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(44.29 KB 660x680 afroninja.jpeg)

It's up 02/15/2021 (Mon) 23:50:17 No. 9645
What? The fuck are you talking about?
>>9646 Popular web animation series that acquired said popularity for leaning into yume nikki-esque surrealism (and featuring a novel character design for its title character that caused her, to reach flavor of the month status with artists and drawfags)just released another entry. OP's just a cuckchan tier faggot who assumes everybody here must know it despite half the board avoiding social media like a plague. Here’s a playlist of all the entries if you are curious/give a shit: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhPaJURyApsoMQDaoft5t0l0iAwUOLtlM https://ytprivate.com/playlist?list=PLhPaJURyApsoMQDaoft5t0l0iAwUOLtlM
>>9647 Is it any good?
>>9649 It's got nice visuals, but the "story" is inspired by things like LSD dream emulator and other surrealist games. So, it's obtuse and can only be found by analytical autists arguing with each other. I liked the authors other series since it's got more of a story. Still worth a watch if you like surrealist visuals in my opinion, since it is free, and I provided an invidious link in my previous post >>9647
>>9650 *I liked the authors other series more
Stop shilling this across the entire internet please, I don't hate it, I just don't want you to push it into my face.
(14.66 MB 1920x1080 But heed this warning.mp4)

>>9650 Is there a story? Barring the small plot-lines within each episodes, I had assumed there was no overarching plot. It's just a series with a polygonal girl, good trippy animation, and weird dialogue.
>>9660 hence why I put "story" in quotes. Sometimes these kinds of animations have big reveals that makes everything else understandable.
>>9645 Everything feels forced as fuck. Is like the creators tried to make a mix various surrealist/absurdist creations (Yume Nikki and its fangames, the LCD game for PS1, vaporware and win95 meme aesthetics, Zelda CD-i meme faces, ancient hand drawn video games,) in a soulless attempt to be original and slapped a non-ugly girl (who for some reason has a masculine voice) to make sure that somebody watches this shit.
I've already made a webm of one of the videos: >>9519 What do (you) think makes a surreal/absurd work hold up, other than lewd art?
>>9675 The biggest problem is the new shit is to derivative of the old shit. I struggle to think of a surreal game that does not pull from yume nikki, LSD dream emulator, or vaporwave.
>>9677 Ironic how current year surreal cartoons/games often ends up looking (and even sounding) the same.
>>9645 It reminds me of TempleOS.
(2.44 MB 600x451 templeos_oracle.gif)

>>9682 I see no resemblance, as there was nothing involving God nor CIA niggers.
(935.62 KB 1268x713 templeos.png)

>>9683 There was this tank that's similar.
>>9738 Holy shit, he actually referenced templeOS
>>9645 >Debut video with Graham Kartna Fuck, if I bad remember he was a ytper known as Kurkop, but there's another one called blue2 and most of his videos got lost. >>9683 Well I meant the whole early 00s aspect, I think they even made one with one of the maze savescreen.
It reminds me of the 90's, when things didn't always make sense, when writing was personal and when you couldn't telegraph plots. I'm prepared for it to get worse as it increases in prominence.
>>9738 Well i guess it cant be too bad.

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