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(465.22 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_1.jpg)

(578.69 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_2.jpg)

(411.77 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_5.jpg)

(346.72 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_3.jpg)

(608.58 KB 1920x1080 long_gone_gulch_4.jpg)

Long Gone Gulch Pilot Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 04:27:34 No. 8850
https://invidio.us/watch?v=tmSx5Ywc_YI (also available on /co/ volafile) It's alright, although it's meant for a TV-Y7 kind of audience. I didn't know that it was a 2016 Kickstarter project; must have taken years. Best character is Snag, while the worst was BW; her voice sounds more bored than intimidating. It's no Hazbin Hotel, but the Wild West setting has potential. Animation, backdrops and most of the characters are overall lively.
>>8850 >It's no Hazbin Hotel So it's good?
>>8851 It's alright, it had a few forced gags but it's nowhere shit as Hazbin Hotel despite a lot of effort has been put, BW's voice actress didn't even try. 7/10
Aren't these the faggots that purposely censored themselves because of non-existent bitching?
>>8862 Yeah because the native character was named Buffalo Wing. Apparently that was "offensive" so they shortened it to BW.
Why does the Greaser boy resemble/reference Godzilla? I know there's a bunch of cryptids in this show but they're mostly background gags. Also wow the Indian chick's voice actress just put absolutely 0 effort in.
>>8864 I think its more gorillaz influence.
>>8865 His jacket literally has Godzilla dorsal spines though.
>>8865 Were they called gorillaz because their mouths looks ape-like?
>>8892 Nah it's a pun on guerilla warfare. Fitting with the fact the band doesn't actually exist & hide behind the characters.
Those were some really enjoyable 20 minutes despite most of the jokes being a hit and miss, loved the animation and character designs, especially the green haired girl.
>>8864 >Why does the Greaser boy resemble/reference Godzilla? What? Do you say it because that Godzilla high school fanart?
>>8863 Also the interviewers had to ask them on lgtbqa faggot characters, because that's all what matters.
(1.01 MB 805x692 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.04 MB 1800x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8899 Dorsal fins and color scheme definitely look, to me, like the designer wanted to reference Godzilla. But the question is why? Is he supposed to be part lizard? Is that part of the characters backstory?
(865.30 KB 655x665 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.96 MB 1804x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8903 It's just a punk jacket, you can find a lot of similar models on google, those things looks like generic spikes. On the top of that, I don't see how godzilla out of all things would be referenced in a show like this one. Then again, you might be thinking on that Godzilla highschool fanart where godzilla's dorsal plates were interpreted as spikes from a leather jacket and had similar hair color and style and skin scheme, but then again, that's rather because both designs are interpreting a punk or sidelined character.
(73.57 KB 794x794 il_794xN.2049767397_6xjh.jpg)

(64.04 KB 500x664 f2e72b8b409ba7c9.jpg)

(537.30 KB 1002x779 snlwncw53kw31.png)

>>8904 >those things looks like generic spikes They definitely more closely resemble they way artists stylize Godzilla's dorsal plates than punk jacket spikes. >On the top of that, I don't see how godzilla out of all things would be referenced in a show like this one. Godzilla's not exactly niche. >>8903 I think it was just done because they thought it looked cool, I doubt there's any special meaning behind it.
>>8904 How blind are you?
>>8905 I'm not saying they wouldn't reference godzilla because it's too niche, I'm saying how out of place a Godzilla reference would be in a western setting that clearly have more influence from R&S and shows from the late 90s and early 2000s and on the top of that a character that doesn't have any in common whatsoever. As the guy above pointed, it would make more sense to be it's gorillaz inspired. Then again, maybe anon is thinking on the shitty Godzilla highschool meme, otherwise I don't see how would he connect two characters by the color scheme alone.
>>8863 >Buffalo Wing >Voiced by Amber Midthunder >enrolled member of Fort Peck Sioux Tribe >known for Kerry Loudermilk in Legion >first VA role She's only there because Native American and not much else. At least the fanart improves her.
>>8957 >Kerry Loudermilk Stupid name. Terrible voice actress.
(47.43 KB 890x710 1430367976431-2.png)

>>8957 >>8863 >ruining your own show for brownie points They deserve the failure thats coming for them
(273.68 KB 1200x1200 bw's_request.png)

>>8863 What full name would you give for BW?
>>8956 In the saloon there's a group of Yokai drinking out of a Kappa's head. The team clearly appreciate Japanese cryptids, so it's not farfetched for them for reference Kaiju too. So I'm sure the Godzilla reference is intentional, which would be fine as a background gag, but it feels weird for a protagonist. >>8957 >>first VA role Ah, that's why all the other characters sound like cartoons and she sticks out like a sore thumb. She's a diversity hire.
>>8957 I hope her character gets fixed if the show gets picked up. She didn't have a lot of personality outside from being antagonist and plot device. >>8966 >In the saloon there's a group of Yokai drinking out of a Kappa's head Fair enough.
>>8957 I was wondering why her voice acting specifically was so hideously terrible.
>>8974 Turns out being an average actor in one area doesnt make you even semi-decent in another area.
>>8864 the creators said he was a Godzilla/Kaiju movie fan (hence the spines on his jacket) on their Tumblr and the they also said he was a Mad Max influenced character which also made think for while that Snag was going to be Australian until they said he wasn't

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