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(9.01 KB 220x229 index.png)
How's it going boys? Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 19:32:21 No. 91
Anyone else just had their life going great lately? personally,t things have just been going great with me! >Rent a huge apartment >Starting at a full-time job in a few days. >Have a gf who is meek, submissive and wants to be "dominated"/the girl in our relationship. What a time to be alive!
>>91 I'm exhausted
>>91 I've been sick for over a week, that mixed with all the shit that happened to me, this has to be the worst days of my life, but things are starting to look up now.
>>99 Play some Animal Crossing, watch some videos or movies that make you laugh and start exercising and eating healthier. You can do it, anon. We believe in you.
(2.96 MB 2976x3968 IMG_20200724_150308.jpg)
>>100 I'll try anon, but it's difficult to get out of bed, so I haven't been able to hit the gym in over a week now and I don't think I have the strength to go any time soon. I've been lying in my bed trying to be comfy, but it feels like the anxiety is eating away at my insides. Thanks for the advice and encouragement anon. Have a pic of my cat.
>>91 Despite working for barely above minimum wage, I've managed to save up a fair amount of money due to the government and the company I work for throwing COVID relief checks at me. It's nice being financially stable.
(739.45 KB 599x658 carol2.png)
>>222 Finally saving money again feels pretty good. AC problems, electrical problems, sewer problems, and corona, 2020 weren't friendly
(11.99 MB 1280x720 katawashoujo.mp4)
I've finally gathered enough of my will to take hold of the improper habits and undisciplined, whimsical nature of my life. One step at a time, I will foster a proper God-fearing lifestyle and realize my passions as well as bring forth productive good into the cosmos.

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