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(70.83 KB 1280x720 bestshowever.jpg)
SONIC UNDERGROUND, BITCH Anonymous 01/24/2018 (Wed) 16:42:29 No. 1246
What do you faggot-ass bitches think about Sonic Underground? Personally it's my unironic favorite show
>>1246 I haven't really dedicated enough time to watch Underground, Satam, and Aosth, but from what I remember it was the most entertaining of the three.
>>1246 Hello, Tamers12345
>>1260 Sup bitches
>>1246 Best intro in the history of TV shows. Weirdly disjointed plot. Each episode minus the pair of three-parters feel like they're in a vacuum. The trio never seems to really accomplish anything and 99 percent of the characters that aren't the three protags and the three antags are the dictionary definition of throwaway characters. Most characters appear in one episode, they make a big deal about how they're resistance members now, and then they're dragged out back to a ditch and shot, metaphorically speaking. If you hear someone in the show say "I'm a resistance member now!" that's code for "I will never, ever be seen nor mentioned again". This has the effect of making it seem even more banal and pointless than a shitty cheap kid's TV show should: they never really accomplish anything nor go anywhere and the show ends before we can even find out if the prophecy comes true or not. The last episode of it doesn't even feel like anyone knew it would be the last episode, which they probably didn't, but it doesn't even end on a cliffhanger. Just the same shit that's been going on for 34 of the 40 episodes. Holy shit that intro is based though. Motherfucker singing it seemed to think that he was making Bohemian Rhapsody 2 he was putting his heart into it so much.
Honestly, I have a hard time watching it, simply because of the excessively campy and cheesy feel. The same reason why I actually dislike Mania Adventures except with Underground, it's without the consistency and faithfulness to the original material. The music isn't very good either, save aside the theme opening, you'd think the music quality would be on par with what came out a decade before, Jem and the Holograms, but instead sounds obviously rushed and Christian rock-y. The characters never really hold tension with each other, either, they'll argue and not get along, but in the next scene they'll be yelling about "friendship! siblings forever!". Though, that is more on the fault of executive meddling. As for the characters themselves, the two main characters follow standard tropes, Sonia being the "icky icky dumb boys I love fashion" Sally-lite character [Ben Hurst's waifu], Sonic being "TOTALLY RAD! AWESOME!" slightly toned down version of his Satam self. Manic is the only character with an interesting concept, because he is something that isn't much seen in the series (or most Japanese video game series targeted to kids-teenage audiences) to begin with. The thief, the street rat, the 70's punk motif.. yeah, pretty underrated. If I could axe any character from the SU universe and keep Manic, I would do it. I have to wonder how this Manic character would be if he wasn't written as Sonic's brother. The plot itself, stupid, I don't like the idea of triplet main characters. I don't like Sonic HAVING to be royalty either. Yeah, the whole development for this program was a fucking mess.
If the show didn't have those awful songs it would be significantly better. It still wouldn't be great but it wouldn't be horrible
>>4956 The funny thing is, Dic basically forced songs to be added on to every episode. I don't know why they thought that shit was a good idea. They could have at least made it catchy like Jem & the Holograms
>>4957 I know in other kid shows they put in songs so they can reuse chunks of animation so it could have been that. They were really lazy with the animation in general, especially for the songs. They'd reuse parts and just throw cheap Windows Movie Maker effects over them to make them look different I think they also released a CD with the songs at some point but I can't imagine anyone bought it besides clueless parents. Even when I was the target demographic for the show, I hated the majority of the songs
(237.26 KB 899x656 autismal editing.png)
They would look better if they were shades of blue
>>4960 Yeah it was.. pathetic to say the very least. It made the show almost unbearable for me because I could feel how passionate-less and amateurish it was.
It's one bizarre show, and I can't help but love it for that. I find it amusing to see what kind of weird things can happen. Also, Manic is the definition of cute rebel boy, and is a precious cinnamon roll because of it. The dorky voice helps out with that as well.
>>8180 I want to hug Manic. And also blow him
>>8180 >>8186 I too, am a manicfag. I thought i was the only one
>>1246 Fap bait.
>>1246 I loved watching the shit out of it as a kid while waiting for the school bus to show up. Mom would make oatmeal with dinosaur eggs each time. I miss those days
(103.24 KB 255x350 Renee[1].png)
(509.96 KB 560x760 Sonia's_foster_mother[1].png)
(279.17 KB 462x684 Mindy[1].png)
>>1246 The characters that aren't SEGA originated are the most ugliest motherfuckers I've ever seen. I hated looking at them so much, they looked liked Disney Afternoon cartoon rejects. I think the design could've barely been saved had it not been for the clashing bright color designs for the characters that just made them stand out and look so drab and unpleasant to look at.
>>8478 >not wanting to fuck that slut Mindy Low-T tbh, 0/10 Tamers wouldn't approve
TBH, I find the setting, how it uses the setting, and its villains (namely Robotnik) more interesting on paper than what SatTAM did. What made Underground Robotnik memorable to me despite not being voiced by Jim Cummings (though being voiced by Beast Wars alumni Garry Chalk is a pretty big deal too IMO) or having the sheer meme energy of Baldry's Robotnik is that he's honestly overall the most balanced and has some of the more potentially interesting dynamics with his world. Adventures Robotnik was wacky and it worked for the show he was in. SatAM Robotnik is too much of a Captain Planet and also simultaneously too incapable as a villain. At least for Adventures' Robotnik he's supposed to be a joke. SatAM Robotnik is supposedly the supreme emperor all he sees, yet he has so much difficulty with a tiny group of resistance and overall screws up too much (or his minions do) that it's hard to take his supremacy seriously. Underground Robotnik is a flawed and dangerously positioned Warlord who in many ways still has to fear for his life and his position (hence prophecy). Having to maintain control with the nobles is a dynamic that adds a bit to this version of Robotnik. He can't just go willy nilly with his power, he has to find a good point between being a ruthless bastard who steamrolls over his enemies and placating his subjects to make sure they don't make any truly seriously threatening uprisings against him on top of making sure he doesn't give the nobility any excuse to stop funding his takeover of the planet.  It's this tug of war dynamic he has with not only the Freedom Fighters, but also the same subjects he's trying to rule that makes his character, if not amazing in execution, more interesting to me compared to his other counterparts in the more popular DiC Sonic cartoons and one that I wish was looked into more in other Sonic media.
(238.18 KB 500x667 FuckYeaSonic_zpscce798d7.png)
Best Sonic Show ever! It had like 6-8 bangin' Songs that sounded like they came straight from freedom fighting Mobius & one of the best Sonic voice actors besides Ryan Drummond & Martin Burke, MATT HILL sang as Sonic!
Underground had better worldbuilding than SatAM, a more balanced Freedom Fighter dynamic than SatAM, a more rounded Robotnik than SatAM. Actually tried to give more grounds for Robotnik to have allies than turning each of them into robots. SatAM really only did nothing that wasn't done better in Archie and Underground.
Underground is shit, but it has a nice premise. Seriously, the plot falls apart when you realize that the Oracle teleported into Robotnik's bedroom before and could just do that again but bring a gun this time. Although maybe the prophecy has a part specifically telling the Oracle not to do that. Who knows. I also got the distinct feeling that whoever made Dingo and what's-his-name had some kind of gay transformation fetish.
Sonia needs a female voice actor should she ever return in any official media.
>>22834 Her only redeeming factor is the fact that it's funny that Urkel voices her too.
>>1260 It can't be Tamers, there hasn't been one mention of Bartleby >>1261 That's Chad Warden, he's all 'bout that PS Triple
I don't understand why Sonicfags compare Bartleby to Antoine. The only thing they got in common is blonde hair and aristocratic background. Bartleby cheated on Sonia with two girls and tried to colonize an island with robotnik in the original series
>>22833 The freedom fighters are more balanced than satam by far, morally gray anthro characters without having god eldritch powers (absolutely rare in sonic media), and the dynamic between the lower classes and the aristocrats was based
>>23137 Your argument is basically that Bartleby is a more antagonistic version of Antoine. Antoine got a lot more development in Archie over the years, but very few read that compared to the amount exposed to the cartoon, where he was a very shallow character. The comics could have taken him in a different direction to basically turn him into Bartleby and it would have made just as much sense.

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