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Christmas Thread 12/19/2020 (Sat) 07:34:04 No. 8202
Christmas is in one week /co/. How are you celebrating? Watching animated classics with family or just reading some Christmas comics to get in the festive mood? As for me I'm preparing to do a Christmas stream on the 23rd. Anyone wants to make suggestions to add feel free.
>>8202 My family doesn't watch Christmas specials anymore, so I'm just watching all the specials to shows I watched as a kid. Seeing as you're streaming some of them anyway, I'd suggest Billy & Mandy Save Christmas, and Spongebob. Maybe Fairly Odd Parents, Tiny Toons, or Animaniacs if you have room.
>>8202 I haven't been hyped for Christmas in at least 10 years, I guess it's the stains of time
>>8202 What time is the stream? I'll catch it if I can get off work early. >>8318 True. I never thought Charlie Brown would be relatable, but that's how I feel at Christmas now. >Santa isn't real, parents give less gifts as we get older >extended family gets older or busier, harder to get together >buying shit between work and college classes is a pain >family complains I don't ask for much anymore because depression >no time to just enjoy Christmas like we used to
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>>8331 Stream is gonna be at 6 pm PST. I'll make a separate thread for it tomorrow. It's gonna be about a 3 hour stream. >>8317 Thanks for the suggestions anon. I added the ones I could find decent copies of to the list. I'll add the other ones if I can find them in time. >if you have room Room isn't an issue with my stream. We use two lists, a movie list and a choice wheel list,. All new movies are added to the choice wheel list. You can vote for any movie on the regular list or you can vote for the choice wheel list which chooses a random movie.Anything unwatched on either list is just saved for next year. I would have posted this sooner but this new captcha testing made it impossible.
>>8333 Almost forgot to mention I'm gonna stream on vaughn.live so if you want to use the chat room you're gonna need to make an account which needs an email. Just make a burner email address and you should be good.
(94.33 KB 207x300 ClipboardImage.png)

Was the Grinch based on Grendel from the Beowulf poem? There are some parallels, namely being monsters who live in caves and hate the music of the nearby village.
>>8336 Now that's a stretch.
>>8202 No specific plans. I will watch /co/ streams and continue catching up on my backlog. Preferably going with winter themed books.
>>8202 >How are you celebrating? I am "celebrating" by thinking of how much I hate this board.
>>8388 If you hate it so much why are you still here? Do you hate yourself even more?
>>8202 where's the cartoon stream anon?
>>8569 >Christmas stream on the 23rd You missed it by a week, anon

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