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(174.84 KB 317x316 1510947313872.png)
Honey will never come back Anonymous 12/18/2017 (Mon) 22:44:05 No. 1017
Her characterization in the comics was perfect. Why did SEGA scrap kitty waifu?
Technically speaking, wouldn't she have a bigger than average chance of appearing in the new comics, with her being a game character?
>>1021 She does. Especially since Ian can use any & every game character for IDW
>>1022 She also hasn't appeared before Ian's run, so she's relatively clean from all the past bullshit. However, >Ian can use any & every game character for IDW Source? I don't think we have gotten that kind of specific information yet.
>>1025 It was mentioned during the mememan stream with Joe Hughes & Ian. He can use any game character, so Honey may be safe
>>1017 I want to cum inside Honey.
>>1035 Pls don't lewd Honey
>>1017 Honey somehow ended up being one of the best characters in reboot >tfw no upbeat fashion-loving business waifu to cuddle
Honey needs to be in the games.
>>1022 except for shade or any of the other echdnias because penders mustache will come to life and eat them if so.
>>1017 she's overdesigned as hell and has no real personality outside the comics
(627.12 KB 1057x1200 1508258320115.jpg)
Would honey make a good villain? She was already kind of an antagonist in Champions.
(95.55 KB 250x250 honey_iucon.png)
>>1122 >Villain Honey I'd take it.
>>1122 Honey was pretty far from an antagonist in Champions. She was kindly and friendly, and the few times she did do dickish things it was played entirely for laughs rather than any sort of genuine threats. She was in to help from the beginning, really, and the end emphasized how different she is from Breezie, even if Breezie insists they're not so different. But I might take villain Honey, that'd be fun. I don't know about genuine evil though, again, Breezie already kind of fills her niche. I'd like to see her "play" a villain though, because she thinks it's fun or some shit.
The only reason people give a care about Honey is because of pure wifuism. That's it.
>>1125 I don't think she should exactly be a "villain", but I think she would make a good rival to Amy. Maybe be something like the Harley to Amy's May like from Pokemon.
>>1126 >The only reason people give a care about Sonic is because of pure wifuism. That's it.
>>1134 *husbandoism
(184.42 KB 817x1280 1500312966.miri_honey.png)
>Nice >Energetic >Lewd >Can kick your ass >Rich as fuck >Lives for the thrill >Adorable She's got a lot going for her from just one comic arc so I can't fault anyone for wanting to waifu her.
>>1136 I want her in the games…or at LEAST in the IDW Comics.
>>1138 Why not both?
>>1138 Are you sure about that? They would fuck her up beyond recognition. Do you really want her spouting retarded Pontaff dialog?
>>1152 She would be okay in the Japanese version.
(16.64 KB 309x428 1473780610228.png)
>>1154 >Honey in Japanese Who would her seiyuu be?
>>1152 >Honey, as written by Pontaff I don't even want to know what that would be like
(413.47 KB 797x1003 1432241640810.png)
>>1156 Hopefully better than Sticks'
>>1152 >>1154 >>1156 Honey makes me think her English voice would be Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie), but at the same time that's not totally 100% on the mark. I think she would sound kind of dorky, if that makes sense.
(65.55 KB 328x328 12627389902.png)
She's cute I guess
According to Ian on the Bumblekast, Honey should be good to go
>>1192 what is this picture?
(68.68 KB 286x323 1430178175788.jpg)
>>1212 Well at lest hes doing one thing right
>>1213 late but cropped hypnosis futa porn
>>1891 >>1213 The fish princess is also in it, udina or whatever her name was
>>1118 >has no real personality outside the comics Like every Sonic character?
Actually, I would welcome the inclusion of shoujo-esque energetic girly-girl Honey if this means Amy can fulfill her tomboy niche again
4chan is shitting the bed extremely hard right now, so I decided to pop on over here. I feel like a level 4 amongst a ton of level 50's.
I dont' care about Honey because she's no better a character than Mighty or Ray or ESPECIALLY FANG but gets more focus because she's a girl despite havin a weaker and less charismatic design than all 3. Fuck.
>>6797 >gets more focus From who? Because a lot of the people who followed the comics gave Mighty, Ray, Fang, Honey etc. a pretty equal amount of love
>>6800 Fans
>>6797 Not to mention she's based off of a pre-existing human character. I'd rather they make a new Vipers or Megamix game. It seems as though their best days are behind them though Mania and SoR4 give me an ounce of hope that anything could happen.
(80.56 KB 500x415 1455690500207.png)
>>6795 >phoneposting >4chan (you) should build your mana by lurking, baka.
>>4955 I'd like to fill Amy's tomboy niche.
>>1973 If they had no personality in the games then you wouldn't have all that Adventure era deviantart autism. Honey is literally a scrapped character only included as a bonus in a rerelease and as such she has literally no story in the games.
>>2050 i find it a bit ironic that jesus pops up as one of the images. XD

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