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Model Sheets Anonymous 01/27/2021 (Wed) 22:19:39 No. 9212
Model sheets thread? Also concept art, because that's fun too. It's relatively easy to find model sheets for cartoons, but I wonder if there's any for comics.
(375.39 KB 1200x980 marvinthemartian.jpeg)

(40.26 KB 576x419 brittany3.jpg)

(28.25 KB 944x803 eleanor3.gif)

(630.82 KB 1600x1054 brittany2.png)

(30.99 KB 1008x812 jeanette1.gif)

>I wonder if there's any for comics. There has to be, I don't work for any industry yet but I definitively would have to use character sheets just to remember who to draw, I think Oda and other authors have stated before that they have gotten lost drawing their characters traits before and have to go back to add in details they forgot. You also have reference sketches that have been used by artists for decades.
(301.28 KB 2048x1547 btas1.jpg)

(106.68 KB 740x607 btas2.jpg)

(105.22 KB 740x618 harley-quinn-1.jpg)

found of Bruce Timm's BTAS model sheets
(7.15 MB 1940x1528 ClipboardImage.png)

(314.74 KB 1200x954 Flash.jpg)

(408.61 KB 1607x1148 Terminal.jpg)

>>9212 I thought of creating one, good job OP...but I do wish we can have discussion here rather than just post pictures. >It's relatively easy to find model sheets for cartoons Pinterstshit killed image search. Also, I actually have hard time finding model sheets of Batman Beyond and Justice League in good quality and for all the characters, if anyone can help, I would highly appreciate it. >>9223 Seeing how each artist draw however the fuck they want, I highly doubt it, it's not like animation when it has to be kept on-model. Probably there's concept art for the costumes at best. >>9228 >fond I'm by no means, a grammar Nazi but this is a case of completely different meaning rather than just a typo. >Bruce Timm style Why is it so prefect? Just the right balance between cartoony and stylized to realistic and over-detailed and so between round to straight lines. When will capeshit get rid of it's 3DPD style for good?
>I wonder if there's any for comics. Obviously there are. They just don't seem to be as widely circulated/published as the cartoon ones. >>9310 >When will capeshit get rid of it's 3DPD style for good? Probably never. At least not for the mainline books they expect to sell well
(1.14 MB 2438x3262 DC Nation 003-013.jpg)

(2.09 MB 4876x3262 DC Nation 003-010.jpg)

(1.91 MB 4876x3262 DC Nation 003-011.jpg)

(1005.71 KB 2438x3262 DC Nation 003-012.jpg)

(763.43 KB 2438x3262 DC Nation 003-018.jpg)

(816.73 KB 2438x3262 DC Nation 003-019.jpg)

(1.30 MB 2438x3262 DC Nation 003-032.jpg)

>>9310 >fond actually I meant to say "found some of" but a case of the stupid fingers caused me to skip the word "some" but yes I'm also fond of them
(1.49 MB 940x1600 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.71 MB 919x1600 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9312 >Probably never Big oof >>9313 I never liked Red Hood original costume; first thing, mouthless masks usually suck, unless you try to create an intimidating character like Deathstroke. In Red Hood case his red mask just looks lame and not frightening at all. The casual leather jacket seems out of place and just doesn't work well with professional tactical suit, I get they try to make him cool by adding that, but it just fails. Last, but not least, the slight exposed skin on his wrists is distracting and pointless as most of his skin is covered anyway. >round one J Literally Deathstroke but red and with batfggotry, lol >making him more street-like <give him a Katana Stupid and also it's looks more like Wakizashi considering the length. >final design Very G.I.Joe- esque and video game-ish, dull and disgusting. >fun 3DPD is stiff and therefore can never be fun. Here are some good cartoony designs in contrast to show what fun looks like. .
(45.24 KB 800x587 34d5e990.jpg)

(479.55 KB 1457x1966 1473180127001.jpg)

(169.71 KB 1200x565 1485158963000.jpg)

Do any western model sheets show what a character's pantsu looks like, or is that only done in Nippon?
>>9374 With the exception of the french, western mainstream is deathly afraid of fanservice as to not appear "immature".
>>9374 The guy who worked on winx's character design drew the girls in underwear and with very teasing expressions.
>>9389 He's Italian so its a given.
>>9424 But do you have these alleged drawings?
(530.39 KB 600x354 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.22 MB 1043x615 ClipboardImage.png)

(476.79 KB 600x354 ClipboardImage.png)

(471.68 KB 600x354 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9389 >>9437 Literally just googled "winx concept art"
>>9485 Thanks. I searched for more specific stuff, which failed to find it.
(705.71 KB 600x837 ClipboardImage.png)

(465.71 KB 1024x779 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9374 Rarely as most cartoons are aimed at kids, I bet those ugly family sitcom cartoons have them. I happened to find one of Lois from STA I wonder if it actually appears somehow on the show, I currently rewatch it and I assumed there must be one for Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Bros RIP, but I just found the concept art. >>9485 >all those lively and lovely poses and expressions Shame the actual animation was cheap garbage. Also, that drawing of Stella with one leg forward pisses me off; the butt is connected to the leg, when the leg moves so does the butt.
>>9485 How many storyboard jams have been throw at?
Anyone got any Harvey Beaks model sheets?
(93.46 KB 1107x852 15.jpg)

(79.57 KB 1103x843 8.jpg)

(36.52 KB 1200x854 richard_bazley469.jpg)

So the Iron Giant is a lot more interesting upon reading a little bit about it. Looking at the credits there isn't a single character designer credited but instead multiple people listed as designing the characters for the film. An Iron Giant website has a lot of work listed from Richard Bazley, but Tony Fucile, Brad Bird, and other artists (some listed as uncredited) appear to have helped with the production work and final designs. Some of the early work - I'm not gonna lie is very ugly, so I'm at least glad they went with the final designs over the concept work.
>>9876 the 4th one looks like it's right out of Ducktales. Not bad but not the mood
(8.85 MB 9904x5520 Darkseid.png)

(707.22 KB 2516x1564 Finn the human.png)

(233.64 KB 1286x728 Steven Universe.png)

(973.99 KB 2422x1360 Mazinger Z.png)

(315.19 KB 700x960 FGO crap.png)

Just barely a decade later after Cel animation died, and crappy Flash animation and CGIShit rose, all principles of good character design have been thrown out of the window. It's either greebled, over-detailed, non-cohesive mess and even the Japs that have minimalism heavily embedded in their culture started to fall for that or oversimplified, flat blobs.
>>10669 Anon, why the hell did you make a powerpoint?
>>10671 Not the same anon, but I think it was to help get his point across visually rather than verbally. Though he could have used a slide of definitions for words like greeble or one for what makes a good contrast between round and straight lines.
>>10672 >but I think it was to help get his point across visually rather than verbally. He can post 5 images per post, how much more does the autistic nigger need?
Rather than just posting pretty pictures, I want to see anons explaining why they think certain character design is good/bad or why they like/dislike it and have a discussion . >>10672 Thanks anon. >definitions for words like greeble I thought it was a common knowledge, so I didn't bother, but just in case; Greeble is bold detailing on what could've been instead a smooth surface, results in making it look complex and usually over-detailed. Generally used for mechanical designs, but can be used on fabrics and organic creatures. >what makes a good contrast between round and straight lines The basic principle is making either straight line parallel to round line or straight line and the following line is round/vice versa, usually both methods are combined. Of course, it doesn't have to be 50/50 ratio split and as you would expect female and younger characters should use more round lines whereas male characters should use more straight lines (unless they're fat). Best examples would be Kirby art style (male characters) and the later refined DCAU style which can be seen in the Darkseid comparison I did, but since the main focus was the costume design and compared to real person, I didn't touch the subject. >>10671 >>10673 Nigger, it wouldn't be organized and well tied together, not to mention I would have to spam and post more than necessary.
>>10669 Simplistic characters have been a thing since always and minimalism a trend since the 60s. Nothing of that is inherent from cell animation, you might straight up don't know anything about stuff from the 40s-60s. >All that blank space in that shitty edit >muh cells >muh anime Yeah, you are autistic
>>10865 >40s-60s Nigger, cel animation was used even before that, you're just an idiot.
(1.26 MB 1000x731 ClipboardImage.png)

(789.34 KB 960x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.10 MB 994x768 ClipboardImage.png)

(251.76 KB 360x450 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10869 >reading comprehension Anon is pointing that these bland character designs started when cell animation stopped being a thing, something that's clearly wrong because the good character design is inherent from traditional animation using cells; there's nothing about the process of traditional animation that requires the character design to follow certain rules and I just don't understand where he's getting that idea and as I example pointed the 60s, the decade where UPA and UPA influenced cartoons got fairly popular, I thought I was explicit enough by pointing the 60s in this context but I think I was wrong. And elaborating a little bit over my argument, as much as I like the UPA revolution, and as someone who has watched all of their shorts I say their character designs get old really quickly. Gerald Mc Boing Boing is cool and I can see why it 's one of the most important cartoons of history but after watching the same artstyle for a fiftieth time it gets boring and tedious, especially the last one is dull and uninteresting and yes, these shorts were animated using cells which returns to my initial point, good character design is not inherent from cell animation there's plenty traditionally animated cartoons using cells that have dull and uninspired character design, especially evident if you look at stuff from the 60s.
(510.47 KB 1183x681 God you're an idiot.png)

>>10873 <reading comprehension You illiterate dumbass, I mentioned both minimalism and simplicity in positive context both in my written post and in the pics. <bland >minimalism These are two different things that not necessarily correlate and this an entire new argument. I also talked about the other extreme which is over-detailing. Of course, autsimo, not every character design done back then in cel animation was spectacular, but it wasn't nearly as bad and wide-speared as today. The character designs you brought as examples are still good character designs despite being relatively bland; they got good construction, nice contrast between round and straight lines and overall look appealing. Do you actually try to equate these with SU and AT?! Are you completely retarded? The point was SU and AT are oversimplified , not just simplified. <there's nothing about the process of traditional animation that requires the character design to follow certain rules The limitations of cel animation forced decent construction and simplicity, unlike today when you have motion-tween crap and CGI Greeble which easily enable bad character designs. <cell It's called cel, not the smallest unit of life.
(483.07 KB 435x455 ClipboardImage.png)

(522.24 KB 605x479 ClipboardImage.png)

(796.01 KB 789x681 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10888 >but it wasn't nearly as bad and wide-speared as today Yes, it was, you utterly ignorant. UPA art style and animation style spread like wild fire because it was cheap and easy to produce in a time where TV animation overthrew theatrical animation. HB took inspiration from UPA, the entire easter block animated tradition is based on these kind of character designs, even Disney and MGM took inspiration from UPA in some degree. Returning to my last post, the first two are fine, as I stated I like a lot Gerald McBoing Boing but the artstyle gets old really quickly and as a example showed the last two: When a UPA influenced cartoon shows a man, generally draws it in a cookie cutter way, with rounded body bit nose and rounded eyes, in other words really generic with really nothing interesting going on. I'm not defending modern crap like AT or SU, what I mean they have bad character design because the people working on them are mediocre, not because of the technique employed and thinking otherwise is stupid and you are retarded for thinking otherwise. The difference between digital and cel is the difference between a mechanical and an electrical typing machine, if the result will be good or bad is up to the artist. >It's called cel, not the smallest unit of life. Meh, you get the idea.
>>10896 <b..but muh UPA >but after watching the same artstyle for a fiftieth time it gets boring and tedious So you got a hateboner for UPA because you watched it so many times to the point you hate it, autistic moron. As I've said before UPA wasn't the greatest, but it was decent and way better than current shit. <the first two are fine All of them are fine you pretentious faggot. <I'm not defending modern crap like AT or SU That wasn't the point you illiterate idiot, the point was you saying UPA is bad as current Calarts/beansmile shit is complete bollocks. <because the people working on them are mediocre, not because of the technique employed and thinking otherwise is stupid <technological advancements have no meaning nor impact It's both, you disingenuous retard; motion tween-crap will easily let you move badly constructed design, CGI will easily allow you to add greeble, digital painting would allow to add as many colors as you'd like without having to consider paint budget, etc. <The difference between digital and cel is the difference between a mechanical and an electrical typing machine No, a good comparison would be between traditional (hand) sculpting to 3D sculpting. Your comparison is stupid because there's little to no difference between the capabilities/limitations of these machines. <Meh, you get the idea You claim to be an expert, yet you use the wrong terms, what a faggot. Only the last example you posted is bad and the exception proves the rule.

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