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Civil War I and II Anonymous 12/15/2020 (Tue) 01:04:56 No. 8058
The dust has been settled for years, but now that the hype and shilling have all died out lets critically examine why the event was so repugnant to some people.
>>8058 You could try to put a little bit more in the OP to stir conversation, but many of it's problems stem from bad writing. Like when captain america gives his big speech to spidey about standing by your beliefs even if the world is against you and then a few comics later giving up because he thinks the people chose stark.
(669.66 KB 1169x1583 why iron man started a civil war.jpg)

(538.49 KB 1124x1436 iron man.jpg)

Looking back I think the first event was what ultimately killed Marvel for me. The day when so called Heroes attempted to arrest and murder their friends. All because Tony had some half baked idea that there was going to be a war and he wanted to stop said war by jump starting it instead. And in the end he manages to screw over the people who've fought with him shoulder to shoulder instead of stopping to explain his demented ideas because he was afraid of being laughed at. The sheer arrogance, a man who couldn't conquer his own problems 's sought to lecture his friends about his imaginary ones
In retrospect, I think Civil War's greatest sin is taking its false dilemma of a premise at face value instead of throwing in the usual twist (supervillain pulling the strings behind the scenes) to keep the heroes involved from looking like complete assholes. >>8059 >Like when captain america gives his big speech to spidey about standing by your beliefs even if the world is against you and then a few comics later giving up because he thinks the people chose stark That's a symptom of writers having to deal with the cards Millar dealt them. Imagine having to explain why people like Reed Richards and Tony Stark wouldn't just be pro-Registration, they'd resort to cloning a dead comrade and sending their non-compliant peers to the Negative Zone with no hesitation, and there's no way to keep them in-character without resorting to asspulls. You get shit like >>8060 , which hurts Tony more than it helps.
>>8058 Back in the 90s/early 2000s, Stan Lee made an online comic using Flash. It was actually pretty popular. One of the guys was a bull. I want to say that it was in Civil War I, when this same guy gets barbecued. He literally gets flash-fried on-panel. I'm sure that I still have the comic somewhere, but I cannot find it online at all. The death of Goliath reminded me of that, but this guy got it far worse. He got knocked into a gas tanker, which exploded on him. >>8091 I think Civil War was just half-assed. It started off pretty interesting. A bunch of dumbasses confront Nitro as he's sitting on a bench near a schoolyard. It goes about as well as one would expect. Then Tony loses his shit and decides that he needs to avoid a civil war by starting one. The super hero registry wouldn't have saved those kids, Tony just used it as an excuse. I have no idea what happened with Civil War 2, as I had stopped giving a shit prior to that. The one thing that still does piss me off is that the big 2 started to replace cheesecake with dykes.
>>8097 >I have no idea what happened with Civil War 2 It was Bendis' version of the Minority Report inserted into Marvel universe. Carol Danvers wanted to use precognition to preemptively take on villains, while Stark was against it.
(882.17 KB 1045x1606 Front line vol 3.jpg)

(825.60 KB 1050x1597 bantam.jpg)

(680.36 KB 1011x1567 aftermath.jpg)

(800.54 KB 461x714 Honestly it was in character.png)

>>8097 >He got knocked into a gas tanker, which exploded on him. Was it this guy? I never knew he had such a story behind him >I have no idea what happened with Civil War 2 Basically Ms Marvel finds an inhuman who is able to "accurately predict" the future. So she uses him about 5 times and each time everything unfolds as he predicts So she thought she had a 100% success rate to work with. So like the anon above said it quickly turns into minority report where she wants to stop crime before it happens. Even if that means curtailing all your rights and killing her friends. This didn't hurt me nearly as much because Captain Marvel as always been a sick fuck.So you yeah it seemed like something she was willing to do.
You know, people shit on Identity Crisis a lot, but then Civil War happened, and I guess it made people realize that Identity Crisis could have been a lot worse. At least the ways the heroes disagreed with each other made a lot more sense. At least it was a relatively minor villain who was acting out of character, and his acting out of character was actually a key plot point which was justified in-story.
>>8113 That's him, but I was mistaking the guy that got toasted (Bantam) with someone else. I can't seem to find anything about this cartoon. I know that it was on flash player, which used to have lots of games like King of the Hill minigolf. The cartoon was popular enough that it got its own float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I want to say there were three or four heroes. There was a blonde guy who could scream really loud, a hispanic guy who had a haircut like a bull, and a brown girl. I honestly don't remember what she did. They had gotten their powers together, and I don't remember the enemy that they fought. I want to say that new episodes came out every week. I know that I was able to find it online a decade ago, but now I can't find anything. I'll keep looking. >Captain Marvel as always been a sick fuck Captain Marvel was sick in his own way, but Carol is a sick kitty for sure.
Only good thing to come out of Civil War was dent in Millar's reputation. Before it, people sucked his dick and insisted that something like Wanted is a masterpiece. This started to stop soon after Civil War was done.
>>8159 Do you have any screencaps of this anon?
>>8171 No. It is pretty tough to screencap a trend that takes years of gradual change. If you look at his award nominations, they stopped after 2004, right around the time when the Road to Civil war was starting. Millar's project garnered less and less attention over time, and Kick-Ass was the last overall liked book by him. Other stuff was either ignored (Superior) or became internet's laughing stock (Nemesis). Then you have years of bitching about Ultimates, Spider-Man's identity reveal and how it set up One More Day, and so on.

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