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(1.79 MB 245x285 giphy.gif)

Anonymous 01/09/2019 (Wed) 07:41:17 No. 11561
I honestly can't get enough of this. I was 10 when SA2 came out. And over the years, Rouge's breasts have grown with me. Does anyone else suffer from Rouge Fever?
>>11561 Big Fat Bat Tats are great, but Rouge is pretty awesome. Her interactions with Shadow, Omega & Knuckles are really underrated imo & i really wanna see her team up with other characters more often.
>>11565 Same. They keep putting her on the backburner but she really is a great character.
>>11561 We all need this
(10.93 KB 565x275 1470278355495.gif)

>>11580 This is a Christian imageboard anon.
>>11599 What faggotry is this?!
(14.14 KB 480x360 XHb6sza5mZs.jpg)

(135.08 KB 310x250 smooch.png)

>>11561 >Does anyone else suffer from Rouge Fever? I'm Rouge Fever patient 0. I've had a hard-on for Rouge since 2001 and I've only grown to love her more as time went on. Her amazing tats and sexy "the world is mine" personality assured my adolescent heterosexuality. My love for Rouge is second only to that sperg that punched his mom over her. Lani Minella might look like a disgusting swamp hag, but I'd fuck her god damn brains out just to have had sex with Rouge by proxy.
(182.43 KB 284x660 Free_thinking.jpg)

>>12532 >My love for Rouge is second only to that sperg that punched his mom over her. Tell me more.
(1.49 MB 2305x4145 fag.jpg)

>>12535 It's all right here.
>>11599 We can't even spoiler? Damn.
>>12697 I'm pretty sure that the image didn't have a spoiler, but I'm confused on how >>1102 has its images still there.
>>12699 Yeah, the pic wasn't spoilered. Also chances are, the new BO never really got around to those posts in the OP of that old thread.
>>11561 40% of my sexual frustration alone comes from that I will never be able to fuck her so violently that she needs a wheelchair after one can only dream we get another game with bouncing bat tats physics like SA2 had <HHHNNGGGGGGFfff dat gif >>12538 I want to become his disciple
(109.51 KB 1200x1016 1555259400783.jpg)

(275.19 KB 904x712 1556483871415.gif)

(126.80 KB 540x650 1559247470244.png)

(2.48 MB 1300x908 1566528149732.png)

(123.97 KB 1132x1500 1569009001796.jpg)

Rouge thread has been revived. Post jazz and bats.
>>18109 what do you think she smell like?
(24.06 KB 480x360 x3efbFgPLC0.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3efbFgPLC0 >>18116 Cheap perfume, cigarettes and guano
>>18119 That's a really awful combination. I'm going to keep imagining she smells like candy like all sanics.
>>18120 What kind of candy?
>>18160 Where's the porn?
>>18158 Marshmallows or other fair candy.
>>18182 maybe in Saudi Arabia?
There. Now cut it out. >>18201 >>18182 And you please stop writing like a nigger.
Kinda wish Rouge got a song other than Fly In The Freedom, or at least a remix. What was the last game to even use that theme? >>18182 >>18201 >>18193 Can you guys not shit this board up with this garbage? Thanks
(111.54 KB 531x582 EA9oHtSXsAMQWxY.jpg)

>>18210 I think it actually hasn't been reused again after SA2. TSR uses a fragment from Security Hall as her theme.
(1.32 MB 2050x1080 1558651150645.png)

>>18243 This is an absolute banger.
>>11561 >Rouge Fever uhhh… are you okay dude, you're not coughing up blood or anything… right?
>>20342 Kek. This thread aged perfectly.
(3.43 MB 1280x720 12_gameovers.webm)

>>20343 You can say that again. Even the /v/ BO allegedly has it now: https://archive.fo/WcFxx
>>20524 Oh, wow. That sucks.
>>18116 As a bat, she probably smells like fruit. I'd guess strawberry.
>>20592 I thought so, too. But does she smell like that naturally or does she use perfume?
>>20594 It would be artificial of course, no being smells like strawberry naturally unless they're a walking talking strawberry. I was thinking it was more like a fruit scented lotion she would rub on herself, something to keep her skin smooth as well as smell nice.
(4.60 MB 1280x720 Bat_Tat_Jiggle_Physics.mp4)

Forgot this video with my last post. Flat chested girls on suicide watch.
(20.25 KB 480x360 d07u4aYcAX4.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d07u4aYcAX4 >>20627 y did they add da boob to children olympic party game. At least there will a better model for lewd and non-lewd blender/sfm animations, if a rip is uploaded >>20608 What in chaos's name am i reading She'll most likely use expensive perfume, you're overthinking this. Also there is actual bat perfume, which is just Guava, Night Blooming Jasmine, myrrh & bat musk and when i was looking into this, i found a rabbit hole of perfume videos. At least that man will be overjoyed much as you, when smell batwoman with your olfactophilia
Bats eat mosquitos. If a mosquito bites your dick and then Rogue eats the mosquito, is that an indirect bj?
(80.20 KB 1024x652 me_irl.jpg)

>>22033 Whatever you're hoping for, it won't happen man
I want to touch her ears. With a little bit of yanking
(48.49 KB 374x325 b.jpg)

>>22422 That's sickening!
>>11561 No thanks, I don't want the Main lands commie Kung Flu.
(113.86 KB 400x256 >and then anon sneezed.png)

>>24629 >see OP >something about bat fever >posted right before chink flu became a thing >yfw /fast/ was responsible for the pooh achoo

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