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(520.40 KB 1641x1331 EsNCodHUcAIM575.jpg)

Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 00:16:39 No. 9065
What the hell am I reading?
>>9065 political commentary unsubtle political commentary without a hint of nuance
>>9065 I thought I knew comics, but I legitimately thought this was some sort of Future State Batman and Sinestro, until I saw Black Sinestro mention Vibranium. Then again, with how bad modern comics writers are, maybe the Future State SJWs thought Vibranium was a DC thing.
>>9065 >>9072 Shakespeare, this writing shall last the test of time
>>9076 I at first also thought this was DC until the mention of vibranium. But then why is Black Panther or whoever on the right a literal glow nigger?
>What the hell am I reading? The latest issue of Jason Aaron's Avengers?
>>9065 I don't get it, is burning Batman supposed to be the bad guy here?
>>9072 >'congressman' >his pants are literally on fire 'No nuance' he says.
>>9065 >"Hey, guise? Guise?" >"Yes, SJW Writer #43?" >"Hey, you know how we've leeched every major comic event from the 80s and 90s?" >"Yeah. I still don't understand why a shittier version of a beloved series didn't sell..." >"Hey, shut up! Anyway, I just had this great idea! Why don't we start stealing from the 10s?" >"I don't think there WERE any comic books in the 1910s, #43." >"No, I mean 2010s!" >"...I'm listening." >"So, remember how the Phoenix Force is always drawn to the X-Men for some reason?" >"What's a Phoenix Force?" >"So there was this even where the Phoenix Force split off into five different X-Men, even though that's NOT how that fucking shit works and we're all a bunch of faggots! Anyway, what if we do the exact same thing... only it's the AVENGERS?!" >"That's so stupid, it's just GOT to work!" >"And in two years we do it again with the Fantastic Four! And two years after that with all the Spider-Man characters!" >"Shut up and fuck me in the ass with that strap-on, you wonderful, non-binary bitch!"
>>9456 That's probably exactly how it went & I hate this fucking reality. It shouldn't be so hard to write good capeshit. The model of creation in the west for comics has always been so ass backwards.
>>9456 >anyway, what if we do the exact same thing... only it's the AVENGERS?!" You're just joking right, they didnt actually do that
(1.56 MB 320x213 HzuXiZ.gif)

>>9456 >>9098 >The latest issue of Jason Aaron's Avengers? Alright kids, time to come to my office for a couple of minutes to explain to you the bloody obvious shit about Jason Aaron. Jason Aaron is a massive wrestling fan. What are Jason Aaron's stories if not really awful wrestling promos/kayfabe and plot twists as written by a latter day Gen X hipster who wants to write the ultimate wrestling plotlines not unlike the vague memories of NJPW he's got currently, and the vague memories of the monday night fights era of the 90's. But here's the rub, he's a shitty wrestling promo writer and all of his wrestling plots are just rip offs of the same Triple-H story line with none of edge, smarm or personalities involved. WHAT IF WE MAKE TRIPLE H AND THE XXX TEAM WRESTLING IN DRAG FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! That's the plot of every Jason Aaron book ever written.

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