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(7.87 MB 1200x7130 Angels and Demons CYOA 1.jpg)
(7.50 MB 1200x7130 Angels and Demons CYOA 2.jpg)
(1.77 MB 1200x1121 Angels and Demons CYOA 3.png)
Waifu General Thread Adventurer Board owner 12/05/2020 (Sat) 02:38:29 No. 8
For Waifu CYOAs that don't deserve their own thread, post em here.
(3.65 MB 1500x10000 Onee-san CYOA.jpg)
Archive of last thread: https://archive.vn/oMguP
(7.79 MB 1133x8891 Family.jpg)
(2.67 MB 790x4692 Family 2.jpg)
(2.90 MB 790x4692 Family 3.jpg)
Posting because I don't want this board to die.
One more for good measure.
>>120 >Mom 'Diana,' my crazy adoptive Japanese mother with a fetish for Aryans with blonde or red hair who abducted me as a baby from a hospital, forged adoption papers, and took me back to Japan with her. Lucky for her Japan has few real rules regarding international child abduction... or maybe she just has 'contacts.' Turns out I'm not the first nor the last she has 'adopted.' >Older Sister Jade sometimes prefers an intimate change from group sex with the family, hence the cheap motels. Mom would feel cheated if she found out so we keep it a secret. >Younger Sisters Sonya is one year younger than me, and Quinn is one year younger than her. Sophia, the youngest, treats Mom and Quinn as her personal servants and they are more than happy to comply. Sonya tries to take the role of Mother for her, butt in the end, I'm the only one she listens too, and even then only when I play with her.
>>120 It won't die. It might be slow between me finding new CYOAs that have been released. I'll post a few old ones from time to time though.
>>120 Kinda wish someone would add one more image to this, if only because the choice of moms could be a little better.
(7.24 MB 3500x3000 The Great TITTY Wish CYOA.jpg)
(6.75 MB 3500x3000 The Great ASS Wish CYOA.jpg)
(3.47 MB 1700x8872 Threads of Fate CYOA.jpg)
What am I supposed to do after I pick out all the options?
(4.88 MB 1200x8499 Post Story Waifu CYOA 1.jpg)
(604.49 KB 1200x895 Post Story Waifu CYOA 2.jpg)
(609.62 KB 1200x874 Post Story Waifu CYOA 3.jpg)
(132.45 KB 1200x373 Post Story Waifu CYOA 4.jpg)
(2.89 MB 1200x7130 Reject Roommate CYOA 1.jpg)
>>8 Completing the set.
(2.30 MB 1246x10475 Perfect Date CYOA .jpg)
(5.53 MB 1400x9550 Sapphire Knight's Bride CYOA.jpg)
(4.23 MB 1600x6074 School Life Girlfriend CYOA.jpg)
Love ones like this. And Painter. That slow, emotional build is perfect.
(3.18 MB 1400x3275 Tribal Bride CYOA.jpg)
(3.74 MB 1323x10000 Your Macroharem Meta CYOA.png)
(1.64 MB 1200x6500 Mostergirl Refugee CYOA.jpg)
>>195 Pick a girl then post about why you picked her.
(3.03 MB 1200x7500 Waifu Souls CYOA.jpg)
(2.71 MB 1200x10000 Elf Slave CYOA.jpg)
(508.91 KB 599x1116 Reject Roommate CYOA 2.jpg)
>>205 Missed one.
(5.86 MB 5800x7000 Anon's GF CYOA.jpg)

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