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Eternal Winter Garden Anyonymous 07/08/2022 (Fri) 20:09:29 No. 10000
This is a friendly off-topic singular thread board for weary netizens. Have fun! >Di Gi Charat Music Collection https://asperger.pro/Music.zip // https://mega.nz/folder/wIF0BRTR#g5ppTdw-3noiWBIO8Hv6cQ >Archives of the previous thread https://archive.ph/https://8chan.moe/digi/res/1.html
Edited last time by pururin on 08/17/2022 (Wed) 14:56:07.
>>13624 Low res simple MS paint style images are my favorite. Bonus points when they don't have any frogs or wojaks pasted in. Good image.
>>13538 If you're into weeb shit (which is likely considering where we are) then learning japanese is worth it. You don't have to depend on (((localizers))) filtering the original content into what they want you to think. It's not "practical", but learning spanish and only gaining the ability to talk to mexicans sounds pretty gay to me.
> :^) > :^) > :^) > :^) > :^) > :^) > :^) > :^) o3o
>>13641 >I'm not that aware about the logistics that went on with Gladiator matches to be honest but I'll take your word for it. Read up or watch a doc on the original Greek Olympics, they were brutal when it came to the boxing matches.
(2.66 MB 1260x2016 94789098_p0.png)

>>13648 Yeah, he did. Kino is pretty out there, cause it's just so good. And right, that crude sounding guitar sets a mood no matter what you're doing while listening to it, and a mood which is just nice. Even if it's melancholic, it's simply right. Works to ease the mind. That much is easy to gather from it, but I think there's also that it feels very personal when it sounds so raw. It's as if you're in the same room as him and he's just playing some guitar to you because he simply feels like it, and you're both bored so why not. Even if in reality you're just staring at the computer screen, you kind of get the same mood that you would as if that really were the situation at hand, do you not? It just sounds like having company. Like this song in it's exact form isn't really something that thousands of others than you have listened to also, even if it's obviously the case. You do consciously realize that you're still just doing what you're doing though, so, I guess that adds to the kind of sad feel that somehow you enjoy. A lot of acoustic tracks give the same feel of comfortable melancholy, but most of the time, at least from what I've heard, they still have some sense of production and "this song was made so you can listen to it later through a music player" feel to them. Does that make sense? Kino's track just makes me feel as if he's playing for his buddy only for the moment and isn't thinking anything of it, and letting his voice out as if that really is the situation. There are imperfections and all, but that just doesn't matter, it's simply making your time a little bit better and keeping you company. I guess that's why it feels as it does. Even now while listening to that second song you sent, I like it and it gives me a feel that I like and all, I'll actually save that, thanks, but it doesn't give off the same exact mood. With that particular piece it just sounds completely raw and on the lower quality side, so, I don't know, I guess that makes it feel close to you and easier to connect with. But enough rambling. I really like how the vocals are done on the second one there, I actually thought it was him mouthing things rather than talking at first, but I see that it's Spanish or something, no actual idea. But, listening to guitar accompanied by a language I don't even know is just such a comfortable feeling, you don't understand what's being said, but you definitely comprehend that it flows really well and comes out sounding great, it's like scat music if it were way slower paced and more meaningful, even while still being gibberish, lol, does that make any sense either? Sometimes I think that it would actually take away from listening to things like this if I did actually know the language. Being a stranger to what's being said but accompanied to the music is great, you get intimate with the sound if you listen to it enough, and you take your own meaning out of things like this. It's actually kind of an illusion break once I give in and look up the lyric translations for songs like this, because the meanings tend to stray away far from what I had subconsciously given the song. Which isn't a bad thing every single time, but, yeah, two sides of a coin. It's as if you were somehow best friends with someone and understood each other while not even being able to speak a language both of you understood. There are things in the world you really wouldn't be able to enjoy the same if you knew everything and anything, and maybe that's your one up over any god. And what do you think of this sort? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVVvOE20SpQ
>>13651 >learning japanese is worth it Based on what you say, yes, albeit I have much else to learn and Japanese is rather low in my list of priorities; I only watch anime when I don't have the fortitude to do anything else more straining and it's not like I'll use it for anything else, plus who's crazy enough to dedicate years to learning Kanji just for anime/manga? >learning spanish and only gaining the ability to talk to mexicans sounds pretty gay to me It may become the next lingua franca though.
>>13653 If we're talking about Roman gladiatorial matches, killing one's opponent was strictly illegal; there were penalties for serious injuries too, as gladiators were hard to replace. Gladiatorial battles were really antiquity's equivalent of WWE matches.
>>13654 Indeed, sometimes a lack of understanding of what's being said can improve a song for me. The lyrics might be complete drivel but if I don't understand what's being said then the only thing that can communicate with me is the melody itself. >tune you posted WOW, that has a great New Wave sound to it. I can hear and see the Joy Division influence (that cover art) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FogWT52e7Mk Here's a similarly sounding New Wave tune, this one pretty obscure. From Britain I believe. A bit more chipper.
>>13657 Yeah, it's like the vocals blend in as just another instrument. >song Does sound nice, it's also good in a different way when you can understand the language, of course. It shows that it's UK-made, too tired to put into words why but it does. I know them more for their happy hardcore and such, but, that's fine as well. I need to head off to bed now, so have something different and good night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cwLI_WIvGw
>>13658 GN >Happy Hardcore I like 90s stuff >song nice anime style d&b, like that stuff
Omedetou, minasan, you're now ahead of the nigger loving board and /b/tards.
>>13660 we wuz dick washas
i want to make babies with cute 2d girls i wish my final moment on this planet could be cumming inside a cute 2d and as my balls are finally empty, i HNNNNNG for the last time and fall over dead from a simultaneous heart attack and aneurysm from overdosing on HNNNNNNG i wouldnt even be mad
>>13634 How do you consistently hit the character limit with these ramblings about nothing? what are the secrets of your autismo spirit?
pururuin you mentioned once before about being interested in /fur/'s old dark red CSS. Well it has returned in modified form for the coon's birthday. >>>/fur/3874
>>13665 Very cute, love the lil rascal.
>>13662 You posted a nice pic by eric(kata235) sometime ago and I was wondering where you got it from. I need it for my collection, if you can share it or the source. thx
>>13667 If i got mistaken and that wasn't the artist you posted, i apologize
>>13667 >>13668 Hmm... May that be the one of a student sitting at a desk with a deadpan look? I probably got it off pixiv like most things.
>>13669 Indeed, I looked through his fanbox, pixiv, danbooru, exhentai. And I was left empy handed. If you have it, i'd appreciate that.
>>13670 Here you go taichou
>>13671 Omagah, so it was from Morityu. I feel so dumb. Thanks chum, now gonna sleep for a bit. catch y'all later.
>>13672 You're welcome. Get plenty of rest - might find myself asleep soon-ish too.
>>13655 >who's crazy enough to dedicate years to learning Kanji just for anime/manga? Me. The Kanji part is overblown by most people, it sucks at first sure but it isn't that bad. Part of the way through you gain the ability to guess meanings of words based on their Kanji, even when listening. I was fluent enough to enjoy raw anime in a year and a half, after two years I could read just about any manga/LN that didn't include military speak. Also, there's more than just anime/manga/LNs. In the same entertainment vein there's YouTube, but also podcasts and blogs and such. >[Spanish] may become the next lingua franca though. English already has become the lingua franca. America is a big deal whether we like it or not and I can't imagine the average murican learning any second language even halfway to fluency. That and how English is so intertwined with computers and the internet.
>>13674 >it sucks at first sure but it isn't that bad It isn't a matter of it being hard or not, but adjusting to an entirely different way of representing words that isn't phonemic; I've heard it takes years to be fully habituated to it. The only practical benefit of learning Japanese, assuming you master the Kanji in doing so, is that it becomes possible to (at least partially) read Chinese even if the two languages are very distinct; that's one benefit of having a logographic script over a phonemic one. >there's YouTube, but also podcasts and blogs and such I don't really engage with Japanese content besides anime/manga/LNs. >America is a big deal whether we like it or not And America is already becoming a spic majority country (if it hasn't already). You should at least expect Spanglish to become the new lingua franca; if not, expect Spanish to become the lingua franca when Mexico becomes a white majority superpower as all the mongrels and undesirables are being shipped off to America. >English is so intertwined with computers and the internet Foreigners are using and incorporating English terms in their speech all the time, so that is not an obstacle for them. Regardless of the influence English wields over other languages, if any language were to accrue as much prominence as English does, it would easily overtake English because English has no regulating body like the Académie Française or the Real Academia Española; English is such a chaotic language, and so creolised already that it could easily be absorbed into any other language as a substratum. Just accept the imperium of the spics, anon.
>>13676 >America is already becoming a spic majority country >when Mexico becomes a white majority superpower this is what beaners actually believe >>>/hispachan/
(77.86 KB 708x712 cd project dev.JPG)

>mfw I have to redo the animation of the MP5 gun again >I just did that and it doesn't look much better >but it has shit ton of reloading animation frame Just fuck my shit up.
>>13677 Do you not remember the Falkland War: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=VKkcTpCur7g Spics consider themselves to be honorary Portuguese/Spanish citizens.
>>13677 I admit the last one is conjecture; however, you have to be blind (or delusional) to deny that spics are catching up with white Americans (which is a verifiable FACT). Expect America to be partitioned between California and Detroit and a civil war to break out between spics and niggers any time soon.
>>13681 >Expect America to be partitioned between California and Detroit and a civil war to break out between spics and niggers any time soon. If the Feds get their way, you can add Europoors to that list as a newspaper in Sweden got ahold of an American document detailing that the U.S. plans to mass import (White) European citizens due to how much the influx of niggers and Spics have backfired on them.
>>13682 >American document detailing that the U.S. plans to mass import (White) European citizens I'm curious now; I thought the feds' intention all along was to frame whites for crimes they didn't commit by coaxing """"white"""" supremacists into shooting sprees. Sauce onegai.
>>13683 >Sauce onegai. Here's the article: https://archive.ph/xmRNv And, here's how I found out about the article: https://rumble.com/v1kzn89-the-morning-constitutional-9142022.html
>>13684 Well, European immigration doesn't seem to be the priority of the scheme; however, given the left's tendency to hysteria, if this is true then I wonder how the liberals feel about unwittingly supporting the feds' psyop to replace non-whites, kek.
>>13676 >I don't really engage with Japanese content besides anime/manga/LNs. I didn't either, that was what I was trying to get at. I found a nice podcast that explains various linguistics topics in interesting and easy enough to understand language and ended up getting and reading a few linguistics-related books in Japanese because of it. This is despite me not having any interest in that topic before starting to learn Japanese. I even found a small Japanese let's player that I enjoy watching because he always has these two friends in his videos and it reminds me of playing vidya with my friends way back when. >when Mexico becomes a white majority superpower whatafuck. This and the replies to it sound like schizoposting to me
>>13686 >This is despite me not having any interest in that topic before starting to learn Japanese A rather fortuitous circumstance if you ask me; besides, you already had the motivation prior to that, whereas I am currently unsure whether the return will be worth the investment in learning Japanese; finally, wouldn't that apply equally as well to any language? I would especially expect that from resuming German since it's associated with 17th-19th century philosophers and linguists. >whatafuck tl;dr there's a real, emerging global demand for Spanish speakers; while I myself don't intend to learn Spanish (since I don't plan on working in the wagecage), it cannot be denied.

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