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(413.89 KB 422x640 s-l640.png)
Snacks & Candy Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 05:09:45 No. 216
Halloween is coming up. What are some of your favorite candy and snacks?
Wine gums, with the black and green ones reserved for those who asked for some.
(41.25 KB 560x560 00026200471594_a1a3_900_900.jpg)
Hot Fries. I've yet to get sick of them, unlike chips. Although salt&vinegar Lays chips are pretty great
I always end up getting different chocolates from my granny. I really can't pronounce them because they come from eastern Europe unfortunately I don't have any because my granny stood here during the summer instead of Europe due to the virus.
>>219 Not sure where you are located but Big Lots has giant bags for less than a $1.20. Love that shit.

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