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Just saw "WW84", ask me anything about it Anonymous 12/25/2020 (Fri) 23:12:39 No. 8444
Overall story: >A touching movie about a business tycoon, who built his company from the ground up, that's down on his luck >Tries to prove how great of a man he is to his son >Finds a magic item that gives him fame, fortune, and everything >Said item is a huge monkey's paw that ends up effecting everything and everyone else >Man realizes his mistakes and renounces his hold over said item >Reconnects with his son, admits his faults, and wants to become a better man than he was >The End It was a great movie touching movie. However, there are some obvious cons to it: <There were needless action scenes that didn't add anything to the movie <The characters of Wonder Women, Cheetah, Steve Trevor, and Linda Carter make appearances throughout the film, almost as if they play some role in the plot but they really don't, despite the entire story being about the business tycoon <There's no conclusion to the business tycoon's story, it just ends with him reconnecting with his son and then tries to make some random brunette guy and girl a couple because of their matching outfits I AM NOT SHITTING YOU! You could edit out all the action scenes and everything having to do with WW, and the film would not only be the same BUT better. I remember hearing that the original script was going to be MUCH worse, but it almost seems like they ended up grabbing the script of an unrelated film, slapped WW onto it, and called it a day.
>>8444 Did you really have to post this on /v/ or did you just want people to check those trips?
>>8444 it was utter dogshit go back to reddit, faggot
>>8444 Did you get you Trump cup from Carl's jr.?
(14.59 KB 300x250 1563424376489.jpg)

>OP WW84 is okay, despite being undermined by things like >Wonder Woman being camera-shy and going "this is a secret" to the kids she saves is weird but understandable until she turns a fighter jet invisible later on because Zeus powers. >Wonder Woman moving around Washington DC with her lasso like she owes Marvel money for it looks weird. In fact, I get the sense that the action scenes as a whole is inferior to the first film. Who the fuck did they get to do the CGI effects? >The film is set in 1984, and Jenkins couldn't cast a passable Reagan impersonator as the President? Strange thing to nitpick, but an oversight like that makes the time period feel like little more than set dressing and an excuse for a Linda Carter cameo Otherwise, the plot's emotional core (Monkey Paw wishes, how apt) is great, and the way Diana actually saves the day makes up for the end of the first film. Chris Pine returning as Steve Trevor is a good reminder of why Godot needs co-actors to make her acting bearable. Pascal's Max Lord chews up scenes in a manner that makes it hard for me to believe he's a Trump piss take. Wiig as Cheetah was passable, if only as a counterpoint to Diana.
Where can I watch this movie without HBO?
>>8520 I'm pretty sure there are already rips in rarbg
Movie was a total disaster. Men were treated like horrible rapist. Barely anything to support the reason why it had to be set in 1984. They even made the mistake of having Operation Wolf Arcade game from 1987 in the movie. They forced this monkey paws thing just to bring back Steve Trevor when they could've done something simpler like someone who happens to look like him with a different hair style. Wonder woman actually raped a man that Steve Trevor's spirit possessed and somehow the people praising it don't see the double standard in this. Very boring, very little action, bad cgi, and too long of a runtime for pointless scenes that could've been used for something better like trying to make the plot make sense. I think they spent most of their time trying to shoehorn references like Linda Carter and the invisible jet, rather than if it worked for the plot. Chris Pine and Gal Gadot were fine. The rest of the cast not so much and that mostly lies with the script. I can see why people bring up Captain Marvel because they share a lot of similarities. The renouncing wish thing didn't make sense since nobody would give up their wish that easily. Maxwell Lord could've been done better if he was fighting for custody of his son instead of whatever they did. I know I saw it yesterday but I'm beginning to forget most of the movie because it wasn't that memorable. Yet, they will still give Pattty Jekins a 3rd Wonder Woman movie because failure is an upward trajectory in Hollywood.
>>8528 Thanks. I watched it now. The plot was weak. The little asian kid was badly shoehorned in. The movie just ends abruptly with no real resolution. Some parts were quite cringy. Other than those factors, I enjoyed the movie. They could have starred a better Reagan actor, that's for sure. Now I am curious who this Maxwell Lord character was in the comics. I only saw him in some Nu52 comic where his power was limited mind control. >>8532 To be fair, Diana was under the spell only seeing Steve and he consented. It's like Deadman getting it on with his girlfriend. I liked the invisible jet part. At least we got to see Wonder Woman getting over her past when she learned flight.
>>8533 >Diana was under the spell Gonna use that at the trial I hope. That cast/make up for Cheetah was terrible, not sure why they just didn't let whats her name be her own unique baddie.
(115.94 KB 615x400 nice_retcon.jpg)

>>8533 >Maxwell Lord From what I loosely recall from the Identity Crisis event, Lord was a philanthropist who funded the Justice League, got fucked over by some shit, and got mind control power. He also orchestes some big dumb plan to fuck over the supers that makes the League question their morality(???) Pretty sure he made the original Blue Beetle commit suicide though
>>8644 >Pretty sure he made the original Blue Beetle commit suicide though No he went out fighting.
>>8726 Still went out in a retarded way to push some shitty crisis or another
(42.84 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)

>>8729 No, Blue Beetle went into the public domain so they had to replace him.
>>8726 >>8644 strictly speaking, Ted Kord is the secpnd Blue Beetle. Dan Garrett is the first

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