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Anonymous 08/28/2018 (Tue) 04:47:48 No. 4035 [Reply]
Welcome to /fast/, 8chan's Sonic the Hedgehog discussion board. >What is this place? This place was created in the 2014 4chan exodus to serve as a place for anons of 4chan's Sonic the Hedgehog General (/sthg/) to migrate to. Back then it didn't have a lot of success, so it remained as a backup place for /sthg/ in times of 4chan outages. Right now some of us are trying to repurpose it into an alternative to the original general. Since we're currently few here, we're mostly staying in a general thread where everything goes to make the posting seem faster (instead of having many threads with very few posts each). I'm sure you'll find the current one below, and in its OP you'll find updated resources and news. If you need to discuss something about the board itself, there's a meta thread to that extent as well. >Resources Password of files where required is generally /sthg/. Sonic Boom Seasons 1 & 2 can be watched here: https://kimcartoon.me/Cartoon/Sonic-Boom https://kimcartoon.me/Cartoon/Sonic-Boom-Season-2 Sonic comics: IDW: https://mega.nz/#F!65oBCaoQ!8lkn8JebzaZensDJbLxDeg Archie and Fleetway: https://mega.co.nz/#F!OcU0hY4Q!gDuyY2yX5h4sa8iBk8-4ew

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Edited last time by fastBO on 08/29/2020 (Sat) 01:15:15.
/fast/ FALLBACK PLAN - 2020/08/28 COPY/PASTE THIS INTO A SAFE, OFFLINE LOCATION OR IT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE WHEN YOU NEED IT! <Main location> >https://8chan.moe/fast/ / https://8chan.se/fast/ / https://8chan.cc/fast/ (different domains for the same site!) >Onion address: 4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/fast/ >Clearnet Onion bridge: https://redchannit.net/fast/ <Bunker> >https://8kun.top/fast >Onion Address: jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion/fast/ <Regroup location in case every other alternative fails> >https://anon.cafe/shelter/
Edited last time by fastBO on 08/28/2020 (Fri) 04:55:44.

(978.32 KB 1988x3056 1.jpg)

(501.92 KB 1988x3156 2.jpg)

(602.88 KB 1988x3056 3.jpg)

(742.86 KB 1988x3056 4.jpg)

(1.22 MB 1988x3056 5.jpg)

Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 18:14:00 No. 23588 [Reply] [Last]
IDW Sonic Storytime part 2 Starting off at #36
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>>24725 >>24731 Why would you create robots that don't look like robots and don't know they are robots?
>>24747 Happens all the time. Sometimes it's so they can be more effective in whatever role they're given, frequently espionage. Other times it's because you want a surrogate child and want to better pretend it isn't a robot. Sometimes it's so the robot doesn't realize it's a robot and therefore doesn't search for the inner mechanisms that will ultimately let you take more direct control at the most opportune moment, such as when it tries to betray you.

(200.21 KB 900x950 E4fJV7vVcAEmu16.jpeg)

(254.14 KB 1046x1479 E4fuOF_XoAoi3qd.jpeg)

(233.97 KB 1000x1197 E4hbbB2WQAAa4mV.jpeg)

(467.86 KB 600x849 E4fsDP7WYAUedJ1.png)

(475.81 KB 1200x1500 sluts.png)

/sthg/ - Sonic The Hedgehog General Anonymous 06/23/2021 (Wed) 04:41:48 No. 24181 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to the Sonic General! Here we discuss all things Sonic! /sthg/ #41 - 30th Anniversary Edition Stay in, stay safe!: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public <Sonic News> >Sonic Anniversary Symphony Announced, Takes Place on 2021/06/23 at 12 PM Pacific/15:00 Eastern/19:00 UTC! Watch it on https://youtube.com/sonic / https://twitch.tv/sonic >Sonic Colors Ultimate Announced, Brings Some New Features and an Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3MCqTdsVKc >Next Sonic Main Game Codenamed Sonic Rangers Scheduled for 2022. >Sonic DLC for Minecraft Announced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxTV4_skGrA >A Sonic Collection Featuring Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, and CD Has Been Announced. They'll run natively, Support Widescreen Resolutions and Come With New features. https://archive.is/WTznT

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>24704 > 1 vid, at the end > Adults welcome > Boxart shows rating 18+ What? Why? How? Do I even want to know?
>>24739 Well, the "adults welcome" bit is to advertise that Lego is not only a toy for kids, but for everyone of all ages. In this particular case it's also appealing to the adults that played Sonic 1 on the Genesis as children, considering the game is right at 30 years old now. As far as the 18+ rating goes, looking into it, it's something they introduced just a couple years ago, and it seems even Lego fans have been confused by their use of the rating, as one of it's early applications was a Sesame Street set spawned from an Ideas proposal just like this Sonic set. The only consistency seems to be higher price tags and if the set is aimed primarily at nostalgia.
>>24739 I completely glanced over that, oh wow. I guess it's about not having to comply with some regulation or another.

(137.94 KB 750x600 LogoHQ.png)

Sonic Time Corruption - A Classic Sonic fan game Anonymous 03/13/2019 (Wed) 19:08:25 No. 13857 [Reply] [Last]
Hello /fast/, The name's MrLevRocks, Lev for short, and I want to present you with a fan game that a few guys and me have been working on. I missed the mark making it the first fan game presented here, some anon got that honour, but alas… Anyways, you might be wondering what Sonic Time Corruption (logo send) is and why I chose to present it here. For starters, it's just a plain classic-flavour Sonic fan game lead by me. As you can tell from the title, it's got something to do with time and indeed that is the main concept of it. It's similar to Sonic CD in structure, but has some differences in how it plays out. Story-wise, I can't add much more either, Robotnik stole the Master Emerald, went to a new island of the week called Northwood Island where the Time Stones are, hijinks ensue. Now as to why I chose to post about it here. You may have noticed, I have yet to mention what actually is done. Don't worry, I'm not coming in empty handed, that'd be rude, but the small team and I lack the capacity to make something of scale. I'm personally an artist myself and what we, what I, am looking for is a programmer that is familiar with the GameMaker Language used in GameMaker Studio (1.4, in our case). I'm looking more for reliability and availability myself, rather than raw skill, but I'll tell you the reason for that next post. As for myself, you can look up my online handle above and easily find accounts of mine, proving that I'm not just bluffing, I too do my part in bringing my vision (technically not mine, but that's a story I don't want to have to type out now, ask if you're interested) to life. If you're interested, do post here, I'll share my email once I found someone so the private stuff can be discussed in private.
54 posts and 16 images omitted.
>>24653 >Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to hear it Well... at the 0:05 mark of the video, I think there should be a hill instead of a ramp to let the player choose to jump and reach the upper path using the physics.
(3.04 MB 768x768 SSZMock.gif)

While I was working on the layout, I was in the mood to assemble some assets again and had to get it out of my system. Welcome to Shivering Summit Zone, a ruined castle found and reinforced into a mighty mountaintop fortress by Eggman. A convenient excuse for Casltevania and Wolfenstein references. Unlike usually, I thought it'd be fun to make an animated mock-up to show the various parts, but considering the effort, I'm not sure if I'll do this again.
>>24713 I dig it. I love the sober atmosphere it has and the color palette. >Wolfenstein references Excellent taste. I hope you include some nice secrets in it!

(164.56 KB 544x760 983.jpg)

(132.69 KB 685x1166 b80.jpg)

(283.41 KB 1234x1600 BIFFYKH.jpg)

(250.62 KB 1232x1600 rJonbjm.jpg)

What could have been. Anonymous 12/24/2020 (Thu) 23:31:49 No. 23512 [Reply]
Concepts and alternate universes. I've seen some pretty neat things over the years both official and fanmade.
5 posts and 22 images omitted.
(66.68 KB 900x412 e47.jpg)

(141.57 KB 2048x1152 SA2_Rouge_Concept.jpg)

>>23519 That Rouge is very cute but what the hell is up with her shoes? Rouge is a woman that demands the best of the best and she looks like she's wearing tattered socks.
>>24293 >very cute what the fuck are you on, man. That's a hideous entity with terribly ill-fit hits for the overall body. If you want it that wide, you really need to widen more of the torso or it looks retarded. But mile wide shoulders Knuckles right off to the side does make for a funny comparison that would make it work not as terribly in the show. Narrow upper body and spindly arms compared to Knuck's massive arms and shoulders and his spindle legs and hips supporting it all it's a funny mirror, but it is not a cute design in its own right. It's comedic, it's whacky cartoon design. You're smokin' something if that has any appeal

Sonic Frontiers Thread Anonymous 12/11/2021 (Sat) 23:32:39 No. 24618 [Reply]
So let's go over what's confirmed >Open world >Ian Flynn confirmed for writer >Morio Kishimoto is the director >Sachiko Kawamura is the producer You looking forward to it?
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>24667 > is the reason why it got criticized was only because of the mario galaxy style levels? Haven't played the full game, only the demo, but the problem I found is that it's still a boost game, in design, that's trying to disguise itself like it's one of the 3D platformer games. The best way to compare is that it's the difference between Shadow and Heroes; where the base game is the "same" between the two, but Heroes has the team gameplay and more speed oriented, meanwhile Shadow has the weapons and more focussed on exploration. Although, in some ways, Lost World does serve as a proper 3D follow-up to the 2D games.
>>24667 >>24668 >As someone who didn't play lost world >Haven't played the full game, only the demo You can get the full game from here if you're interested in trying it out. >>23496
>>24667 Lost World is basically Colors 2. More actual 3D gameplay, and a run button, but it doesn't change as much as you'd think. It still feels fundamentally like a "Modern Sonic" game, but without all the nostalgiabait of Generations or excess of extremely polished content (even if you don't like the premise) of Unleashed.

(1.79 MB 245x285 giphy.gif)

Anonymous 01/09/2019 (Wed) 07:41:17 No. 11561 [Reply] [Last]
I honestly can't get enough of this. I was 10 when SA2 came out. And over the years, Rouge's breasts have grown with me. Does anyone else suffer from Rouge Fever?
40 posts and 24 images omitted.
>>11561 No thanks, I don't want the Main lands commie Kung Flu.
(113.86 KB 400x256 >and then anon sneezed.png)

>>24629 >see OP >something about bat fever >posted right before chink flu became a thing >yfw /fast/ was responsible for the pooh achoo

(58.73 KB 640x480 SatAMtitle.jpg)

>SatAM Sonic Anonymous 11/24/2018 (Sat) 07:57:17 No. 9068 [Reply] [Last]
>Has an inconsistent tone so it tries to be both srs business and wacky cartoon hijinks >Robotnik is a dull villain (complete with being a villain right out of Captain Planet) who's only memorable for having Jim Cummings voice him >Has a bloated crew of unneeded sidekicks before the games did it. Then do it again with that Cree Summer voiced dragon. >Rings do whatever the plot needs them to do >Hit and miss voice direction (Robotnik sounds okay enough but is too flat of a character to take advantage of Cummings' talent, Antoine is junk, Urkel Sonic, etc.) How did this show get memed into being good?
37 posts and 7 images omitted.
(2.37 MB 448x492 chao laugh.gif)

>>22814 >the world's most way past cool comic! Always gets me
I liked Satam overall, but I won't deny the concept was better than the execution. Kind of like MLP years later. It was the concept of the setting and characters that really drew me in, while the show itself was...ok. >>19270 Same, but with Bunnie. I really want to stick my dick in her.
When I was a kid I loved SatAM and didn't care for Adventures. Now my opinion is the opposite. SatAM is a pretty good kids' show, but it's not one of those shows that holds up for adult viewing, which a lot of '90s cartoons did well. At the same time SatAM was out, it was competing with other kids' action shows like Batman: The Animated Series, ReBoot, and Beast Wars, which blow it away in terms of action and characters and story. ReBoot and Beast Wars also try to do some comedy, as SatAM does, and again, they're better at it. And I only list these ones because they're shows I've watched relatively recently. SatAM is not an all time great. That said, is it good when compared to more run of the mill early '90s shows like Swat Kats or Captain Planet or Mighty Max? Sure, it's definitely in league with them. And they're pretty good. They're just not all time greats. Now I think SatAM is boring and a chore to watch, but I can see why kids would like it, especially in an era when they couldn't instantly watch any cartoon ever made. But I find Adventures more entertaining. I used to think SatAM looked better because it looked all crisp and clean, and I do still like how it looks, but SatAM's animation is actually pretty good and helps its comedy. It's no Ren & Stimpy or anything, but it's decent for a comedy cartoon of its era. Again, not an all time great, but it compares well with the average competing show of its time, and its time had better shows than most times. >>9095 Because the one thing ArchieSonic was good for was making the best of stupid characters and concepts, at least once Flynn was on it. It's all Flynn is good for, really. It would have been neat to get what probably would have been a loving and respectful, but actually well made (unlike the show) finale to Underground. Underground sucks, but they made a finale, and it would be cool to see it. >>9163 As much as I now strongly prefer the games' canon over SatAM and Archie, I do think it would be cool to include the SatAM characters as tertiary characters who guest star every now and then. This is what should have happened after the Super Genesis Wave, instead of keeping them as main characters over more important characters from the games. But if Mighty and Ray can show up every now and then, then it would be cool to have the SatAM characters operating in their own corner of the universe. They shouldn't be main characters, but if they show up to guest star every now and then, and appear in big massive climactic brawls, then that would be cool. But since they were used so badly in the comics for so long, I don't see Sega ever allowing this. And I don't blame them, either. >>19861 >Hell, I'd argue the episode about him & Uncle Chuck remains one of the strongest in the entire series Yeah, because it was one of the few where Sonic was actually the main character and not just a plot device. All that said, I'm a little conflicted, because the games basically use Sonic as a plot device frequently as well, because he's based on generic shounen heroes like Goku, who are frequently used as plot devices. And the best parts of Dragon Ball Z are when Goku is out of commission and Krillin and Bulma and Gohan are the real main characters, waiting for Goku to show up as a plot device that automatically beats the bad guy. And Sally is not unlike Bulma. Tails is not unlike Gohan. But then I guess it just brings us back to the point that, while SatAM is a good show, it's not an all time great. Dragon Ball Z is. It's not a fair comparison. And if you don't like Dragon Ball Z, then just consider that a more scathing criticism of SatAM, that it has even worse characterization and plotting than Dragon Ball Z. >>24454

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(102.47 KB 542x485 skedoodles1.jpg)

DRAWTHREAD Anonymous 12/04/2014 (Thu) 22:24:08 No. 46 [Reply] [Last]
hey board owner
how're we supposed to get this board going if we don't even have oekaki
417 posts and 245 images omitted.
Since there's already these two Bloodborne X Sonic crossover pics how about another one with Tails with some sort of Powder Kegs style getup.
(816.19 KB 755x1091 meme magics).jpg)

>>24544 This could be cool too. We must perform some sort of ritual to summon the drawfags.
Requesting Kit the Fennec’s back without his backpack

Sonic Related Dreams Anonymous 01/09/2019 (Wed) 18:40:01 No. 11569 [Reply]
I made this thread, because I've had my first Sonic related dream that I can thoroughly remember! >be me >in the perspective of Tails >Sonic, Amy, and I are all at a beach that resembles a mix of the more habitable parts of Wave Ocean or Emerald Coast >Sonic and I pretty much grind on the wind things from 06 except they're made of water >I eventually fall off into the water and hesitate to swim >the current begins to get really strong >oh_shit.jpg >can't move >pass by Amy, and she doesn't even notice me >Sonic to the rescue! >somehow Sonic begins to swim towards me, which garners the attention of amy >we eventually get pulled by the current til we're falling off the edge of the map >while we are falling into nothingness the world starts glitching >we then make it to Green Hill Zone somehow And then the dream ended
20 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>21194 I couldn't find it, it's old as hell. It basically parodied 4chan becoming a SJW sanctuary or something to that extent.
(101.95 KB 1357x589 garden-chao-big.jpg)

I had this one dream a few years ago related to Sonic, being inside the Chao Garden with a rail going from the ground to the sky with some chao running and walking around.
The only Sonic-related dream I can remember is that I once had a dream where Arin, Dan, and Brian reformed Starbomb with TWRP and did a cover of the Sonic Heroes theme.

(47.75 KB 500x281 game over.jpg)

Anonymous 04/14/2016 (Thu) 07:54:19 No. 767 [Reply]
welp, looks like this board is dead fuck
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(336.68 KB 1280x1128 Depressed Silver 1.png)

>>23962 8chan was never good.
(907.06 KB 1875x630 INFINITE had the Neggaball.png)

(861.63 KB 1339x755 Cirno vs Knuckles.png)

(103.69 KB 574x173 Ambulance for Amy.png)

>>23968 You're one to talk Silverfag. Don't get me started on /sthg/'s abhorrent posts or the infamous game where the fucker had his debut 15 years ago. I'm dreading revisiting Shadow's portion of 06 for my big franchise replay for the 30th anniversary and different studios aside, it's amazing how they made the vehicles there even worse than in Shadow's eponymous game. Besides, 8chan had its fair share of magical moments and OC.
>>23969 Nah, /v/ still sucked

(928.53 KB 1135x610 sonicxblazeconfirm.png)

Sonaze Hint? Anonymous 12/08/2020 (Tue) 21:35:48 No. 23418 [Reply]
What did the Official Sonic mean by this?
>>23418 It means Spark 3 will be the best 3D Sonic game ever made

(2.30 MB 3000x2403 crooked_teeth.jpg)

Iizuka, please retire already. Anonymous 10/28/2020 (Wed) 18:47:48 No. 23183 [Reply]
How long until this idiot gets the boot?
15 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>23233 Yeah, Mania being it's own game is way better than if it just ended up as a couple of bonus levels. Still, i am annoyed by the fact that Iizuka's thought proccess is "can you keep these zones but do Classic Sonic Generations as well" instead od "can you come up with more levels to turn it into a full game"
>>24237 Mania was good and successful. Make no mistake, this was an embarrassment to SEGA, much as Donkey Kong Country was to Nintendo back in the day.
>>23183 Get rid of him and the guy who casts the voices at SEGA USA, holy shit.

(396.77 KB 732x990 SFShadowRender.png)

Anonymous 07/15/2020 (Wed) 01:30:18 No. 22047 [Reply]
Anyone who gets in my way is my enemy
26 posts and 70 images omitted.
>>22910 Heroes doesn't have much of a story to begin with. He's a good guy, but that doesn't mean he has to be some happy guy like Sonic. Then that game introduces the idea that he might not even be the real Shadow, and the entire point of the next game is exploring that, and giving you choice to control just how edgy he is. So yeah, he can be edgy in that one, but it's up to you. And the canon ending is basically the one where he goes full good anyway. But again, that doesn't mean he has to completely change his personality. In the middle though, I think the story of Shadow the Hedgehog is actually pretty good, with an actual good solution of him deciding that it doesn't matter if he's the "real" one or not, since he is himself and that's what matters. After that he's just in '06, where he's basically just stoic but not very angsty, so much so that the ending of his story is him deciding to fight against Mephiles forever even though he's seen the future and knows that the world turns against him. Shadow has also been used well in the comics. Not often, but the Shadow Fall arc of Sonic Universe was one of the best arcs Sonic comics have ever had. Having him as a stoic secret agent type works. They could do more of that, and use his less carefree attitude to let him continue to explore the plot more than Sonic would care to, which is precisely what he did in Heroes, Shadow, and '06, but people who never even played '06 say it's bad for the wrong reasons, so now we can't have any of the characters, aestetic, or game play that were in that game. Except the awful Mach Speed sections, which became the only 3D gameplay we'd ever get anymore.
I love him so much bros.
Shadow is, always was, and always will be black

(51.70 KB 300x100 fast banner.png)

Banner thread Anonymous 12/04/2014 (Thu) 08:46:48 No. 29 [Reply] [Last]
Well, if we're gonna get this off the ground, might as well get a few banners up. Now let's get this one out of the way.
300 x 100, under 500KB going by what I've seen on other boards.
53 posts and 33 images omitted.
I haven't seen any chao themed banners, so have some that I've made myself.
(186.59 KB 670x613 73825235_p33.jpg)

>>23208 That's right, there weren't any. I'm happy that this oversight has been fixed, thanks!
(52.86 KB 300x100 El v2.png)

I've added >>>/b/53097 to the rotation. If anyone else has any interesting images for banners the OP of that thread is still taking requests.

(94.14 KB 256x256 hotario.png)

(33.01 KB 644x316 Captain Vidya[1].jpg)

(115.10 KB 700x500 captainvidya.png)

(450.62 KB 1750x2048 omelette-pingas.jpg)

(45.86 KB 925x1866 1362834611662.png)

Sonic Character Mutations Anonymous 12/09/2020 (Wed) 05:11:03 No. 23428 [Reply]
Just now looking through my Sanic folder I realized that there's a lot more of these things than I realized. I think we need a place to collect them all.
17 posts and 59 images omitted.
(35.11 KB 640x640 captain vidya v4.png)

(113.37 KB 522x419 exterminate.jpg)

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