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(206.47 KB 1920x1080 smiling_friends.jpg)

(775.60 KB 1000x1500 WolfWalkers.jpg)

(38.02 KB 1000x600 primal.jpg)

Comic/Cartoon of the Year - Coronachan Edition Anonymous 01/02/2021 (Sat) 23:10:53 No. 8630
Even if there were barely any works that were released (let alone any decent ones), what would (you) consider to be your favorite cartoon/comic/animation in 2020? For me, the only good ones that I've watched were Wolfwalkers, Primal, and Smiling Friends. Couldn't find any okay comics, sadly - too busy laughing at the complete destruction of it all.
>>8630 Primal is great. It's got some animation & continuity errors but the fact it's not only an incredibly adult cartoon that isn't a comedy & does it all without the use of words is a testament to what the media can be. Wolfwalkers is just plain comfy. They do good work that really stands out visually. I hope both get physical releases.
(1.05 MB 591x819 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8630 >cartoon It got to be a tie between Mike Tyson Adventures and Primal. >animated films I have not seen many, but Man of Tomorrow was probably est. Nothing amazing, but animation was nice, artstyle was very good, and story was pretty good too. >comics Raven Tome 1 - Nemesis was my favorite. It's a French comic about a lone pirate down on his luck. Very good swashbuckling adventure.
>>8630 >Smiling Friends It's alright, never got pitched by Adult_Swim it seems, not hysterical as HellBenders but far more superior than Reddit & Morty.
(68.51 KB 1080x604 DCSHG.jpg)

>>8630 >cartoon DC Super Hero Girls, it's the only good airing children cartoon and the closest thing to 90's-2000's cartoons. The character designs are varied and appealing, the animation is decent~good; there's heavily use of motion tween, but at the same time there's still lots of stretch and fold it's so refreshing seeing a cartoon in which when the character mouth moves so does the chin. So for the most part I don't think it's really noticeable, there was only one time in the last episodes which it was clearly ugly motion tween with no modification. The writing is pretty good, there's only few episodes which are bad. It's lighthearted comedy with action and that's fine, not every DC cartoon have to be serious. Overall, it's very fun show and I wish more anons here would watch it so we can discuss it. Faust did it again! >Primal Started watching, barely reached episode two as of now. It's not bad by any means, but I don't find it impressive as many claim it to be and also the animation isn't smooth. Genndy reached his peak too early with Dexter's Laboratory, one of the very few cartoons with prefect ending and no Savino reboot seasons don't count. >Smiling Friends Bretty good pilot episode, although it felt like recycled Zach' and Michal' jokes dysfunctional white trash family- check, creepy and disturbing visuals- check. >animated film I really enjoyed Wolfwalkers, it did start very corny and cliched but got better as the movie progressed. I feared the movie was going to pull evil 'Kubo and the Two Strings' plot twist in which the parents die the moment they reunited with their children, but thank goodness it didn't happened. Also, the dad' character was annoyingly stubborn to the point of being plain stupid. >>8636 >Reddit & Morty Reddit&Memey is you want to be accurate. I actually like the first two seasons, season three was shit, season four is alright. Anyway, Bushworld Adventures>>>>>>>>>Rick&Morty.
>>8650 >is you want to be accurate *if you want to be accurate
Not even a question, 12 Oz Mouse. Half the cartoons in this thread aired outside of 2020 by the way.
>>8676 OP never stated cartoons that PREMIERED in 2020
>>8681 usally when someone asks "what's your [x] of the year?" it usally refers to things that premiered/relesed during the year.
(93.38 KB 800x1000 pixar.jpg)

Alright we should have other categories as well. Biggest disappointment of the year?
>>8695 >Soul It's hard to be disappointed by something when you fully expect it to be shit to begin with.
>>8696 Well yes, but was there anything you didn't expect to be shit this year?
>>8695 I like the crowd animations and character designs, but clearly Pixar made this because they wanted to earn SJW brownie points
>>8676 >>8687 >things that premiered/relesed during the year Well, those shows continued to run in 2020 and had episodes released so it's still counts.
>>8695 Pixar hasn't been the same since Lasseter left.
>>8706 You could say it's become soulless
(33.65 KB 600x600 Naamloos-2.jpg)

>>8731 You forgot something.
Having finally watched it, I think primal takes it by leaps and bounds. Flawed and has filler yes, but it tells a story using visual art and not bean mouths, builds to a climax and delivers it while being fucking gorgeous. If someone told me that the animator behind a lot of Samurai Jack and PP girls was going to show animation how to be well animate again, I would have laughed. Until I saw it.
>>8630 >wolfwalkers I swear the Irish can do no wrong when it comes to their animated films.
>>8819 >I swear the Irish can do no wrong How many animated films did they even made?
>>8840 Land before time is an Irish coproduction
>>8840 The particular studio, Cartoon Saloon, has done four. Along with some short films, some forgettable tv shows and some short films. >The Secret of Kells >Song of the Sea >The Breadwinner >Wolfwalkers

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