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(396.77 KB 732x990 SFShadowRender.png)

Anonymous 07/15/2020 (Wed) 01:30:18 No. 22047
Anyone who gets in my way is my enemy
(468.49 KB 694x945 1456437635841.jpg)

(55.15 KB 564x705 1457759867823.jpg)

(137.25 KB 463x640 1457922994547.jpg)

(128.32 KB 1024x768 CHiwy4XUYAAM_F_.jpg)

(227.55 KB 1431x2048 ECyYTrMUEAAIAUv.jpg)

Is this a Shadow thread? Because this looks like a Shadow thread.
>>22052 Looks like a Shadow thread to me!
(642.93 KB 1000x830 1457924558681.jpg)

(216.41 KB 750x579 1471984404335.jpg)

(207.42 KB 559x403 1416680105382.gif)

(736.59 KB 700x900 1407966263612.png)

(1.55 MB 1067x1200 1432477759586.jpg)

>>22149 Good, the board is a better place now.
(100.12 KB 480x370 1472613756416.jpg)

(501.75 KB 600x761 1472614126544.png)

(712.28 KB 600x1113 1472614277702.png)

(479.83 KB 600x606 1472614400675.png)

(387.29 KB 600x725 1472614524603.png)

(455.94 KB 720x900 TSR_Shadow.png)

>>22047 If the world chooses to become my enemy….I will fight like I always have!
>>22150 Hell yeah!
>>22151 Hawaiian Shadow is the best shit ever.
(99.93 KB 417x479 1415764079457.png)

>>22154 >chao carrying a curled up hedgehog this is the cutest thing I've ever seen holy shit
(872.71 KB 1000x936 1446591350661.jpg)

(57.54 KB 443x750 1500866444516.jpg)

(166.79 KB 854x935 1408353336100.jpg)

(172.05 KB 582x750 1412710697262.jpg)

(377.53 KB 800x3684 1488208959741.png)

(234.29 KB 966x1366 iiimirai_1280802195839938560.jpg)

(488.30 KB 1007x1208 yuta_npop_1071482117891051520_1.png)

(2.37 MB 845x1200 81204829_p2.png)

(462.78 KB 2048x1948 ymnisn_1093140874387587072.jpg)

>>22161 Adorable.
>>22052 I didn't ask for this. Not me
why does including shadow in a game inmediately make it dark and edgy like for fucks sake i thought his brooding period was over why cant they have him act like a normal person from now on why cant he smile and spend time with his friends why is he so afraid to show emotions why does he hide it under his fierce facade i know theres more to shadow than he lets on and he only acts like all he cares about is fighting and winning all the time and it pains me that thats all his character has been reduced to, even in a world without humans he should still be able to find purpose in his life and not be a melodramatic sasuke character like fuck, yea sonic doesnt give much of a fuck about anything but what about shadow why is he always angry all the time why do they write him like this W H Y
>>22318 >amnesia causing an emotional disconnect with the events of SA2, regressing his mental state to someone with no connections to anyone or anything (his anxiety about whether he was even the real Shadow causing to be even further closed off), leading to him becoming independent by his game's ending, casting off his past permanently and doing things for his own reasons >06 was erased so he never learned of humanity's hatred for him, and, as a result, never bonded with Rouge, causing him to see her more as an acquaintance rather than a close friend >Sonic needs a competitive and marketable rival in things that aren't Extreme Gear, so Shadow's (and Knuckles's, to a lesser extent) rivalry with Sonic is emphasized Take your pick.
(357.63 KB 1280x1280 1461568530948.jpg)

>>22318 >what about shadow why is he always angry all the time
(186.79 KB 600x600 1462555554147.jpg)

(39.57 KB 640x602 1461150737782.jpg)

(885.00 KB 1000x1089 1460596001614.jpg)

(58.76 KB 1000x750 1459049728618.jpg)

(307.48 KB 540x486 bad_hedgedhog.png)

>>22318 not bonding with rouge in 06 doesn't mean he wouldn't bond with her and omega later on and hadn't they already bonded in sonic heroes? as for taking my pick i'd choose none cause i just want his character to evolve, having left his past behind and not brooding or dwelling any longer on it i wish they wrote him like a normal person and have him stop being scared of showing emotion and spending time with friends and making jokes even, i wanna see this hog cheerful for once and spending time with sonic and showing mutual respect and engaging in friendly competition, i think theres more to this character than just edge and im upset that thats all he's been reduced to cause of lazy writing and if the franchise and its direction is a lighthearted one i think they can make shadow work in a story with a lighthearted setting, dragonball fucking does it with vegeta and other characters and that adds variety to the franchise and if the writers arent completely incompetent they can keep a fine balance between lightheartedness and serious tones, personally since the franchise seems hellbent on being lighthearted and avoiding anything even remotely "serious" or "edgy/dark" cause its so damn scared of coming off as "cringe" i wish it would just continue to try and capture the essence of sonic rush, nowadays the games are lighthearted in their story and tone but they are also pretty fucking lame while rush was lighthearted and retained sonic's badassery and didnt try to be a cheap copy of the red plumber and i think if they were to do that they could utilize "darker" characters and blend them in seamlessly without them looking out of place in the current state of the franchise
>>22348 Shadow (and to a lesser extent the other Team Dark members) has the problem where his backstory and really overall character roots in the Adventure Era. An era that Sega/Sonic Team wants to leave behind outside of fanservice. Shadow's too popular to outright remove from the series. So they've been trying to remake him so he can fit in the current direction of the franchise. Remaking him into more of a self-contained rival figure with his ties to other humans than Eggman ignored outside of fanservice.
(17.85 KB 312x312 3u1ExxFZ_400x400.jpg)

>>22353 omg what did I miss
so good for this thread I've got enough for my simp folder
>>22328 I love how Evan draws Shadow.
>>22396 Oh, so that was hers? I was wondering where it was from every time I came across it, wouldn't have guessed it was hers.
>>22397 Ah, I can't find the source anywhere, but that's definitely her artstyle.
>>22353 so either he only ever makes appearances standing by the sidelines rooting for sonic or becomes this serious violence obsessed arrogant hedgehog that rivals sonic, ok
>>22047 Shadow should have stayed dead after SA2. He had a complete character turnaround at the end of that game and SEGA just reverted him back to his original edgy self after they brought him back. Now he feels like a non-character who only exists because people wanted to see him again.
>>22910 Heroes doesn't have much of a story to begin with. He's a good guy, but that doesn't mean he has to be some happy guy like Sonic. Then that game introduces the idea that he might not even be the real Shadow, and the entire point of the next game is exploring that, and giving you choice to control just how edgy he is. So yeah, he can be edgy in that one, but it's up to you. And the canon ending is basically the one where he goes full good anyway. But again, that doesn't mean he has to completely change his personality. In the middle though, I think the story of Shadow the Hedgehog is actually pretty good, with an actual good solution of him deciding that it doesn't matter if he's the "real" one or not, since he is himself and that's what matters. After that he's just in '06, where he's basically just stoic but not very angsty, so much so that the ending of his story is him deciding to fight against Mephiles forever even though he's seen the future and knows that the world turns against him. Shadow has also been used well in the comics. Not often, but the Shadow Fall arc of Sonic Universe was one of the best arcs Sonic comics have ever had. Having him as a stoic secret agent type works. They could do more of that, and use his less carefree attitude to let him continue to explore the plot more than Sonic would care to, which is precisely what he did in Heroes, Shadow, and '06, but people who never even played '06 say it's bad for the wrong reasons, so now we can't have any of the characters, aestetic, or game play that were in that game. Except the awful Mach Speed sections, which became the only 3D gameplay we'd ever get anymore.
I love him so much bros.
Shadow is, always was, and always will be black

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