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(1.95 MB 3826x2542 bg.png)

(1.04 MB 1728x1200 co tans 2-2.png)

/co/ Christmas card 2020 Anonymous 12/06/2020 (Sun) 15:21:49 No. 7853
We've given our thanks and weened our hallows, so it's time for our last annual tradition: the /co/ Christmas card! If you don't know what this is: congratulations, you're probably the board's last newfag. We make an overview of notable comics, cartoons, and events relating thereto or to the board, of the past year, and submit (preferably backgroundless) pictures of characters from said media to be put in a collage. The result will be posted on various to be selected boards on Christmas Day. Suggestions are welcome, submissions all the more. Feel free to also mention what boards you'd like to receive the card.
Previous years' cards for reference.
>>7853 The typical snowy house has been used enough already. How about we go for a more island theme? I remember how someone called 8moe a string of tiny islands and the BO has that image with /co/ and co. stranded on a tiny island.
(285.43 KB 1037x1046 index123.png)

(29.08 KB 1024x576 index.jpg)

(438.91 KB 640x630 index32432.png)

How about Covid-chan laughing at a depressed Mickey Mouse to represent Disney's finacial troubles this year.
>>7855 Considering how many deaths and cancellations there were this year, a cemetery would be more appropriate.
(366.92 KB 927x655 ClipboardImage.png)

Is /co/nner for cuckchan only?
>>7860 How much of a fucking newfag are you, he was originally apart of infinty-verse 8/co/'s version of the /co/-verse and briefly used as a tan when /co/ was still stuck deciding what their board-tan looked liked. When the infinty-verse collapsed a couple Anons declared him dead and the other four remained.
>>7862 yeah but what if booster /co/ld comes back from the future in order to save him from death
>>7865 >booster /co/ld Who? The fuck are you talking about?
>>7855 I don't mind switching it up, but I worry that a tropical island wouldn't properly convey "Christmas". >>7859 Same as above. Acknowledgement is fine, but it's still a Christmas card, not an All Souls' Day card. >>7860 More like we have no drawfags to draw a new pic with all 5 of them, so we have to make do.
>>7869 > tropical island wouldn't properly convey "Christmas". I beg to differ.
(2.66 MB 1920x1080 v1.png)

Alright, a first version. I'm thinking of putting in a sad Scooby-Doo as well since both creators died this year, but I don't want the card full of negativity. Anyone remember any good stuff that happened this year?
>>7910 At this point people should start listing everything that's happened.
>>7910 Could you post the original back ground image?
>>7910 If we're going with an island theme, then lets have a Christmas lūʻau with the top 25 boards. or at least the ones that have a tan or can be represented by something simple. >>7910 >>7911 Other than the comicbook industry finally collapsing and multiple deaths there was. >Primal >Infinity Train >Ducktales dying >Jack getting his good ending (in a video game) >Steven Universe canceled* >Power Ranger comcs still going >cal arts Toucan Sam >DC Fandome >She-Ra canceled >mao mao still going >5G becoming a semi-canon cluster fuck >Usagi Yojimbo getting the Netflix treatment >Dan Slott getting shit on* >Roosterteeth dying >Star Wars stuff >Chinese nigging >Synder cut >Marvel's Avengers Video Game bombing >IDW dying >Genndy getting more work >Tom (toonami) getting cucked >The abomination known as Magical Girl Friendship squad >Death of Comic Con >Adult Swim cucking >Venture Bros cancelled >Dragon Prince? >Dynamite cucking >Batwoman blackd >The New Warriors cancer >Diamond burning >Thundercats Roar dead That's all I could come up with, I'm sure there's more.
(964.66 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7916 Mike Tyson Mysteries got cancelled too. We could include hot cop from Scoob! too.
>>7916 You forgot >Disney hemorrhaging money >Live action Mulan flopping, even in China.
>>7916 > the top 25 boards As though that matters when only 5 of them have any activity And only 1 has substantial activity
(234.96 KB 2000x1333 3309917.jpg)

(2.62 MB 2000x1333 3309917.png)

>>7934 Anon where's your Christmas spirit, dont be such a Scrooge. >>7910 I also found that original background, I also gave it a nice touch up because it looked so dull.
(321.76 KB 1920x1080 tropical.png)

>>7912 Here, but I see >>7935 already had you covered. >>7916 I'd prefer not to involve other board-tans. This is the /co/ Christmas card, it should focus on /co/ and /co/ events. If someone wants to make a global 8chan card, /b/ or an equivalent thereof would be a better place to do it. Otherwise, lots of good suggestions. I'll see if any useful images can be found. Wow, there really have been lots of deaths and cancellations this year, haven't there?
>>7943 >I'd prefer not to involve other board-tans. I disagree the whole switching from 8kun to 8moe warrants some reference.
(25.39 MB 12146x8096 co_XMAS 2020_MAIN.png)

>>7944 >>7943 I gave it a shot, just highlighting what happened this year. I made sure to leave plenty of room for other stuff too.
(23.05 MB 12146x8095 EX LARGE_Test.png)

>>8008 I'll upload my raws tomorrow, they're all currently a mess. For now have an enlarged island with the crashed ships. It was just easier making the main background image as large as possible so lower quality pics that get added wont be compressed to hell.

(475.94 KB 800x800 8T6ye3qaTE.png)

(9.68 KB 464x608 9tzer7bjc.gif)

(27.63 KB 300x250 cafe.png)

(590.45 KB 1000x1300 moe.png)

(123.92 KB 620x845 cia.png)

(356.34 KB 860x764 Tengu.png)

(635.76 KB 1440x1080 Tank.png)

(230.33 KB 619x640 smug boat.png)

(206.60 KB 1920x1200 pain anon.png)

(231.59 KB 600x650 Mark.png)

(109.15 KB 518x1073 island-clipart-christmas-19.png)

(424.58 KB 787x1759 hyper2.png)

(368.02 KB 800x1066 fat.png)

(65.56 KB 899x1023 ClipartKey_358726.png)

(571.71 KB 805x644 clipart849333.png)

(2.77 MB 4409x6299 dud.png)

(1.94 MB 1920x1080 Crashed ship.png)

(128.64 KB 612x437 big boat.png)

(67.52 KB 2000x1450 latest.png)

>>8020 >>8009 These are the raws Ive used so far.
(2.34 MB 1920x1080 v2.png)

>>7918 I've been looking around for a fullbody render of >her, but without any luck. Unless someone else can supply one, I'll look for a Scoob or Dick render instead tomorrow. >>7944 I disagree. Shifting the scenery to a tropical island is reference enough. And imageboard events, even if they affect this board, are beyond the scope of the card anyway. The focus is on cartoon and comic happenings of the past year.
>>8027 >Shifting the scenery to a tropical island is reference enough Not really, unless someone is aware of the context, they're just going to assume its just a simple change of scenery. Especially when the card is meant to be passed around and shared with other neighboring boards that don't really involve themselves in /co/ related material. Heck there's still Anons finding this site after so many months and know nothing of what happened. >The focus is on cartoon and comic happenings of the past year. And the state of the board too, the card should encapsulate everything that makes /co/ special and how they view all the events that's happened so far. Also I think you should at least use the larger island background this Anon made >>8009 the Ashi and Jack image you used is extremely pixelated and indistinguishable.
>>8027 You gotta do something with Primal.
(26.84 MB 12146x8096 co_XMAS 2020_TEST2.png)

Added a pit to hell to place all the cancer of this year. >>8030 Done.
>>8079 I'll clean up and post the raws tomorrow.
>>8079 This one's just way too busy & un-/co/ related.
(524.03 KB 1135x922 Liberty.png)

(135.91 KB 340x492 loomis.png)

(5.72 KB 381x381 fast.png)

(36.60 KB 381x381 souja tan.png)

(207.41 KB 704x1136 sm.png)

(312.33 KB 1000x1000 tech.png)

(120.30 KB 1024x1024 ck.png)

(1.81 MB 4033x2479 bane.png)

(9.43 MB 12146x8096 pit.png)

(399.92 KB 960x540 Brock.png)

(782.80 KB 1024x1516 JACK.png)

(489.61 KB 960x480 primal.png)

(172.37 KB 800x800 PTS095.png)

>>8101 The raws for now. >>8088 Then we just need to add more /co/ stuff. Currently I'm counting 9 deaths just from going by the catalog, anyone know about any more?
>>8102 In addition to ones in the Catalog, Uderzo, Juan Giménez (most known for Metabarons), and Quino died too.
>>8102 Well Wolfwalkers just came out & it's pretty good. So might wanna see if you can add that somewhere.
>>8107 I liked the trailer for Wolfwalkers but in these modern times I am wary. Do the two girls become lesbians?
>>8109 > Do the two girls become lesbians? Nigger, shut the fuck up.
>>8112 So yes?
>>8109 No. They become sisters.
(26.78 MB 12146x8096 co_XMAS 2020_TEST 3.png)

>>8079 Posting raws tomorrow. >>8107 What's it about?
>>8144 Father & daughter live in a walled off city surrounded by woods full of wolves. The father was hired to hunt the wolves & his daughter wants to help. After sneaking out she meets Mebh, a wild girl wolfwalker who accidentally bites her. Turning her into a wolfwalker too.
>>8146 kind of reminds me of The Secret of Kells, but with looser linework
>>8144 >What's it about? The english colonisation of Ireland. >>8147 Because it's from the same animation studio, but Secret of Kells is about the viking invasion while this movie is about the english colonisation of Ireland.
>>8148 Neither movie is about those things. It's just context for the time period & background to the setting.
>>8150 >Neither movie is about those things Nigger, Kells literally has vikings raiding villages the hell are you talking about?
>>8161 But the movie isn't ABOUT the viking invasion, retard. It's a set up to everyone's motivations but it's not the central focus.
(256.67 KB 936x564 yani.png)

Made this to add on to the card.
>>8162 Meh, it's easiest to say and more exciting to say it's about the viking invasion rather than a boy helping and old guy to write illustrations for a bible.
>>8207 Whaterver happened to this guy. He had good intentions but it ended with the same three retards derailing threads ad nauseam, he didn't control them, maybe he just lost interest in the community or the hobby as a whole.
>>8249 But it's not accurate.

(457.98 KB 1211x881 SS.png)

(172.28 KB 534x499 bean cat.png)

(66.83 KB 451x350 mickey.png)

>>8144 Sorry for being late with the raws.
(154.99 KB 494x367 HER.png)

(235.12 KB 893x832 corona chan.png)

(59.36 KB 1200x1200 1200px-Amc_theatres_logo.svg.png)

(111.05 KB 750x500 mao mao.gif)

>>8261 have a stick piercing the head
(403.58 KB 1872x2520 iris vector copy.png)

(235.53 KB 404x700 Uderzo.png)

(672.59 KB 850x1077 Uderzo_1.jpg)

>>8103 >>8144 Here's Uderzo's full caricature and a cropped one. I think we should put him in since he co-created Asterix. I can clean up an actual photo if you think it would be better.
(401.02 KB 1754x1240 Team-Co.png)

(1.79 MB 1400x1806 co-ristmas_v1.jpg)

>>7853 Heyo anons, a drawfag from another board. Dropping these. Wishing you guys a Merry Christmas!
(6.23 KB 246x271 1389363539769.png)

>>8299 >a drawfag finally came.
(178.84 KB 744x812 ewrtertt.png)

(369.55 KB 1080x1080 2133233.png)

Made these two to add.
>>8299 Guessing this is the work of "rebekah", as the booru labels them.
>>8306 >Die Chink "Die gook" would be more suitable since all the ryona was made by koreans, but for thread purposes is more suitable, I guess.
>>8321 Nigger what? It originated in china you commie fuck.
>>8327 The original picture was "Die Korean" because korean Hilda fandom is filled with ryonafags, furfags and pedos.
>>8338 Oh I thought you meant RONA as in corona.
(28.25 MB 12146x8096 co_XMAS 2020_TEST3.png)

>>8107 >>8207 >>8270 >>8273 >>8306 Added. There's still room so if anyone has any last minute additions say'em. This is my list of those that passed away, am I missing people? >Dennis O'Neil >David Hemblen >Ken Spears >Chadwick Boseman >Joe Ruby >Joel Schumacher >Dave Prowse >Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón >Tony Eastman >Martin Pasko >Jeremy Bulloch >Albert Uderzo
>>8362 Should add Man of Tomorrow Superman somewhere.
(2.01 MB 1472x828 v3.png)

(337.19 KB 1000x1000 scroll.png)

Probably my final version. There's things I'm not crazy about (the list in particular needed to be much clearer), but at this point I don't think I can make a fix in time anymore. Things to practice for next year, I suppose. Don't forget you can still propose boards to send the card to! >>8028 >the Ashi and Jack image you used is extremely pixelated and indistinguishable Yeah, sadly Jack and Ashi end up pretty unclear at that size, but I think with their color scheme they should still be recognizable enough. Using a bigger card is useful during composition, but won't make a difference in the end when the whole thing needs to get scaled down anyway, since not all boards accept 20+ MB files. >they're just going to assume its just a simple change of scenery I've added the burning boat for more context, the smart ones should be able to figure it out. >>8030 Alright. >>8207 >>8299 >>8306 >>8362 Good stuff.
(18.04 MB 9109x6072 co_XMAS 2020_Test4x.png)

>>8366 >>8371 Sure. >>8373 I knew I was missing some people.
>>8377 Perfectly chaotic.
>>8373 >since not all boards accept 20+ MB files. Which ones because every board on 8moe seems to accept 30mb+ or the ones I randomly checked on. >>8378 It was a bitch getting it from 30.23mb to just 18. I had to go back and recompress raw files and minimize the size.
>>8377 This is great anon. I's also kind of depressing.
(6.53 MB 2553x1600 8chanmoe.png)

So, me and my niggers from /ac/ (hispachan's /co/) made pic related, I hope you like it and merry christmas!
>>8386 >hispachan >the site that helped cripplekike after he backstabbed 8chan GO FUCK YOURSELVES YA FILTHY SPICS
(15.22 MB 8459x5638 co_XMAS 2020_Test5.png)

>>8384 Added. Last call for any additions!
(24.85 MB 11278x7517 co_XMAS 2020 Finished.png)

The finished card!

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