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Sonic Related Dreams Anonymous 01/09/2019 (Wed) 18:40:01 No. 11569
I made this thread, because I've had my first Sonic related dream that I can thoroughly remember! >be me >in the perspective of Tails >Sonic, Amy, and I are all at a beach that resembles a mix of the more habitable parts of Wave Ocean or Emerald Coast >Sonic and I pretty much grind on the wind things from 06 except they're made of water >I eventually fall off into the water and hesitate to swim >the current begins to get really strong >oh_shit.jpg >can't move >pass by Amy, and she doesn't even notice me >Sonic to the rescue! >somehow Sonic begins to swim towards me, which garners the attention of amy >we eventually get pulled by the current til we're falling off the edge of the map >while we are falling into nothingness the world starts glitching >we then make it to Green Hill Zone somehow And then the dream ended
(596.21 KB 640x480 1524027355201.png)

>>11569 >be me >very young, about 1st grade, maybe 6 years old >have dream or "nightmare" as I called it >sonic & friends are having a party on a rooftop >suddenly knuckles throws up >slowmo.jpg >it lands on sonic's fucking face >dream ends >scared out of my wits and proceed to avoid anything sonic related for a few months / a year >finally break down crying one day on my mum's lap and tell her about it >clearly remember saying "a-a-and then k-kn-knuckles threw u-up" in between sobs >telling my dream to someone must have lifted a weight off my chest, because soon I was back to playing Sonic games >been a fan since I was an odd kid…
(2.82 MB 4032x3024 20190109_180823.jpg)

I inject coffee into the yolk of my eggs and sprinkle ground coffee powder onto the egg. I don't dream anymore…
(1.98 MB 400x305 1410804653212.gif)

I had a few Sonic related dreams and at one point I started trying to write them down to remember them, but I quickly realized how autistic that was and disposed of the notes. These days I only remember a little bit of the first one that I had. It involved wacky kart racing, like in vidya. Very shortly after the race began, we arrived at some sort of building that had openings that lead to the other side. I was in the lead and took the main opening near the center of the track, but when I started to approach the building huge spikes came out of the floor and blocked some of the entrances. Mine was blocked by what was by far the biggest spike and I crashed, my kart exploded, and I died, lol. >>11569 That sounds like a common dream archetype. >>11570 >>clearly remember saying "a-a-and then k-kn-knuckles threw u-up" in between sobs You must have made your mom very confused, kek. >>11595 >help
>>11605 Sounds like you dream of being in TSR, anon
Last night I had a lucid dream and tried to get Sonic to show up but he wouldn't. I was being attacked by monsters and I thought it would be cool if he came and beat them up for me. But he left me to rot instead f*ck S*nic
(114.20 KB 403x400 400.jpg)

>>12136 Did you cry "HELP ME, SONIC!" before getting killed? You could've gotten Classic Sonic to show up
>>12137 maximum kek
>>12136 Sonic only helps true fans in their dreams.
>>12157 I'm the truest Sonic fan there is. I literally try to dream about Sonic. He's just a dick
>>12158 Try and race him in your dream.
(24.34 KB 269x269 1503966170875.jpg)

>>12159 >anon tries everything to get Sonic to show up >mfw calling him a faggot and challenging him to a race is the only thing that works >mfw anon dies in the race and Sonic doesn't help him
(7.64 KB 209x241 dabs.jpg)

>>12168 >spoiler Wouldn't be Sonic's fault if anon's too slow
>>11569 Not entirely Sonic related, but >be me >late teens >been experimenting with lucid dreaming for a little over a month >get to the point where I can somewhat control it >go to sleep one night >appear on a sidewalk next to a chain link fence >completely aware that I'm dreaming >start running down the sidewalk >I'm going pretty fast >the wind starts picking up around me >the people on the sidewalk jump out of my way >I start going faster >the air around me starts to bend >I start going very fast >the air around me starts pushing the people on the sidewalk into the fence and street >there is an absence of all sound >I get this feeling of unbridled freedom >there is nowhere I can't go >there is nothing that can stop me >light begins to bend >wake up shortly after I finally know what it's like to go fast and it's beautiful.
(51.39 KB 848x636 imageproxy.jpg)

>>12533 And now you know why Sonic loves running so much.
Just had a dream where my brother was being picked up by a miniature floating island controlled by Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Sonic.
>>14199 You dreamt Knuckles, Julie-Su & Sonic abducted your brother? But why, tho?
>>14201 I don't know, and that's the scary part
This morning I dreamt that 4/sthg/ was some kind of old school internet forum with stickers/emoticons/smileys that you had to earn. one of them was of bump, but you had to earn her by somehow making a valid and non off-topic reply to an /sthg/ thread in /x/ >>14199 what the hell?
>>21170 Well, that old parody image about halfchan's future is slowly coming true so maybe your dream might come true in a few years too. That Bump sticker isCUTEthough. >but you had to earn her by somehow making a valid and non off-topic reply to an /sthg/ thread in /x/
>>21175 >that old parody image about halfchan's future Sauce?
>>21194 I couldn't find it, it's old as hell. It basically parodied 4chan becoming a SJW sanctuary or something to that extent.
(101.95 KB 1357x589 garden-chao-big.jpg)

I had this one dream a few years ago related to Sonic, being inside the Chao Garden with a rail going from the ground to the sky with some chao running and walking around.
The only Sonic-related dream I can remember is that I once had a dream where Arin, Dan, and Brian reformed Starbomb with TWRP and did a cover of the Sonic Heroes theme.

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