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The Emperor's Chosen CYOA Adventurer 05/08/2021 (Sat) 16:06:54 No. 247
Remember Brothers, though we exist to bring His light, we will end our service someway. We exist to die, so his subjects can live in peace.
(980.51 KB 1200x4836 The Emperor's Chosen CYOA 6.jpg)
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(1.33 MB 1200x4836 The Emperor's Chosen CYOA 9.jpg)
Raised on a cold Feudal World, life was tough but struggling every day against corrupt nobles, wild beasts and heretic cults made me all the more stoic for it. The Soul Drinkers saw my inner nobility and inducted me into their ranks. As a result, I could now gain the full memories of any person I ate. They inducted me into Chaplaincy and I picked out my Crozius Arcanum and plasma pistol. They also granted me a rare MK IV armor, the cost of this gift clear in my service to the Chapter. It was only a few decades after my introduction to the Chapter before the split happened. Chaplin Iktinos accused the Chapter Master Sarpedon of being of the Ruinous powers. And when Sarpedon grew spiderlegs, we all suspected that he was under the influence. But then Iktinos over played his hand and revealed his true colors. Needless to say the split decimated our Chapter, taking the Chapter Master and others screaming into the warp. After counting the casualties, we found 35 scouts who had been training off world, 20 wounded brothers who had saved the Phalanx we were being held for trial in, 3 apothecaries who tended over them and a Brother Librarian who along with me were the only senior leaders left of the Chapter. The Imperial Fists put us on Trial anyway and that's when Our Primarch stepped in to save our Chapter. Dorn Himself argued that to prove our innocence, we should be given a penance crusade. With the 20 brothers, I lead them into the Warp to find Magnus while the Librarian started rebuilding the Chapter. We found and returned him successfully and in gratitude, Dorn gave us 9 companies of Primaris to rebuild the Chapter. For this success, the Librarian was made Chief Librarian, one of the 20 was made Chapter Master and I was elevated to High Chaplin. Some called for me to be Chapter Master but I declined. I was not one who could rebuild nor lead the chapter, I can only serve in my duty. But my death would come soon in the Indomitus Crusade. I do not know how I died, only that it was on a far flung war ravaged world protecting my brothers and inspiring them to overcome their odds. It is a good death.

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