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(5.83 MB 1920x1080 Untitled.mp4)

(6.15 MB 1920x1080 hello darkness.mp4)

(3.38 MB 1920x1080 adorabat's magic show.mp4)

(1.98 MB 1920x1080 THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.mp4)

(9.24 MB 1920x1080 I wanna be a hero NOW.mp4)

mao mao Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 01:21:42 No. 819
I will make some autistic observations in no particular order about cartoon network's relatively new show, mao mao: heroes of pure heart, which /co/, to my displeasure, has never had a proper thread about first off, whats this show about? a male feline edgelord with daddy issues from a family of living legends and his best friend, a huge male cyborg badger who always takes it easy when he isn't being criticized, they, after defeating a crew of sky pirates via. mishap, fly away on their flying motorcycle and accidently run into the then-invisible ruby pure heart, which partially breaks it and causes them to both fall off into pure heart valley, and causes the ruby pure heart's invisibility to permanently wear off, exposing whats basically carebearland to the vicious monsters in the forests surrounding pure heart valley, so mao mao quickly learns of this and becomes indebted to pure heart valley, where a particular sweetiepie(carebear) who wants to be a hero takes a liking to them and helps mao mao and badgerclops fight bad guys even though they told her to stay put, after which they let her be a part of the team, despite being 5 years old, and so the show is about them being the sheriffs of pure heart valley you can take this show somewhat seriously, but not completely seriously; this show usually puts humor first, and should be treated as such, although some episodes have plenty of entertaining non-humor for some episodes, this show bludgeons the plot of episode over your head, such as how badgerclops' friends are treating him badly, how badgerclops' refuses to believe that the crystals he bought don't prevent him from smelling bad and thinks that people only act like it because they envy his crystals, how adorabat shouldn't be trying to take shortcuts to becoming a hero, or how mao mao wants to prove that his sword doesn't suck; I dislike said bludgeoning, but I like most of those episodes anyway because of how they handle said bludgeoning the amount of toilet humor is low, but it exists, and not in every episode; it is sometimes subtle, and it sometimes is not, and its existence is one of the few things that I dislike about this show this show has plenty of continuity; for example, badgerclops gets the top bunk in every episode after the 4th one however, episodes 17 and 20 have their numbers swapped around for some reason; episode 17 is actually episode 20, while episode 20 is actually episode 17, due to how mao mao's friends act in episode 20 like they've never heard the name of mao mao's sword before this show has some sorts of character development: in some episodes, characters have an opportunity to develop, and they do in other episodes, characters have a clear opportunity to develop, and they choose not to and in one recent episode, mao mao has an opportunity to undergo character development, but only undergoes partial character development by not overcoming a fear of his, but finally admitting that he has said fear after spending the entire episode denying his fear adorabat, in episode 1, has basically no combat prowess, but as the series goes on, she gets better and better and better at combat as time goes on due to mao mao's training her, and eventually is able to deal substantial damage to a monster by herself, after which point mao mao and badgerclops, being somewhere else at the time, caught wind of adorabat being in trouble and came to help, then defeated the monster, letting adorabat get the finishing blow adorabat also becomes more and more violent and merciless as the show goes on, which doesn't seem to make her much less cute, if at all theres also some backstory to each of the main characters, and to the main villian also, this show has occasional borderline-fanservice, the worst of it(by alot) being mao mao, in the naked episode, falling from the ruby pure heart, making a hole in the roof of king snugglemane as he falls into his bed at night while the king is sleeping, after which mao mao immediately sneaks out of the room before he wakes up... but this fanservice is easy enough to ignore because it rarely is something that can't easily be construed as non-fanservice; in fact, the part that I'd described is perhaps the only thing that couldn't not be construed as fanservice that said, to those that'd care, I don't care for said fanservice, and I'd rather it not exist, but I like the show in spite of it how much poz does this show have? aside from the scene I'd mentioned just above, a part of a scene in a later episode that lasts for a few seconds, and the king being, I'd rather not use this word, fabulous, and showing no other signs of having the gay, this show doesn't seem to be pozzed also, theres an episode where they make fun of other cartoon network shows, mostly steven universe overall, I'd rate this show a 9/10 by early 2000s standards; you should watch it heres some .webms; the animation is pretty good
>>819 Good lord Anon, all you had to say was this show is good give it a watch.
(7.24 MB 1280x720 I Love You Mao Mao.webm)

>>823 It's good to see effortposts I remember saving a webm several years ago in one of the webm threads that had this. Didn't know that it got picked up by CN.
>>842 Hopefully it has a good run and not just get shafted like with similar action comedy shows; poor hero 108. It was meh but was never advertised
>>819 I cannot invest time to read that right now. But I have watched like 3-6 episodes and stopped with the giantism episode when I forgot about it, it's decent and worth a watch.
>>819 Good to know is good, I saw an ad witch was a parody of the Cowboy Bebop intro and I wanted to try it.
>>819 Might give this a watch.
>that episode where they shit on Steven Universe
(132.95 KB 1189x1200 1600442023339.jpg)

>>819 >Too Long Didn't Read
>>5180 It's a silly action series about a an edgelord, who thinks he's larger than life, that spends his days protecting protecting the world of Animal Crossing from various villains and creatures after he accidentally destroys their magic invisibility shield. And, it's one of the best shows that CN has managed to turn out since Mighty Magiswords.
>>5161 Is that first pic unedited?
>>5190 Yes, yes it is.
(911.03 KB 1920x1080 First kill.webm)

>>4526 Finished the first episode. Not sure I'm into this, but this part got a chuckle out of me.
>>5231 Four episodes in and I'm not really feeling it. It's significantly better than most other cartoons these days, but not really my thing. Are there any episodes in particular worth watching?
>>819 >Not using capital letters at the start of a sentence and periods at the end of a sentence If you're this subhuman your taste must be shit and so this show is shit as well.
>>5161 >First image I can't tell if they're mocking cal-arts shitting on that drawing of Spike, or celebrating it.
>>5253 It's modern CN anon. Willing to bet 20 bucks that it's spite. And if you ever get to point it out to them? They'll just say "LOL Y R U WATCHIN KID CARTOONS LMAO".
>>5231 >>5251 A lot of the episodes are hit and miss.
>>5251 Give episode 13 a try. If you don't like any of it, you probably won't get too much enjoyment from the rest of the show. Episode 23 is my personal favourite but there are a lot of great eps. >>5253 Definitely shitting. It's part of a sequence of lawlessness that ends with literal trash fires. >>5488 I'd say the show is closer in mindset to older flash animations than current year socjus freaks.
>>819 aight how many people want to fuck adorabat in the audience. because i really want to fuck adorabat and i havent even begun watching.
>>5801 well, show did have a teaser on newgrounds years before CN picked it up

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