? Though I will admit that it is odd, as anyone who grew up with Titans 2004 is in their twenties by now. Unless they want the Teen Titans Go audience
(954.97 KB 1668x2560 Amanda Conner Starfire.jpg)

(992.76 KB 938x1250 starfire by Elias Chatzoudis.jpg)

>>7863 >>7861 probably because it's her most recognizable costume aside from her orginal one, and even in a non-pozzed wrold they probably wouldn't go for her original costume in a series intended for young adults
>>7870 Now that's a sexy Starfire I can rally behind.
(192.71 KB 1737x977 EZEoVSGUYAA1zg4.jpg)

>>7870 > they probably wouldn't go for her original costume They've snuck it in a couple of time.
>>7872 That doesn't disprove my ponit. Sneaking it in as a joke probably has much different standards than making it her go to costume in a series/comic.
>>7873 point*
>>7863 >Unless they want the Teen Titans Go audience Im willing to bet its mostly this and they're extremely tone deaf.
>>7842 Honestly He-man fair doesnt go with anything, not even He-man.
>>7892 There’s only one character in animation who managed to pull off the pudding bowl bob or at least a variation. I swear I’m not the Gundam autist
(1.11 MB 1400x1000 Haman.png)

>>7904 I refuse to let a single autist ruin Gundam.
>>7904 >at least a variation. More like its own thing
(980.89 KB 1234x694 Revenge of the Newtypes.png)

(782.92 KB 1234x694 ple wants to bully Haman.png)

(833.68 KB 1234x694 puru 2 joins the game.png)

>>7904 >>7905 She deserves to be bullied
>>7688 >azn jeans are rea-
>>7688 Would they retake the apartheid topic, like they did with South Africa's?
>>7688 "mariko tamaki" looks like a white woman who hosts some stupid cooking show >>7692 top jej
>>7688 >Starfire has a Fat Gay Goth Daughter fix'd
(337.23 KB 623x624 ClipboardImage.png)

(135.16 KB 444x250 ClipboardImage.png)

(74.70 KB 343x250 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7688 >Also, when has goth been in relevant recently? Goth is more like a 90s to early 2000s thing There was that pastel goth trend going on in the '10 and also there was Monster High which was a popular fashion doll line and going to have a comeback soon. SJWs culturally appropriated goth and punk for their interests despite how originally these sub cultures/movements were anti-establishment and anti-censorship, meanwhile SJWs are the biggest corporate cucksuckers and censorship trigger-happy, not mention being hypocritical prudes. >>9648 They should've just outsourced it to actual Japs from Japan and not to corrupted westernized hapas. >>7758 >>7760 >>7788 <give a human a different skin color and eyes, call it an alien I hate this trope, it's so uncreative and lazy and just a poor excuse for 'exotic' beefcake/cheesecake. It's a lot more forgivable for character like Superman since he created in the 30's, far more iconic and not trying to halfass looking like an alien. Starfire could use a slight redesign, giving her more alien attributes while also maintaining her humanoid attractiveness. I wish there were more main inhumanoid alien characters screw human diversity, we need more aliens! , but not just by looks, also having vastly different culture and behavior. I think it would've been cool and interesting to make an alien Green Lantern sent to guard earth. >>7833 >>7842 >>7892 That haircut mostly works on slender people, of course straight hair looks ugly on fat people as it emphasizes their obesity.
(236.70 KB 328x515 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9965 DC universe is one of the few works of fiction where human like aliens actually makes perfect sense. Remember that Capital G God is explicitly canonical in the DC-verse and His works are so central to DC canon even the soulless, Goddless, incontinent, faggots in charge now can't erase that (The best they can do is ignore it and try to never mention it.). The agent of God's vengeance was a public figure during WW2, and the Spear of Destiny, which is literally powered by the blood of Jesus, has shaped Earth's history multiple times. It makes perfect sense that most sapient species in the universe follow the same basic pattern in a universe where they were made by an omnipotent deity in His image.
>>9965 They way I see it, if you want green alien women then have them be off shoots of humans. As for how they would have come to be, you could come up with any explanation for that. If your comic takes place in the distant future then its easy since you can just say they evolved from humans and/or were the product of GM. If not then you can say aliens abducted stone age humans and over time they spread across the galaxy and evolved/ were GM'd by aliens to be more useful. Or you could say that humans are the ones who offshooted from those green alien women,but that would be dumb
>>9968 >>9970 Ok, I can accept that it makes sense in DC universe, but it's still boring and lazy character design wise. >if you want green alien women But that's the point, I don't want that, I want something creative and innovative.
(103.68 KB 1200x675 alex 'lois griffin' borstein.jpg)

>>7688 She looks like Miss Swan without the hygiene.
(555.72 KB 1280x1024 Dora+7.png)

(39.64 KB 287x440 20-578038_0x440.jpg)

(164.01 KB 728x1130 lloyd christmas.jpg)

(35.05 KB 733x600 Velma-Dinkley-Pic.jpg)

>>7904 >There’s only one character in animation who managed to pull off the pudding bowl bob or at least a variation. Holy shit, how can one man be so wrong?
>>11433 >Smug Tina Nice.
>>11433 >Spock >Llyod <bob cut It's not even a bowl cut, just straight bangs.
So you admit you were wrong?
>>7737 Holy shit mules look fucking retarded
(441.35 KB 622x960 blk no comment.png)

(267.21 KB 585x420 blk barry rustled.png)

>>11502 >Holy shit mules look fucking retarded Are you saying that the cross between a beautiful, graceful animal and an ugly, worthless one that just happens to be breeding-compatible results in monsters?
(562.43 KB 807x627 goblina hello there.png)

>>11535 Admittedly, not the best example, but I can't find the blonde gal whose baby looks like Donkey Kong Jr. with blonde hair.
(62.87 KB 955x505 +.jpg)

>>11536 You mean this one?
>>11538 Hooboy, yes, that's exactly the one I meant. Thanking you.
(48.62 KB 1280x720 Dren_Splice.jpg)

>>11535 The kid almost looks like a reversed Splice creature but with thinning hair.
(83.49 KB 220x164 1613530878596.gif)

>>11547 The kid is just half-Klingon
(30.52 KB 714x470 traveler.jpg)

>>11535 >>11578 >Klingon Klingon my ass! Kid looks like it just teleported in from Tau Alpha C.
(272.43 KB 712x802 Saruman.png)

(64.09 KB 397x384 jem'hadar.jpg)

>>11535 >>11578 Now that I'm taking a closer look at it he looks like the babby Jem'hadar from that one episode of DS9 too. If he starts turning green and growing spikes it's time to think about late term abortions.
(2.90 MB 200x170 startrekjemhadaaruhuh.gif)

>>12758 >he looks like the babby Jem'hadar
(524.27 KB 530x387 dren.png)

>>11547 >Dren from Splice Tried to whack it her in the mating scene but I couldn't get past the uncanny valley of Adrian Brody's nose
(103.64 KB 1440x810 PR06.jpg)

(710.96 KB 665x421 leatherback.png)

>>7688 >that face >THAT HAIR Oh fuck, I just got it! She's trying to look like Mako from ''Pacific Rim!" Instead, she looks like Leatherback.
(569.63 KB 2100x3250 001.jpg)

(189.40 KB 2100x3150 002.jpg)

(444.26 KB 4213x3167 003.jpg)

(366.61 KB 2100x3150 004.jpg)

(470.90 KB 2100x3150 005.jpg)

>"this is the superhero coming-of-age story I've been waiting for." Are you ready for this amazing story, anons?
(636.93 KB 2100x3150 006.jpg)

(626.31 KB 2100x3150 007.jpg)

(1.05 MB 4200x3150 008.jpg)

(492.29 KB 2100x3250 009.jpg)

(589.47 KB 2100x3150 010.jpg)

Poor Mandy if only she had a family that understood her.
(639.80 KB 2100x3150 011.jpg)

(524.74 KB 2100x3150 012.jpg)

(512.92 KB 2100x3150 013.jpg)

(620.39 KB 2100x3150 014.jpg)

(643.88 KB 2100x3250 015.jpg)

OK, anons, I need a list of all the men that had access and made deposits in Starfire's reproductive system. Only YOU can solve this mystery!
(109.54 KB 900x891 4a6.png)

>>15891 This'll be entertaining alright.
(484.10 KB 2100x3250 016.jpg)

(488.32 KB 2100x3150 017.jpg)

(331.47 KB 2100x3150 018.jpg)

(526.34 KB 2100x3150 019.jpg)

(478.22 KB 2100x3150 020.jpg)

I heard that France is to die for.
>>15895 Why are you hurting yourself by posting this trash?
(1.09 MB 4200x3150 021.jpg)

(666.17 KB 2100x3150 022.jpg)

(673.33 KB 2100x3250 023.jpg)

(511.27 KB 2100x3150 024.jpg)

(704.25 KB 2100x3150 025.jpg)

She has the hots for a beaner. >>15896 Morbid curiosity and because I must share this dose of cancer.
(1.13 MB 4200x3150 026.jpg)

(666.93 KB 2100x3150 027.jpg)

(582.41 KB 2100x3150 028.jpg)

(644.17 KB 2100x3150 029.jpg)

(383.97 KB 2100x3150 030.jpg)

Step aside boys, it is women time to write stories!
(490.84 KB 2100x3150 031.jpg)

(525.59 KB 2100x3150 032.jpg)

(558.52 KB 2100x3150 033.jpg)

(413.79 KB 2100x3150 034.jpg)

(381.29 KB 2100x3150 035.jpg)

Poor girl, I hope she manage to solve all her issues.
(504.80 KB 2100x3150 036.jpg)

(456.59 KB 2100x3150 037.jpg)

(561.85 KB 2100x3150 038.jpg)

(566.32 KB 2100x3150 039.jpg)

(474.27 KB 2100x3150 040.jpg)

Anons, would you date Starfire?
(395.57 KB 2100x3150 041.jpg)

(474.44 KB 2100x3150 042.jpg)

(1.08 MB 4200x3150 043.jpg)

(566.60 KB 2100x3150 044.jpg)

(532.02 KB 2100x3150 045.jpg)

Poor girl, the only thing that really loves her is the bird. HOLD ON A MINUTE! She is putting a maskthingy on?! Why is she taking care of herself? Immersion broken!
(524.34 KB 2100x3150 046.jpg)

(638.29 KB 2100x3150 047.jpg)

(498.12 KB 2100x3250 048.jpg)

(581.50 KB 2100x3250 049.jpg)

(513.36 KB 2100x3150 050.jpg)

We are half way there, Anons! Stay strong, do it for Mandy! Even thought she wouldn't even care if you read her comic without paying.
(557.11 KB 2100x3150 051.jpg)

(675.07 KB 2100x3150 052.jpg)

(503.77 KB 2100x3150 053.jpg)

(606.02 KB 2100x3150 054.jpg)

(456.85 KB 2100x3150 055.jpg)

I'm not a grammar expert, but shouldn't the nigger say "Claire told us you're not going to go to college."?
(638.49 KB 2100x3150 056.jpg)

(534.44 KB 2100x3150 057.jpg)

(528.22 KB 2100x3150 058.jpg)

(551.82 KB 2100x3150 059.jpg)

(572.46 KB 2100x3150 060.jpg)

Isn't Starfire nice? She saves the world, but always manage to have some quality time with her daughter.
(623.07 KB 2100x3150 061.jpg)

(977.72 KB 4200x3150 062.jpg)

(1.39 MB 4200x3250 063.jpg)

(653.09 KB 2100x3250 064.jpg)

(493.33 KB 2100x3150 065.jpg)

The father was never present at any moment in Mandy's life. I think I know what the problem is.
(452.43 KB 2100x3150 066.jpg)

(548.33 KB 2100x3150 067.jpg)

(737.46 KB 2100x3250 068.jpg)

(438.36 KB 2100x3150 069.jpg)

(996.28 KB 4200x3150 070.jpg)

She is too cool for school, fake it till you make it, I guess.
(650.55 KB 2100x3150 071.jpg)

(620.24 KB 2100x3150 072.jpg)

(513.67 KB 2100x3150 073.jpg)

(520.51 KB 2100x3150 074.jpg)

(631.84 KB 2100x3150 075.jpg)

Nightwing's ass. I regret this.
>>15905 >people get cars for their 17th birthday I'm sure the authour of this did.
(369.78 KB 2100x3150 076.jpg)

(441.27 KB 2100x3150 077.jpg)

(492.20 KB 2100x3150 078.jpg)

(481.30 KB 2100x3150 079.jpg)

(504.02 KB 2100x3150 080.jpg)

NTRed by the TT, Mandy has a hard life. For someone that doesn't give a fuck about anything, she uses a ton of makeup.
(533.92 KB 2100x3150 081.jpg)

(643.45 KB 2100x3150 082.jpg)

(619.82 KB 2100x3250 083.jpg)

(406.05 KB 2100x3150 084.jpg)

(605.35 KB 2100x3150 085.jpg)

Oh no!
(730.97 KB 639x568 Charls Laugh.PNG)

>>15895 I love how these people romanticize France when Frog will spit on them and shove their unwashed armpit on their face for the simple fact that they're American, don't speak french and are politically correct insecure little shitbags.
(546.19 KB 2100x3250 086.jpg)

(902.33 KB 4200x3150 087.jpg)

(814.35 KB 2100x3250 088.jpg)

(463.68 KB 2100x3150 089.jpg)

(441.08 KB 2100x3150 090.jpg)

It is very frustrating that Starfire doesn't understand her own daughter, she should do better for her!
(540.08 KB 2100x3150 091.jpg)

(471.11 KB 2100x3150 092.jpg)

(466.16 KB 2100x3150 093.jpg)

(517.41 KB 2100x3150 094.jpg)

(572.39 KB 2100x3250 095.jpg)

If only Starfire wasn't a supersluthero, they would had a happy life.
(533.15 KB 2100x3150 096.jpg)

(423.13 KB 2100x3150 097.jpg)

(752.56 KB 4200x3150 098.jpg)

(507.26 KB 2100x3150 099.jpg)

(503.80 KB 2100x3150 100.jpg)

Mandy is more special than she thinks! Because she is a threat to a throne, can't wait to read the next issue!
(592.24 KB 2100x3150 001.jpg)

(618.64 KB 2100x3250 002.jpg)

(519.08 KB 2100x3150 003.jpg)

(539.66 KB 2100x3250 004.jpg)

(345.96 KB 2100x3150 005.jpg)

And the next Issue is NOW!
>>15916 Do Americunts really do use these hairdos?
(487.91 KB 2100x3250 006.jpg)

(1.15 MB 4200x3150 007.jpg)

(565.87 KB 2100x3150 008.jpg)

(637.37 KB 2100x3250 009.jpg)

(1.05 MB 4200x3150 010.jpg)

Starfire had a hard life, but Mandy has it worse.
(1.06 MB 4200x3150 011.jpg)

(728.54 KB 2100x3150 012.jpg)

(712.15 KB 2100x3150 013.jpg)

(674.99 KB 2100x3150 014.jpg)

(675.88 KB 2100x3150 015.jpg)

I don't know what the fuck is happening anymore.
(586.34 KB 2100x3150 016.jpg)

(722.78 KB 2100x3150 017.jpg)

(658.67 KB 2100x3150 018.jpg)

(433.95 KB 2100x3150 019.jpg)

(523.47 KB 2100x3150 020.jpg)

Is Mandy really like Starfire, Anons?
(1.82 MB 1796x916 I'm FatFire.png)

(584.23 KB 2100x3150 021.jpg)

(727.85 KB 2100x3150 022.jpg)

(607.58 KB 2100x3150 023.jpg)

(681.55 KB 2100x3150 024.jpg)

(518.93 KB 2100x3150 025.jpg)

Could it be?!
(1.24 MB 4200x3150 026.jpg)

(656.85 KB 2100x3150 027.jpg)

(795.33 KB 2100x3150 028.jpg)

(549.94 KB 2100x3150 029.jpg)

(505.40 KB 2100x3150 030.jpg)

She is EXTRA special!
(609.96 KB 2100x3150 031.jpg)

(505.42 KB 2100x3150 032.jpg)

(459.24 KB 2100x3150 033.jpg)

(500.38 KB 2100x3150 034.jpg)

(1.25 MB 4200x3250 035.jpg)

2 Million likes!
(568.15 KB 2100x3150 036.jpg)

(430.83 KB 2100x3150 037.jpg)

(554.38 KB 2100x3150 038.jpg)

(391.86 KB 2100x3150 039.jpg)

(742.33 KB 2100x3150 040.jpg)

At that moment I realize she wouldn't be using any cloths on. Horror, pure horror.
So if the theme of the story was being the daughter of a celebrity, why not choose wonder-woman for the mother? She's the most famous female superhero there is and the title would sound better too.
(638.47 KB 2100x3150 041.jpg)

(462.99 KB 2100x3150 042.jpg)

(553.02 KB 2100x3150 043.jpg)

(1019.33 KB 4200x3250 044.jpg)

(474.05 KB 2100x3150 045.jpg)

Mandy can do no wrong in her relationships. You wanna know the funny thing? That blackfire wasted her time with a genetic dead end.
(369.86 KB 2100x3150 046.jpg)

(693.76 KB 4200x3150 047.jpg)

(650.37 KB 2100x3150 048.jpg)

(467.36 KB 2100x3150 049.jpg)

(469.56 KB 2100x3150 050.jpg)

You made it so far in the comic, but NOTHING will prepare you for this! PLEASE STOP NOW, DON'T CLICK!
>>15929 >>15930 The most shocking thing about this book is that they let Raven & Starfire have exposed legs.
(279.64 KB 1600x1200 RCO052_w_1627402739.jpg)

>>15930 I feel sorry for Starfire and her fans. Thank you for reading!
>>15933 To think a japanese artist made this.
>>15933 >canadian jew >japanese el oh el
(170.07 KB 360x346 omega frog lul..gif)

(24.64 KB 450x350 7b3.jpg)

>>15933 >>15930 It's worse than I could have ever imagined. I seriously still can't tell if this is a joke or not because it's just so genuinely hideous.
(1.49 MB 320x180 klok_vomit.gif)

>>15930 DC wonders why their sales are dropping. But I'd rather buy a copy of Gotham High than this personal fanfic trash.
(8.44 KB 480x360 Kind of shocked.jpg)

>>15930 This whole thing looks like a Hallmark card for dykes with low self esteem and I got Hep-C by just watching snippets of the trailer on Jewtube.
>>15930 What a terrible story. Trashfire is a huge cunt to her mom the entire story and never gets called out for it or for how retarded she is for blowing up at Starfire for the woman just wanting to help her daughter figure out what the hell she wants to do after high school. And then Blackfire conveniently shows up to be someone Mandark can beat up in order to figure out that she has powers and can just be a superhero like dear ol' mom despite spending half the comic bitching about her mom being a hero in the first place. Everyone else is various shades of uninteresting and Starfire's the only one that looks marginally good in the comic despite the writing trying to act like she was the one in the wrong for most of it.
>>15911 >Frogs will spit on them and shove their unwashed armpit on their face for the simple fact that they're American, don't speak french and are politically correct insecure little shitbags. Isn't that just how frogs act naturally? It's why Japanese people go insane when they get to Paris and realize it's not what they expected, it's actually dirty and full of rude, uncouth people when it's not full of muslims/Africans/african muslims
(182.67 KB 886x1246 E7C00vqWUAkWSqH.jpg)

(514.40 KB 1062x1505 Ez0lr90VgAATfiU.jpg)

>>15957 Are you gonna storytime or does this only exist to blue ball me?
>>15962 He'll probably start screaming in red text to read manga without ever storytiming anything again.
(4.83 KB 148x154 Ock_Logo.jpg)

>>15933 >Canadian, Japanese and Jewish descent My sides
(121.16 KB 2100x595 654321.jpg)

(40.74 KB 300x100 321321321.png)

>>15918 >>15922 I don't know much about comics and only watched the Teen Titans show, but I do know that Starfire got the D while in prison. A mother wants the best for her child and Mandy being human is a blessing in disguise. Starfire not telling her what happened to her before she got to earth makes sense, because she doesn't want her to know about her horrible past, it would even play with the whole mother-daughter dynamics of them not understanding each other since they don't share their feelings or what happened/happening in their lives. Hell, Blackfire being there would mix well with the story, because she didn't develop her powers at a young age and since Mandy doesn't have powers, Blackfire would see herself in Mandy or something. This thing is 150 pages with 100 of those centered around high school and family drama until Blackfire show up. This shit should just set up Starfire and her daughter dynamics, showing how hard teenage life is and then she gets kidnapped by her aunt and truly show her how hard life as a superhero is and the tragic life of her mother. About Starfire's daughter acquiring powers or not, it really depends how you want it to end. Human life is the easy life, support your mother and be a good child. Superhero life is a hard life, but at least you have your mother to help you. Or something like that. Fuck, why am I so autistic?
>>15962 It's not out yet.
(474.28 KB 449x337 madtv miss swan.gif)

>>15933 >that fucking idealized drawing vs. the actual Tengu-chan. I've said it before and I'll say it again: she looks like Alex Borstein's Miss Swan character.
>>15986 >Dick stuck his dick in used goods No one the daughter ended up a lardass troll, there was probably some leftover dna from the jizz of some jabba the hut looking ay lmao
>>15999 Dick has been a man whore in the comics since the beginning. If I was in charge, Dick would only love Bruce & his brothers.
(60.53 KB 298x326 Nathan Facepalm.png)

>>15930 If you've ever wondered why SJWs take over things, isn't just because they're incapable of creating things themselves. It's when they do, they do so with shit like this. That art-style and self insert is so cringe it's just sad. Raven's design ain't bad though, I like legs and long hair with hood. >>15933 That's just shit cream on the top of this turd cake. >>15986 They just use rape as a cheap way to get drama and woman only trauma they can relate to. I think she and blackfire were kept as slaves before Star escaped Tamaran though.
(77.34 KB 600x842 Anderson.JPG)

>>16050 >Niggerpill is on /co/ For what fucking purpose?
>>16054 He got bored of being deleted in /v/.
>>16054 He frequently comes here now. Him and his buddies were spamming and baiting in the newgrounds hate thread yesterday. They came back again today to shit it and this thread up. Just report and ignore.
(298.29 KB 1600x1200 RCO052_w_1627402739.jpg)

>>15933 Got an update.
(220.48 KB 320x238 batmanlaugh.gif)

>>15930 >"What's your superhero name?" >"Mandy!"
(2.92 MB 540x304 wtf am i reading.gif)

Let me get this straight, Mandy is a lesbo cunt that falls in love with a popular beaner, then the beaner takes a photo with the Teen Titans making Mandy angry at the beaner because she hates people using her. Then after acquiring super powers, defeating her aunt in front of the school, the beaner confesses her love to her and Mandy hooks up with the beaner on the spot? Did the super powers modified her brains or something?
(277.81 KB 311x452 low res vomit.PNG)

>>16088 >Look how quirky and unique I am
>>16146 >Did the super powers modified her brains or something? Pretty sure it was the race-mixing that destroyed her brain at conception.
(355.99 KB 780x375 gsnk_disgust.png)

>>15933 >>16088 Written and drawn by Japanese women for young women...is this shit supposed to compete with Shoujo and Josei? Even the trashiest shoujo I've read is million times better for the basic reasons of not having ugly self-insert dyke and ugly art style. The closest things to be Shoujo and Josei in USA which I know of, are Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey which are basically non-drawn trashy shoujo and josei. I came to believe that the whole internet fad of mocking those shitty franchises was feminist psyops because god forbid there will be something made for women by women instead of preachy dyke shit. >>15907 >Nightwing's ass Looks like a woman's, in fact he looks like a tranny dwarf. >>15957 I hope to see more outsourcing to Japan.
>>16238 >Looks like a woman's, in fact he looks like a tranny dwarf. Another self-insert, I guess?
(111.81 KB 515x285 lets-learn-japanese.jpg)

>>16238 >Written and drawn by Japanese women for young women But why is it only in English?
I need moar rule 34 on this bitch. I am a habitual 18-19 slam pig fucker
(23.40 KB 444x322 Ed 1494188258215.jpg)

>>15933 >Commiefornia Leaf immigrant Oh,
(365.13 KB 300x169 communitydeanawaken.gif)

>>16414 Don't... don't do that.
>>16414 Yeah Fuck that pig.
>>16643 I've seen legit goblins that look more attractive.
>>16644 InCase does draw some alright short green elves.
>>16644 I've seen Pig people more attractive than her. This thread is about her comic though not Emelie.
>>16643 Ooh-la-la. A jelly, wobbly, fat, frumpty, dumpty.
>>16649 It's hot because less attractive girls are more receptive and the level of chunkiness arouses a primal sense of attraction to developmented birthing assets
>>16414 >>16643 Im sure someone will eventually start throwing money at every known shortstack artist to make more porn of her.
>>17021 Good lord, why?
>>17026 because i hate this board and everyone in it
(35.48 KB 446x559 Penguin.jpg)

>>17021 We have a lewd thread where you can post this shit, you know?
(92.25 KB 400x300 kXjJXmZ.jpg)

>>17021 Stuff like this only helps to advertise Miss Teriyaki's shitty comic.
(263.07 KB 460x366 dubs happy.png)

(102.64 KB 255x137 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17048 oh nooo, guys, listen, we cant go around advertising shitty comics! that could affect the industry as a whole! what if every comic was shit like her comic? whatever would we do if western comics suddenly turned into creatively bankrupt, pozz loaded, absolute fucking garbage only read by manchildren incapable of letting go of their childhood at age 40?
>>17021 Accurate jewish behaviour
(222.15 KB 381x333 2264637347256.png)

>>7716 >he IT.
>>15930 What the fuck this isn't porn
so wait, the whole thing is a woman in her 40s with prevalent mother issues self inserting as a teenager daughter of a "known" heroine for... what for?
>>17188 If I was a fat woman in her 40's, I'd do this to rub my pussy to the porn horny nerds would make of me.
(225.16 KB 679x697 5645622.png)

DC's I Am Not Starfire Soars Above and Beyond Expectations https://archive.md/SNJ9w >DC has been making waves in the comics industry with its series of Young Adult graphic novels, and its latest entry, I Am Not Starfire might be one of their best yet. >Though the final book does have some minor flaws, the resulting graphic novel is emotionally honest and relatable in a way that most superhero stories aren't. >She oscillates from angry, to sensitive, to tough in a way that feels authentic and earned. While some might find her whiny, the story gives more than enough justification for her being the way that she is. >It's hard to really blame Starfire or Mandy for their actions
>>17471 A biased as fuck shilling is nothing new.
(312.17 KB 1916x1320 amazon reviews.jpg)

>>17471 Ah, yes. One of their best for sure.
>>17471 Nigger, you're clearly dazed, confused, and high as fuck.
>>17471 Well, it's about the time to add another tick on the "kill yourself-o-meter". I't's all bullshit though.
>>7688 What is this style? Pic related. Where you "draw" clip art, angela anaconda, and piece it together looking worse than low tier web comics? Do you have a name for it? This one, for some reason, really got my shit twisted. What the fuck is going on in this picture? Is she running? Is she turning her head so fast that her hair swoops like that? It's a fucking mess, there is no sense of motion at all. It has worse kinetics than a photograph of an event like this. This is basic art school stuff, right? These people should know better, right?
>>17945 >>17946 Seems like posting pictures from tor is "strikt verboten". It's ok, we can live with that.
(58.74 KB 647x1024 1623807058479.jpg)

>>17471 This is just a critic talking about liking it retard. Nowhere in this article are sales figures mentioned. "Above and beyond expectations" with no attached "sales" or "popularity" is just the author saying "this book was far better than I thought it would be".
(68.17 KB 700x674 carlos smug frog.png)

>>15930 I guess now that she's joined, they'll have to change their name to the TON Titans!
>>15924 >fat fuck >powerblasts look like farts Take bets on whether the artist laughed sneaking this past the writer or they were both this oblivious.
>>15924 Why the hell does Darkfire have a jewnose?
(130.84 KB 980x551 israeli waifu.jpg)

>>18185 They don't call her Starfire for nothing.
>>20425 David Starfire debunks South Africa's apartheid and starts a killing spree with her Treblinka candles on islamic states.
Reminder that Starfire is canonically (half?) Ashkenazi. Do not fall for the orange khazar milkers. Praise goth tiddy instead.
>>20530 >Reminder that Starfire is canonically (half?) Ashkenazi. ... Please tell me you're joking.
(491.08 KB 1239x755 6 gorillion tortoises.jpg)

>>20591 Most comic authors have a hard on for Hitler after it was confirmed he left no trace to the Bolsheviks after WW2.
>>17471 >While some might find her whiny, the story gives more than enough justification for her being the way that she is. I'm pretty sure a lot more than "some" would find her whiny. I can't even get through the whole thing because all she fucking does is whine about everything. Also her self entitled pretentious bullshit makes her completely unlikable, like expecting to move to France without a fuck ton of money and while being a fat piece of shit that doesn't work or expecting a car for her birthday.
(241.69 KB 341x313 Screenshot.png)

>>20723 Yeah, that's nothing new, though. I want to know about the canon half ew-jay thing. >>20731 >like expecting to move to France without a fuck ton of money and while being a fat piece of shit that doesn't work or expecting a car for her birthday. Her mom's a famous model and superhero. I've met a couple of rich kids who expect, and receive, just that kind of reward for being a lump. It's pretty horrifying that Mariko Terriaki fantasizes about this scenario. "Why do I have to write comic books?! Why can't I just keep eating until I fill an entire room with my protoplasmic girth?!"
>>7688 >I am NOT Starfire Why would anyone care who or what she is?

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