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(396.33 KB 900x1273 midori.png)

welcome to /cool/ || meta thread Cool Kid 06/19/2021 (Sat) 02:43:33 No. 18
welcome to /cool/ the only rule here is to be cool. This is an anime/random board.
Edited last time by kazu on 09/29/2021 (Wed) 21:50:58.
we have special doomtext
Also, check out /cool/'s sister board, >>>/vr/
I think Pokemon with big dingdongs are cool
>>21 Sounds more gay than cool anon.
>>21 i dunno, doesn't sound very cool to me.
>>22 >>23 I'll go to the corner with the other losers then
>>24 you do that and take your poke dicks with you
also, uh banners are welcome. they have to be really cool tho
(81.57 KB 736x627 nice_grill.png)

This is nice board.
(132.50 KB 350x200 honey.png)

>>26 Is this cool enough?
(98.57 KB 1242x1656 u4tb1y3goy421.jpg)

(167.87 KB 716x837 Tss.jpg)

Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, how /cool/ are ya?
>>28 hey that's pretty fucking cool
>>29 press s to spit in spitoon
test test test
oh yeah, there was this too
let me see
(135.31 KB 1044x1302 JP2GMD.png)

[cool] [czesc]
>>103 Is this cool?
>>117 probably
dead board lol
(75.26 KB 378x357 1529292182484.png)

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