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(137.94 KB 750x600 LogoHQ.png)

Sonic Time Corruption - A Classic Sonic fan game Anonymous 03/13/2019 (Wed) 19:08:25 No. 13857
Hello /fast/, The name's MrLevRocks, Lev for short, and I want to present you with a fan game that a few guys and me have been working on. I missed the mark making it the first fan game presented here, some anon got that honour, but alas… Anyways, you might be wondering what Sonic Time Corruption (logo send) is and why I chose to present it here. For starters, it's just a plain classic-flavour Sonic fan game lead by me. As you can tell from the title, it's got something to do with time and indeed that is the main concept of it. It's similar to Sonic CD in structure, but has some differences in how it plays out. Story-wise, I can't add much more either, Robotnik stole the Master Emerald, went to a new island of the week called Northwood Island where the Time Stones are, hijinks ensue. Now as to why I chose to post about it here. You may have noticed, I have yet to mention what actually is done. Don't worry, I'm not coming in empty handed, that'd be rude, but the small team and I lack the capacity to make something of scale. I'm personally an artist myself and what we, what I, am looking for is a programmer that is familiar with the GameMaker Language used in GameMaker Studio (1.4, in our case). I'm looking more for reliability and availability myself, rather than raw skill, but I'll tell you the reason for that next post. As for myself, you can look up my online handle above and easily find accounts of mine, proving that I'm not just bluffing, I too do my part in bringing my vision (technically not mine, but that's a story I don't want to have to type out now, ask if you're interested) to life. If you're interested, do post here, I'll share my email once I found someone so the private stuff can be discussed in private.
(3.39 MB 426x240 Test.gif)

To show that I'm not just a bigmouth, here's a recording of one of the engine tests, showing one of the quality of life improvements we thought up for the life system. You ever played Contra? This is about the same, you die and respawn in a second, smoothening gameplay.
Oh wow, don't know how this thread flew under the radar. Always appreciate seeing projects like this come to life, s best of luck in your project, anon!
>>13871 Thanks anon, I hope I can find a few helping hands and if not… I'll make the best of it regardless.
>>13883 Well, the board is seemingly going through a slow period probably because of some of the severe weather conditions hitting part of the US, but hopefully some of the folks here can help when things clear up.
>>13886 >the board is seemingly going through a slow period I though we were going through an activity surge since a few days ago, though it did slow down more recently.
>>13887 We have, I was mostly referring to today
>>13857 Two things, One: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hqwP6uuYOWo Two: Do you need programmers?
>>13998 To the first point: First, I think you're looking for /smb/, this is /fast/, we don't do that whole C&D around here. Second, I do get your point but I don't think I'm in any grave danger per se. It'd be foolish to assume SEGA wouldn't take me (or any other, bigger, Sonic and SEGA fan projects) down, SORRemake bit the dust about a decade ago after all, but the hand I've been playing looks good, with so far no projects C&D-ed and mine being relatively low-profile despite my best efforts to make something of it on DA and Twatter. >Do you need programmers? Putting it this bluntly sounds a bit rude, but yes, that was one of my goals coming in here (the other being sharing my work around in an audience yet untapped). I assume you ask because you might be interested or could recommend me someone, so I answer that question with a counter-question: Do you, or whomever you want to recommend, use (or know) GameMakerLanguage as used in the GameMaker Studio 1.4 IDE?
(1.61 MB 426x240 Test.gif)

Speaking of audiences starved of content. Here's a GIF recording of a menu prototype I did recently. No point in showing gameplay at such an early state anyways, we all know how Sonic works, so this is a lot more interesting.
>>14000 Nice menu Eggman's got some big 'ol hands
>>14014 >Eggman's got some big 'ol hands The better to stangle Sonic with, I suppose. Anyways, apologies for the lack of updates recently, I've kinda forgotten this place existed. Nobody got in touch with me or asked for my eMail address, so the position of coder is still open. In the meantime, we've started to make progress towards developing a demo by making level designs and smoothing out some rough edges in the general design of things, such as how to access special stages and secondary matters like so.
>>14853 It's cool, anon. Not entirely sure if we're the best to look when it comes to coders, but I would absolutely look into trying to contact some fan-game makers who've worked in the GameMaker Language before.
(288.58 KB 3000x3600 1444626041140.jpg)

>>14853 >I've kinda forgotten this place existed You make Bump sad.
>>14855 >Not entirely sure if we're the best to look when it comes to coders I know, but at the same time, I assumed this place would have the odd programmer or two around. It's a gamble, but one I'm willing to take. >I would absolutely look into trying to contact some fan-game makers who've worked in the GameMaker Language before. Problem with that is, I already tried. Not sure why or when, but there's a recent trend, at least around the circles I manage to be part of, that, first, fan games aren't made as often in GML as they used to be. It his CTF2.5 and Sonic Worlds Delta too but not as much, as more "experimental" engines in Construct, self-written in something like C# or just plain Sonic Mania mods are getting more popular than ever. Second, every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying to work on their on game and thus much less people are available. You find some new kid on the block, try and ask them to help you and turns out they've started their own fan game in the 3 minutes it takes you to say "hello". I don't really blame anyone, neither you nor the fan gaming community in general for these developments, it's just bad timing on making a Sonic fan game on my end, but I'm still chaffing at them.
>>14865 >I assumed this place would have the odd programmer or two around You're not wrong, but honestly there's much more interesting stuff to work on than Sonic fangames when you have skills, and it's also sometimes a bit hard to come home from coding all day just to keep coding even more.
>>14871 Touché, anon.
(655.06 KB 512x512 download.gif)

Almost a month since last post and this is still on the front page of this board. Not very active, are we? Showing off some stage asset progress in form of a new zone, as well as some new Sonic sprites to go with it. Not all's done, lamp post/holographic palm tree for example doesn't have a palette yet, but you get the gist of it. I do leave you with one question however: What is Sonic listening to?
>>16034 That looks pretty nice. If it is a casino themed zone, I think the background should have some more animations
(7.83 KB 480x360 jl6kjAkVw_s.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl6kjAkVw_s >>16034 That is a very beautiful background. As for what Sonic is listening to
>>16036 You think? I don't disagree with you in that casino-themed stages often have background animations, but given the amount of background to animate, it could be a bit too much on the eyes, won't it? Worth a thought still.
>>16034 >Not very active, are we? No, but there's still been several hundred posts since then, though since they're mostly contained within a few threads, other threads don't slide much. By the way, how did you find us? We're not very popular as you imply. Also, how much stuff have you created for the game already in terms of zones? As for the background, I like it. It's fairly detailed but it doesn't seem as busy/distracting as in the Genesis games. It could stand to be a bit more detailed like the other anon said, but looking at other backgrounds you might be able to get away with it by making it smaller so that it looks like it's further away from the stage.
>>16073 >Also, how much stuff have you created for the game already in terms of zones? More than I show off, obviously, but it's not like the game's done, I'd be showing off more then. I've got a bit here and a bit there, but nothing is quite polished enough to be worth showing off. I think it'd be fair to say every stage has something, be it a background or a tile set (or tile to be making a set from, if I'm lazy), but only the stuff shown off on DeviantArt and such is done enough to allow a stage to be made from it. One thing I also noticed is that I've not shown off is alternate time lines, because you'd think for a game called "Time Corruption", the first thing I flaunt around would be time travel. Yet, all the images and footage was only from one version of every stage each. Pure coincidence, believe me. >By the way, how did you find us? We're not very popular as you imply. Like you'd expect, I suppose. I was looking for a community not tainted by the faults of the general Sonic fan gaming and hacking scene and the first thing that came to mind is imageboards. Thus, I looked it up and behold, /fast/ is a Sonic-themed board on 8chan and, by the looks of it, starved of fan games too. I saw a marketing oppurtunity and I seized it.
(408.38 KB 256x256 Test.gif)

Small delays from our side that I wish to apologize for, have a small badnik animated instead.
>>16623 Cute, diabolical fella
>>16623 make it run over a sanic
>>13857 Any fan games out there that have the time travel feature of sonic CD? I always thought it could be done but more elaborated with more changes depending of what you do
>>17066 I don't think this is the place for that, >>388 is the general fan game discussion thread on this board, from what I can tell. Anyways, though I'm not sure any of them have object persistence (not from a programming point of view), there's a handful of fan games and hacks that (tried to) have a time travel feature. -Sonic Time Twisted is the obvious choice, a long-developed fan game that acts as a semi-sequel/successsor to CD. Some say it's great, some say it's awful, I thought it was fine. -Sonic 2 CD Remix is a hack of S2, I think it was released not too long ago, which also has time travel. In particular, some zones have pasts and futures, but I'm not sure how close to Sonic CD it is. -Sonic Chrono Adventure, if it needs an introduction, is another fan game that features time travel, though there it's a means to the end, as it's only used to access the "alternative world" or whatever it's called in semi-open games like that. Think Dark World from Zelda on the SNES. -South Island Warped is another hack. Don't know anything about it, I just saw a video of that once. Can't list any others I'm afraid. It can be assumed the extra effort needed is what turns fan devs away from implementing time travel in their particular projects, can't say I blame them.
(68.08 KB 1704x960 tmp12.png)

It has been a while, hasn't it? Truth be told, I never noticed 8chan coming back online over a month back, but I'm glad I found it again. So, to kick the new year off (or kick the old year out, your pick), I made a quadtych in December that I'd like to proudly share with you folks.
>>18799 Hey man, good to see you're still around and still working on your game. Looks very crisp! Are you reusing sprites from Sonic 2 for pics 1 and 4?
>>18802 >Hey man, good to see you're still around and still working on your game. Looks very crisp! Thanks anon. I couldn't leave all the people here hanging after a reveal like that. >Are you reusing sprites from Sonic 2 for pics 1 and 4? "Kinda" would have to be my response to that. I think the wing blades in image 1 are original, just heavily referenced from the ones in WFZ but the Clucker badnik (what you can see of it) in image 4 is from the same stage, just recoloured and detail added to.
(82.21 KB 852x480 MockUpsFinal.png)

Another series of images have been completed and shared since, thought you might enjoy these too. This is an earlier stage than the airship from a while back, the obligatory theme park stage, with hints of Stardust Speedway, my personally favourite stage of the series.
>>19745 Looks pretty sick!
>>18799 >>19745 Holy shit these colors looks sexy, I love them. I've seen this thread like a year ago and remembered about it to see you're still at it is great. Godspeed and good luck with your game anon
>>19745 Looks actually nice, I dig. Upper right one looks a bit empty though.
>>19865 > I've seen this thread like a year ago Looking at the dates, it really has been 2 weeks shy a year since I first shared things here. At least we can shut up all those feel-good gurus that claim a lot can change within a year. Thanks everyone for your support. It's minor, but even kind words drive one forward.
(63.57 KB 852x1440 031020.png)

Hey anons. OP here. After posting on 8kun I was pointed here, so I'll copy-paste what I last send there here. Has it really been over half a year since the last post here? Times flies by when you're standing still. As many may be able to point out, Sonic Time Corruption wasn't at SAGE this year. Roadblocks got in the way, team members were busy with their own (and more successful) projects etc. so I couldn't get anything done myself. However, now that things are returning to normal, I too am back in development. Here's a direct comparison shot of all 3 time variants of Tropical Trouble, the archetypal opening stage of every Sonic game. 2 are very similar, yet subtly different, and for a reason.
>>23019 Hey anon, happy to see you made it here. I'm wondering why we see the same island in the first and last image but there are more in the middle one. Are we going to have to wait until next year's SAGE for a build?
>>23021 >Are we going to have to wait until next year's SAGE for a build? That's a question I don't think even I can answer. Still having programmer woes (some things never change, do they?), but starting November, not making any promises, someone might have some time so development can continue. How long it takes until a build (and the question whether a 1-stage build like all failed fan games is such a good idea), who knows?
>>23019 This pixel art is gorgeous! How long have you been doing sprite work?
>>23026 Obviously I can't date when the first time I used MSPaint was, but proper in-game art for Sonic (fan) games I must've started on in mid-2013, so not that long ago. You're barking up the wrong tree, though, as much as I enjoy my horn being blown, the bulk of the artistic effort was made by a good friend and team member: WizToad. https://twitter.com/WizToad The trees, plants, flowers, the Sonic sprite, anything complex was his work, whereas I did the tiles (but not the grass, that was someone else), most of the bridges, the badnik (with yet another collaborator) and backgrounds, though the latter are mostly edits, rather than original work.
(547.58 KB 256x256 Test.gif)

Unannounced double post. Similar to >>16623 one year ago, I made a new badnik animation using the assets of the recently completed image set. This time set in another time zone for local colour. No name for it yet.
(254.37 KB 870x750 dumb lemur.jpg)

>>23047 How much for a ticket there?
(150.29 KB 852x480 PerplexPuzzleMock2Comp.gif)

This has been long overdue. Progress was, as expected, slow throughout the holidays, but despite that, I've managed to work on this board's favorite vaporware a bit. This stage is ancient, much older than this already almost 2 year old topic, so I decided to give it a redo. The entire foreground was done ground-up and the background was changed slightly to fit in-style with the player sprites and other stages. Thought the best way to show this was to take all the variations of this I have and layer them on top of each other, shows the progression through time nicely.
>>23630 I can't believe it's been 2 years already. Do you believe you'll be able to eventually finish it up instead of it just becoming yet another abandoned Sonic project?
>>23632 Invoke the sunk cost fallacy if you'd like, but I wouldn't halt production even if hell froze over and all my friends and team members died. It'd just take me longer to complete. We're stuck somewhere between determination and desperation with the game. Honestly, breaking façade for a moment, progress isn't doing too well, especially for something with no public demo as of yet. With only one active programmer in the team and setbacks by the hour, I don't know when even one act might be available but maybe that's for the better. A set date just stresses the team, sets expectations in the people and leads to less than as good as possible results.
>>23636 >I wouldn't halt production even if hell froze over and all my friends and team members died. It'd just take me longer to complete That's good to know, after 2 years of teasing us you'd better, at some point, deliver something! No pressure
I saw a mention of this other Sonic Time Twisted game and I thought for a second this actually had been released.
Man all this looks really exceptional wish I could help more than appreciating how good of an idea this is :\. If it helps maybe I can talk whit someone whiling to help but thats all i could do. Also sorry if i made any mistakes not exactly a master neither native speaker of english.
>>24230 I'm not part of this project or anything but more sprite artists is always a good thing for a project
>>24230 Heyo, OP here. If you know a guy, hook 'em up with us, if their art fits I'd be glad to be helped. Currently not looking for artists, but there's always something left to be done. Name's in the original post, so they can use that to find me on Twitter or something and get in touch.
(4.58 MB 422x238 TTZ1-03-12-2021-1.mp4)

Do I have a treat for you. For the first time, proper gameplay footage. It's a very basic level layout, just the fast top-most path of it because it's the most done. Lacks most gimmicks, only has one badnik so far, but it's there. Consider it also a showcase of player sprites, tiles and the stage background in motion. I'm not very good at this layout designing stuff, so if anyone has any feedback to give, no matter how little, it's welcome.
(56.02 KB 430x350 fast.jpg)

>>24643 Looking good! Thanks for the update, it's good to see this is still being worked on! It looks like a pretty simple section but I like the details, specially the shallow water section. Can you do the running on water trick on it? It's really empty so far though, I'm guessing you're going to add more stuff to it later? The only gripe I have is with Sonic's running sprite, the white from the socks and shoe sticks out too much and makes it look like he's missing the sprites for the fastest speed or something.
>>24643 Nice to see this is still going. Again, this pixel art is wonderful. >layout feedback From my view, everything looks good. Anything I mention would be more in the matter of personal preference rather than critique on something that could be done better.
>>24648 >Can you do the running on water trick on it? I don't think that's possible. The pools, part of another gimmick, aren't implemented as a water object, but something that uses water physics, as to not make the player drown in knee-deep water. >It's really empty so far though Yes, objects and badniks are in the design already, just not in the game. Still, I could tighten the layout, I heard that it's empty before. >>24651 >more in the matter of personal preference Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to hear it. Glad you're enjoying the layout so far.
>>24653 >Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to hear it Well... at the 0:05 mark of the video, I think there should be a hill instead of a ramp to let the player choose to jump and reach the upper path using the physics.
(3.04 MB 768x768 SSZMock.gif)

While I was working on the layout, I was in the mood to assemble some assets again and had to get it out of my system. Welcome to Shivering Summit Zone, a ruined castle found and reinforced into a mighty mountaintop fortress by Eggman. A convenient excuse for Casltevania and Wolfenstein references. Unlike usually, I thought it'd be fun to make an animated mock-up to show the various parts, but considering the effort, I'm not sure if I'll do this again.
>>24713 I dig it. I love the sober atmosphere it has and the color palette. >Wolfenstein references Excellent taste. I hope you include some nice secrets in it!

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